Wednesday, January 10, 2007


You guys remember RINI*????

Well this morning i paid her Rm100 for her 6 days job for this month. Yesterday she didn't come to work. What happened?
oooo..blood go upstairs liao. The more I think the more blood gushing up to my brain.
She came at 7am. We're all asleep in the bedroom so she's happily cleaning outside. And she just left after mopping the floor, washing the dishes, hung the clothes (i washed it) and simply just washed my car for a while and left. I think she spent like 1 hour there.
So Monday morning as usual i came to work. Mr C msned me and told me that he wanna scold her cos she simply do things while we're not there and she forgot to iron his pants. So no pants to go to work!I went home and acted like normal. Asked her to come and look at J's bottle and its nipple head..with the big lump of milk powder sticking to it although she's already rinsed and boiled it. As usual, she will laugh and say sorry. Tomorrow do again the same thing. Then she asked me what to do next, i said you better go and iron Aboi's pants. He dun pants to go to work this morning. So while she was ironing the pants, Mr C came back and stright he went into the room. "You a, saya takde jaga you, you kerja cincai cincai. Ini (pointing at the iron) you tak payah buat". Then while we're having dinner, she just said "amoi, ini kunci letak sini. Saya mau balik". It's only like 1 hour after she came. I tot she saja merajuk wanna go home after kena scolding.

Tuesday morning i saw he walking with my next door neighbour ,let's call her aunty. Basically she was complaining to aunty that she kena scolding cos they were looking at me and pretend that they're not looking at me in front of my nanny's house. I sense something fishy and not right there and then. True enough, she didn't come to work. I went and asked aunty is today supposed to be her off day (f*cking party with bf is on Tuesdays every 2 weeks).
Aunty : No a..last week holiday already ma. She coming to work tomorrow ak
Sasha: Did she told you that my hubby scolded her?
Aunty: Ah, she never say anything. I dunno anything. Dun ask me ak
And she ran back into her house??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you telling me that you dunno anything?

So i smsed Rini and asked her if its her cuti day today or she dun wanna work already or what? No reply. I waited till Mr C came back from Johor at 10 and gave her a ring. She picked up the fone and her voice was like so SICK....SO POOR THING!!!!!!!!!!

Rini : saya sakit. sebenarnya saya mau pigi bagitau Amoi. Saya tak Mau Kerja. Aboi marah saya. Cakap saya kerja cincai.

Wah blood go uptairs edi! I told her i have been paying her Extra RM100 more than aunty. And her working hours is same as aunty and not more. Just that she worked extra 4 days for me.....RM25 for a weekend work that last not more than 1 1/2 hours for an indon maid. You say I rich or not? Aunty gave her holiday, she also expect me to give her holiday. Sick la, boypren mari la, adik mari la, ini la itu la..all no ganti. You think I'm some welfare department a..alot of money to give away.

Sasha: Kenapa tak reply saya punya sms?
Rini : Saya tak ada wang.

Diu.....use all the money and feed the F*king buddy got to sms dun have. What a bullshitter!

Sasha: Kena tak bagitau Aunty?.
Rini: Saya sudah bagi tau aunty. Panggil aunty bagitau sama Amoi, saya tak mau kerja sama Amoi Sudah".
Sasha: Ah??? Aunty cakap apa pun tak tau?
Rini: Aunty Takut sama Amoi...
Sasha : (WTF????) Takut? Gila! You a, dulu cakap kalau ada apa tak betul mesti cakap dengan you. Sekarang Aboi cakap sikit sudah marah . Tak mau kerja.
Rini : ..........................saya tak mau kerja lagi.(softly)

This morning i saw aunty walking passed me while i was driving. Pretended like never see me. So i was standing outside the nanny's house and Rini walked passed. I asked her to come over and paid her RM100 for her 6 days work. I Shouldn't pay her since its her who resign and i didn't fire her. Nevermind la...I dun like to owe anyone money.

Rini: Terima Kasihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sasha: Ini you punya gaji untuk 6 hari kerja dengan saya. Saya bagi you duit sebab saya tak mau orang cakap saya buli sama you, tak bagi you gaji.
Rini : ...... and walked off

For all the things she has done, purposely or without knowing it, i didn't scold her. Instead i asked her to come and see for herself. Her mistakes cannot be listed out fully cos it's like soooooooooooooooooooooo long ..let me remind myself of some that i really cannot tahan:
  • she puts back my cup with the nescafe stain back into the cabinet, unwashed!
  • J's porridge container, just rinsed and placed back into the cabinet with the porridge sticking at the sides.
  • milk powder (lump) sticking on the bottles and nipples.
  • fold clothes half and hide the rest under the laundry basket for tomorrow to do. You think i dunno meh?
  • fold clothes and dump some in between, unfolded. She tot i dun realise it.
  • placed the wet clean laundry on the drying railing, one whole mountain of it without hanger. She claims she forgot about it and giggles when i tell her about it.
  • just mop around my bed and not under it.
  • she mops my leg also.
  • her ironing sucks, ironed and not ironed looks the same. She also forgot to switch off the iron once. She fill in water until the water spills out of the iron when there's a "Maximum" line. I have to reiron the clothes that she already ironed!
  • she loves to wash the toilet cos she gets to close the door and god knows what she do inside and the toilet look forever the same and not cleaner. I bought for her the toilet cleaner thing and still she uses the laundry detergent to wash the toilet!
  • she loves to bath my dog cos she close the door and my dog smells when she bath them. But our dogs smells so nice if we bath them.
  • She once folded Mr C T-Shirt which is FULL WITH BIRD SHIT back into the closet. I found it like dunno how many weeks later. I showed it to her and she giggled. Then she soaked it outside in the garden for almost a week. and after that without realising it, she already used it to wipe her legs. Good eh?

