Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year Resolution

One of my new year resolution is to make Jayden quit midnight feeding. I tried it on Friday night itself. He was turning and fussing on the bed, i gave him water and he rejected it. So i gave him his chut chut instead and carried him so he fell back asleep. I did that a few times that night. Mr C was grumbling saying that we should give it to him, pity him that he is hungry and blablablablabla but kena scolding from this fierce wifey. I did it ..the first night. His morning feed was around 7am. His Dadi fast fast make milk for his son..saying that he should be very hungry. hahaha

Second night, he fussed abit and i did the same thing. And last night was the 3rd night. I didn't bother to put him in his own bed. Let him sleep in between me and Mr C. I expected him to toss and turn...but mana tau its his own mom that cannot sleep well. And Jayden didn't wake up...and he maintained his "I" position and not sleeping like the clock last night. Probably we took all the space so he can't move! Hahahaha

So did i achieved my first new year resolution? We'll see for another few more days. *cross fingers and toes*

This is him during the weekend. He managed to "free" himself from the mozzie door from our room and he roamed outside, looking for chacha. Abit dark cos inside the house and didn't switch on the lights...during noon ma...He's naked cos he's supposed to go mandi...but he wants to go out to see the doggies..what to do ?

I've uploaded this video long time ago...just to show you how notty my son is..This is him, with his Morinaga (morigana?) Baby Bolo Biscuit. Julian and Shannon, you guys can buy this biscuit for your kids..melt in the mouth.

Oh...and i wanna share this with you guys...a lil something from me garden...err not actually garden..cos i have't planted this at my garden yet..baru bought back from Sungai Buloh..A Bunga Raya flower that is bigger than my palm...


  1. First time i heard that cannot give away the first suit. i only hear that must give newborn wear old suit so that they will be kuai-kuai. That's y most people keep the baby's suit to give to the next baby.
    Anyway, keep for memory sake lo.

  2. Aiya,...wrong comment. I opened a few windows at the same time. the one above meant for another blog one. So pai seh ah.

    Anyway i want to say hor, maybe when Jayden sleep next to u and hubby, he felt secure, that's y no need to wake up for nen-nen. Good luck in your mission.

  3. wahaha... u notty lar... take xxx video of jayden now pulak!!!! hahaha...

    I'll check for the biscuits... thanks for the intro... :D
    and that bunga raya, WAHLAU, super big leh.. nice nice nice... make sure u dun kill it!! haha.. :P

  4. Let him sleep between you guys summore la..nanti he will refuse to sleep in his own die lor! We did that with Belle and now we are suffering. :(

  5. Baby bolo biscuit? Never heard before wor. Is it one of those things that cannot be bought in Sabah one ah??? hahahahahahaha. Is it have to ask Shannon to buy for me again ah? hahahahha.

    Melt in the mouth, not in your hands is it? :P

  6. Jayden njoy playing with Bobo and Caca lei! cute!

  7. aikes! don let jayden zzz in between you guys leh... not good for him (rolled over him) and not good for you guys (tarak yii har).. heheh

  8. EEEEEE...Jayden's naked video! So cute la playing with the dogs. Do the dogs playfully bite him when they play?

    When I was still preggie, I was adamant that I want Ashley to sleep in her own crib and room. However, things didn't turn out the way I want. When she cried, I let her cried it out and it lasted 1 hour. My heart broke into a million pieces la. So now, she sleeps with me. hehehehehe.

  9. Irfan still sleeps with us, but I think he'll sleep in his own room when we move. I hope I won't stop him from sleeping alonelah. Hahahaha!

    Anyway, good luck with the resolution. I hope both J and Irfan will stop their midnight feeds. Amin.

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  11. was reading ur site with ellisa...she kept calling out to jayden..."bay beee baaay beee"

  12. AIYOOOOOO!! better be careful ah a lotta notty hamsup sickos who like this kinda movie lah. Be careful ok?

    plus..i vote for jayden..HEE HEE!!! so maybe got 2 votes now?

  13. Aiyo so kiut la jayden. And BoBoCaCa too. He's not afraid of them eh? Oh btw, how much is that bunga raya flower eh? Gotta go bug my mom to get one. XD

  14. wahh ur new year resolution so fast come true liao hehehe...

  15. Aiyo Jayden no wear baju ,,,, faster faster wash eyes..... Yau mo kau chor ah mommy put Jayden naked online for all aunty to see........

  16. That's one of my New Year resolutions too he he! Worked well for 2 nights for me...and then he wakes up at 3 am for milk. Guess must kar yau (not kar lai) herelah ;-)

  17. Good to hear that. They'll soon give up trying if you show no sign of response, lol.

    And you can go show off your wonderful cellulite-free legs this CNY. This is my new year present to you!! Have fun!!!

    Dont forget to link me , ya...

  18. shooi:last time when he wakes up also sleeping next to us. Automatic at 4am he will cry to sleep with us. :(

    Shannon: My hubby called me the "Plant Murderer" *sigh*

    Vien: Ok ok ..when he's off the midnite feed i'll train him to sleep by himself pulak..

    Julian: Yeap Yeap...melts in the mouth. Safe for baby ma..

    Annie: yalo hehehe

    Angie: Yee What har la..tutup kedai edi.

    chumsy's mum: Nolah..they dun bite him wan. But i try to be on the safe side. Always watch out.

    Nadia: Sleep in own room so young?

    Mom22angels: They sure knows who's thier frens..

    Mott: Hehehe quite blur..can't really see nevermind la.. cannot see infront also. Thanks!

    Rabbit: Nolah...the dogs are afraid of J. It's RM10 for one. Very nice..

    Jazz: I tipu wan. I make resolution along the way. Muahaha

    wenn: hehehe if now dun put wait until he besar only put meh..heheh

    kitty: We all must Kar Yau! today my forth night liao!

    Samm: Thanks!!!!!!!!!! Thanks So much!!!!

  19. haha...jayden so cute playing with the dogs...

    i saw the huge bunga raya plant in sungai buloh...went there last week...the flower is really huge ler...

  20. Good la, now you can sleep through liao. The Bunga Raya is so nice. I just went sungai Buluh last 2 weeks, never spotted the flower ler.

    Just curious, the doggie not curious abt J's chu chu bird meh?