Friday, February 09, 2007

Under my Breast!

I gotto let it out. Its under my breastBreath! I cannot tahan already. You know sometimes ppl tend to joke with you but they just don't realise that it's pain in the assheart?

Conversation 1.
R was my ex classmate and currently working with a liquor company. She's mostly in clubs and pubs to do market survey on guys competitor. She likes to hide the fact that she is lonely and sad and always try to show that she's so damn happy with her single life. So here it goes..


R: Helo! Your baby so cute.
S: Thanks.:)
R: So what's new?
S: Err. I resigned.
R: REally? What's next? Becoming a housewife. (diu..say la SAHM..more glamour)
S: Do i look like a housewife to you?
R: Seriously yes.
S: (speechless):)
R: Joking only la!
S: *tulan-ed* :)
R: So which MNC are you joining?
S: Aiyah. Which MNC wanna hire a mkting fella like me? I look like housewife only la. Small small pahlia company only will hire me la. I'm not like you mkting like.
R: Basket! I'm just joking about the housewife thinggyla
S: Haha Yah. (Yah right!)
R: So which company la?
S: Tell you also u dunno. So pahlia until no one knows.
R: Hahahahahaha
S: How's babysitting (last time she told me that she's so depressed and tired because she need to baby sit her bf)
R: Oh..So tired. So many Babies.(action la having many bf is a good thing)
S: Guess it must be tiring for you.
R: Oh? Why?
S: So many to breastfeed. Of course tired la.
R: Hahahahhahahah Well he is complaining that I don't have enough time for him and blablabla.
S: Ask him to shut up. Give him a pacifier.
R: Hahahhahahah
Seriously, do i look like a housewife to you? If you say i look like Desperate Housewife cast i don't mind ler. I know i look nothing like any of the housewives below.
But I know her so well, she always picture me like this.

Or....Maybe she IS picturing me looking like this....

pic from here

Yeah Maybe (trying to cheer myself here..)Hmmmm..Actually there's nuthing wrong looking like a SAHM.In fact some SAHM are looking more and more cun-ner nowadays! Its just that, i don't like the way she always think that I'm already married and can't have a flying career. Who says married woman and mothers can't have a career. Even SAHMs like shoppingmum has a career. She's making more money than i am by writting PPP and she gets to spend her time with her kids while making money. You envy her or not? You say?

Conversation 2
And then this morning...another ex colik msn-ed me. He saw me yesterday. See what he said.


L: You didn't diet ah?
S: I very FAT izit?
L: almost like after your baby born lor.
L: after cny will become more. HAHAHAHA
S: Diu lor.
S: you know how many kgs i lost edi ah?
S: 19 kgs. (and still cannot see diference? blind meh?)
L: i dun know. but not as slim as last time.
L: aiyah FAT is good ma.
S: are u sure or not? this is so like painful like "knife stabbing " to my Heart.
L: woi , dun so serious la.
L: i just joking only.
S: Ya right.
L: yesterday you like so rushing only.

You see, sometimes these ppl just like to cakap. And simply cakap they did. Cakap kosong but stab into the heart keluar at the ass. Yeah..that made my day. Thanks very much.


  1. I also beh tahan ppl like tat as I told u before I have a friend like tat too. Seriously u really look like the pic of the desperate housewife pic tat u have posted (Wat her name ar? Oh yes!Gabrielle)so sexy who say u look fat? Let me XXYYZZ her.

  2. Aiyo they tell U are fat ahhh lidat also call fat ahh??? Okie show them my picture... I am sure they will say sumthin else!!!

  3. people are obviously jeles. dun take it to heart. its never easy for a working mom/wife to take care of the small & "big baby" and the household at the sametime!

    if u SAHM, they'll call u "wong min poh" IF ppl say u fat, u tell them off because u're happily married with baby !