So yesterday was our anniversary and Mr C came back at 10pm. We spend the rest of the night, cleaning the house a bit , i did the laundry, folded some clothes and get some clothes ready to be sent over to the laundry for ironing. Mr C mopped the floor and did abit of arraning the plates back into the cabinet.Mr C was happy with the pressie but the dryfit T was too small for him. (note to Mr C: sorry babe. I'm broke. The T is a gift from my T-shirt supplier. It's the tot that counts right?) Mr C said we will be okay without Rini and we just need to spend like 20 mins of out time everyday to get the house clean. He also said he needed the exercise since he wanna loose some weight....maybe then can masuk into the dry-fit t eh?

Hmmmmm...see how la.


  1. Em.. from wat u said I think tat Rini really kena cubit and also the everything tak tau Aunty. If I'm you I will go and confront the auntie xyxy. Is ok lar since Mr C agreed to help u then both of u sama-sama kerja lor :)

  2. Seriously? Seriously? She just giggles and says sorry when you point out her mistakes? WTF is that? I tell you, all these indons, they think they come here nak me*y*ndal. Either that or they want some easy job with employers who don't give a rat's ass about their work. Do as they please, whenever they want to. Stupid gomen some more protect them and ask employers to pay fine if maids lari. What the friggin' crap is that?

    Nways, yah, I think no need maidlah babe. J stays with the nanny during the day, and you get a cleaner house and dishes and J's containers won't be stained (how on earth can she just rinse, wey?) and you guys will be more satisfied with the ironing at the laundry place. We aren't gonna have maids either. Initially was thinking about hiring cleaners to come during weekends, but we'll see how lah. If we can cope without a maid, I'd rather not have one. Sooo pening to jaga them. Baik I jaga Irfan!

    Eh, you don't stress too muchlah. It'll all work out fine. Trust me. =)

  3. Wah apa punya maid can put back things without washing. Salute! Salute!

  4. Rini oh Rini....better leave now or else Sasha got high blood pressure soon.....very least your hubby offer to help clean the house lar...mine ar? always say 'ok what..not dirty mar'...u say sakit hati or not lar....

  5. aitelyu... nowadays' mya maid can not harap wan... summore make mistake liao kena can't even accept criticism. my MIL came back from s'pore a few weeks ago to find that the maid never wash the rice cooker for weeks, so mah tell her off loh... not even scold loud pun... manatau next day she ran off -_-"

  6. Haih!Maid story again!Me already fed up with all maids liao.But no choice i still need them to jaga my sons!*sob sob*
    But at least u ok la, Mr C willing to help up with the house chores!Lucky u!

  7. Oh gawd - the typical maid issues. I woulda fired her ass long time ago. Mana boleh tahan... If it's too much, then just get part time cleaners on weekends. Sekaligus, wash house, and yes to send clothes to launderette.

  8. God..!! sasha..! sounds like my goblins' problems..!! never wanna admit.. that they are slackers..! or selfish..!! Ppl like that how they survive ha..?? i know exactly how you feel.. coz' i'm in the same situation at the store..!

  9. wah...she really makan "gaji buta" paid for doing nothing...all these maids giving so much problems...ini baru part time one...imagine she's your stay in maid...really "kek sei" you long long time liao ler...

  10. I totally understand your frustration. My mom currently hires an indian amah to clean her house once a week. Just find a local amah to come in to do the basic cleaning lor. You and your hubby can still do the dishes and laundry.

  11. This maid is really something. So lazy and always buat tak tau. You are really patient and can tahan for so long. Better off without her la. If not later you'll find cucumber in her bag..hahhahhahah.

  12. Poor you! You paid so much but she didn't do much. No maid better lar. Just hire cleaners once a week. Save the headache! don't allow WP blogger to put comments in your blog ahh? I can't login using other account?


  13. Some time we just can't understand how they think! *Sigh*

  14. Poor you, thank goodness I found a reliable part time maid. I hope you find yours.

  15. wahh quite teruk leh her work...u oredi can tahan so long..salute u lah..

  16. Wao...tabit men, you can tahan somebody like that. But I think it's for the better that she left on her own account. Just plan ur work daily at home like Monday do Floor, Tuesday do window, wednesday do kitchen and by Sunday everything is done. :) Cheer up baby. Like what MrC said, it's good that u get some extra exercises and can save some dol.

  17. I salute your patience with her for sooo long. If I were you, I 'phang' her out of the house long time ago lor. Hehehe..

  18. i conclude all indon maids are liddat! dem!

  19. After reading yr.maid story, I am more convinced that we made the right choice to stay maidless. Just have to close one eye with regard to the cleanliness of the house and etc.

  20. Hee hee...I wanted to say what WMD said above!