Monday, February 12, 2007

Sudah! Saya Tak Mau Kerja!

So we've been our own "Rini" for the pass few weeks, or maybe month. I don't know how long already but..We're doing all the stuff ourselves la. But we're having fun doing all the housework by ourself and we felt "happier" and more relaxed without Rini around. I guess it's more private la. Wanna mop naked also nobody knows... But one day, Big C came and told me " we need someone to help with our housework. The laundry costs me RM70." Hehehe that is how long he can tahan doing the housework and he's been nagging me everytime i do the laundry. Now you know why i want to do my own laundry. ( discount or not?)

Been teasing Big C when he's mopping the floor. I will disturb him and say "Rini..sini takde mop. You bodoh ka???" of cos I never scold her like this la. Then Big C will reply " Sudah! Saya Tak Mau Kerja!!". Hahaha exactly what she replied when Big C scolded her the day before she resigned.

Then there's one day, Big C said that he's gonna mop the floor. Then the next thing i heard..."SNORRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE". Aiks. Sudah tidur pulak! So I bengang edi...and went to mop the floor. Ping! Piang! Pushing all the chairs like purposely make noise to wake him up and hoping that he will take over. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO snored louder. I guess he was too tired la..

So the next day i msn-ed him.

S: Buzzzzz My hand pain (manja)
C: Why ah babe?
S: I mop floor lor.
C: Aiyah. Next time you dun mop la.
S: .........

S: Buzzzz...Nama saya Rinu.
C: Saya Ah Boi
C: Goblok (stupid in Indon Slang)
S: Pundek (errrr very violent wan...dun learn okay?)
C: Sudah! Saya Tak Mau Kerja.
S: Pigi la.
C: Hahhahahah
S: Hahhahahah

And guess what? Rini called yesterday and i didn't pick up her call. I guess she's running out of money to spend her boypren...and need her job back. way. We have better choice now. We managed to get 2 agencies number and now we're deciding which one to take.


  1. hee hee hee hee!!!

    Rini n rinu... macam boleh buat filem!

  2. yalah..don hire her back. Later she thinks u all cannot survive without her.

  3. Eh get Merry maids la... they can clean your home every week and are super duper efficient.

  4. Your Big C so nice lar, help you to mop the floor.

  5. get part time maid to come in once a week.....if you want the number i can pass it to bro, sis and some friends go through the same agency - you pay RM50 for 4 hours only..they will initially quote RM55 la but then you can ask them to cut the crap cause my friends are all paying RM50. lemme know...

  6. aiyo u n ur big C so lovely mia. Heehee!

  7. Eeeeeee... do housework oso soo lovely dovey. Envy la..

  8. hahahahah fun arrrr U and Big C!! Can scold pundek sumore !! kakkakakak U type it out here sumore ask ppl dun learn??? Now I also wan to do the same to Jon liao...

  9. Hey..Sasha,
    Like you.. we donch wanna hire anymore too..! too fed up.. and heartbreaking. So like you . .although tired.. we still happier.. and that is really the truth.. even though hard to believe.. because no one knows our business. .or our house.. the way we do.
    I strongly urge you .. not to hire again.. because no matter what.. you know.. you won't find someone good.

  10. Your big C so sweet lah, you can still manja leh...if i manja, my hubby will ask if I'm sick!

    Wish you luck on maid hunting ya!

  11. My hubby and I are still damn lazy..hehe. We still have a part-time cleaner.

  12. Fuiyohh..the word pundek also you know. You manyak terror la. Prevoiusly you Sentul mali ka? hahaha

  13. Yes, dont get Rini back, later she tot u without her cannot survive.Get a part time maid like what ashley mum said? And yet cheaper.4 hours only RM50!

  14. wei, u n ur hubs ar do house work also like so romantic one. so envyyyyyy....;)

  15. i laugh until tears also come hahaha u 2 really funny .. although kecoh abit but then very lovely lor