    And yeah, who is the fella, let despo mummy to XXYYZZ them ! hehe :)

  4. same here la.. either i was too skinny then or so obviously fatter now. there are frens who came to me said 'erm, u gained weight hor...(wi disgusting look), but then still look nice la, nicer than last time (with their ever lasting fake smile)' &%$(@

  5. I won't give a damn what ppl tell me about my figure lar (as long as Pappy never complain). If they tell me, 'u are slimmer compared to last time' (fat hopes) Ha! dat's a different stoli lor. Hahahahaha.

    U ARE FAT?????!!!!! She needs a NEW pair of glasses if she's wearing one. Or maybe when she last saw u, u were VERY SKINNY. Hahahahaha.

  6. wey,,maybe u kinda sensitive leh...aiya..cakap cakap kosong only, one year in one year out lor!

  7. sexy leh..that man in his errmm..panties. HA HA HA!!!!

    anyway, your fren don't understand something. The younger u give birth, the faster you recover (n get slimmer)! Ppl like me, so old, only give birth, take LONGER to slim down!

    So..don't worry 5-10 years, sure ur fren will put on more weight than you! While..u will be hip momma with big boy Jayden!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! ;-)

  8. hahaha...i like the pic of the "housewife of the year!!!"

    aiyah...all this cakap...will bite back at them la...see la..when they beranak one baby ...see what happen to them la!!

  9. never mind lar, like my friend told me, you need this kind of people around so that you have someone to curse on when you are not happy....hehehe

  10. *tulan-ed*
    Even tho this time it happened to you, I'm also tulan-ed :S. I've had this happen to me too "Wahwah.. you look totally different from before you were married wor. Kenot recgonised wan if compare the pics". Some people just like to dig the knife in and turn it, I guess some people get the kick out of saying things to hurt people. Methinks, if you have nothing nice to say, shut your gap!

  11. Aiya you are the CEO, don't bother with people liddatlah....I always say u are a Glamour Mom mar.....wait till u see me, I can be mistaken for the office cleaner ah but WHO CARES? *swaying my body to I'm So Sexy*

  12. hey, you changed your layout again!

    Anyway, dont bother about what others say, as long as you feel good about yourself. Some people just jealous la, thats why they must insutl others to feel good

  13. You where got fat jek? You veli 'leng lui' ma. Who so blind tell you fat? kekeke

  14. aiyoh, these ppl shd learn to shut up if nothing to say lar!! U so slim they say fat, then the obeesee mai calls monster??!! hahaha!

  15. sei yan tao. who say sasha fat mia?!?! throw my smelly socks at them.

  16. yohhhhhh beh tahan this kind of ppl... i also dont like... they talk like as if they r so perfect so glamour.. ask them kencing and mirror themself 1st la...
    (lol paiseh kinda piss today w somebody after read ur blog lagi mad with this kind of ppl)

  17. you lost 19kgs after giving birth? did you gain that much during pregnancy or are you smaller than before you were pregnant?

  18. Eh! Kita samalah! I lost 19kgs too. But I'm lighter now compared to before I was pregnant. =(

    Aaaaaanyway, forget about those jealous people lah. They really have got nothing better to say. And like someone before me said, they're just insulting you to make themselves feel better. They should live by this saying: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!

    Have a good weekend babe! =)

  19. your new template lah. So bright now :D Eh...let me see if you look like a SAHM or not this sun :D hahahahaha. No need to listen to these people lah. I agree with'll be a hip mommy in a couple of years. As for that guy, he better hope his wife won't put on weight next time when she gets pregnant!

  20. Aiyah... some ppl are like dat lah, dun take their words so serious la.

  21. Mindless people sheesssh, I've had my share. Dun listen OK sasha, you very pretty.

  22. Sasha, sometimes when people talk, they don't think. That is why I always teach my kids, "If there is nothing nice you can say, better don't say." I hope they will learn.

    Don't take things people say to heart because of their thoughtless conversations.

  23. long didnt come here, you really look gorgeous with that vacuum cleaner leh. LOL


  24. Just ignore them...I have mothers also tried to compare...there is one even said i am trying to show off how many expensive clothes i bought for my baby and how "wai tai" I am...

    Hubby said only people who think this way will say this out to people...