Thursday, February 01, 2007

To the hospital at 4am

Received a call from my nanny yesterday at 3pm saying that Jayden has high fever. Told her to give him paracetamol first and will bring later to see the paed. Worst, received sms from Big C saying that he got to go and entertain mat salleh principle.

Went home and immediately brought Jayden to his usual Paed at our housing area. While he was in the car, he kept on making a hand gesture saying "no more" I have no idea when he learnt that and of course he learnt it from nanny's place. Reached the paed..walk up the stairs and Jayden kept on saying "No More". True enough, the paed is closed. Not opened on Wednesday. Weird eh...coincidentally Jayden was showing No more all the way to the Paed.

So went home rushed like mad, packed milk, changed clothes and drove further to DJaya to see another paed. Phew! not many ppl, so we're 2nd in line. He was alright when he met the doctor, but fever was slightly high 38.3. Doctor said he has ear infection due to the cold and sore throat and that will cause fever. So after that, i went to tapau next door and headed home. It's very difficult to juggle with a BAG, Crying and Clingy Baby, Food, Car Keys all alone.

He was extremely clingy (i believe every child is like this when they're not well) but he was a god boy. He finished his medicine and went to sleep.....for only 5 minutes. Wake up, sleep, wake up sleep, and i didn't get to eat my dinner till like 945pm. His fever fluctuated up and down, when it reaches 38 i will bath and sponge him hoping that the temp will be lower. It didn't. The whole night he was breathing heavily and cried. So poor thing. His Dadi cried looking at his condition like this. Till 130 am, he cried and he vomited. Soon, you can see from his face that he felt better after vomit. However at 4am he was crying even louder and his face turned red and he was so hot, his temp was 39.3. We packed out stuff and headed to Assunta.

We're the one patient there and the doctor that attended us was the same doctor that pronounced the death of my grandma last November 7. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy to know that Dr Praveen is a good doctor but sad because he made me think of my grandma and i started to imagine that my grandma is standing around us, because she died in Assunta.

They took Jayden into the Emergency Room and gave him the paracetamol thru his back and bath him in cold water. He was okay with the water but not the air cond and the nurses that was holding him. From his look you can see "Mami, Carry me!" sign. My heart aches like mad, and his Dadi was speechless to see his son crying like that. Soon everything was fine. While waiting for Big C to settle the payment, we sat at the counter with the nurses who's busy playing with the new automatic door (cos they just have a major renovation) and Jayden began to sing out loud. Nyeh..Yah..Nyeh...Yah...eeerie.

Jayden fell asleep in my arms during the journey home and we all konked out straight after we reached home. And everyone woke up at 930am. And Jayden is free from fever for the time being. Tired, sleepy but still wanna sit up and watch tv. I took out the sarong that we used to use for him and he's sleeping happily in there now. Dadi pengsan-ed sleeping on the floor now. Luckily today is a public holiday otherwise we'll all be taking emergency leave today.

Checked his "coconuts" and it was dangling and not like usual, rounded and firm. My grandma used to look at my son's "coconuts" and will comment: he's very heaty. Give him some barley. Or he's Okay. Not sick. That's how the older ppl looks at boys to see if they're healthy or not. But she never taught me how to know if a girl is sick. Never had enough time to teach me. This year will be our first year without her. She'll normally wait for us to wake up..and it takes forever for us to wake up and serve her tea during CNY..but being the lazy bunch we wake up at 10 when she's already up at 6am. This Sunday we'll visit her grave and do the ceremony for 100days although its not officially 1o0days yet. The "priest" wanna go CNY holiday wor. What to do? hmmmm i miss my grandma. Grandma ..if u're listening please "pouyau" your great grandson here to be healthy, happy and smart.


  1. I read this late liao.. and glad he's better already.

  2. Read this late too. Was too busy today. Wahyoo, didn't know u had such a bad day (nite). Luckily u acted fast by getting Jayden to the hospital. Bless u, Big C and Small C.

  3. Sorry to hear about this when we had just celebrated Lucas' 1st birthday.

    Yeah, lucky you went to the hospital...39 degrees very high liau. Wonder if the first doc's paracetamol something wrong kah? When Lucas first had fever, the same thing happened too i.e. fever didn't go down even after eating it. He was better after taking hospital's one. Some ppl say clinic's stock is old compared to hospital coz fast turnover there. Hugs & kisses for Jayden's get well soon!

  4. Maybe you should have give him the supository (butt medication) for fever. It will bring down the fever very fast. Glad that he is ok now.

  5. Good the fever has come down. Now I get what you mean when you left a comment in my blog. I hate it when children get fever... it makes me feel very helpless and worried.

  6. Last time bb also got admitted to hospital n I had to stayed with him for 2 nights. It was like hell. He could not sleep unless I cuddle him. And medicine is feed throuh the tube to his vein on his hand. Gosh! Horrible for a young kid. Hope Jay is feeling better now.