Monday, January 29, 2007

Triple Tagged!

Have you watched wrestling before? You know they have double tagged team. Sometimes Triple Tag-ged team. I kena Tagged Kau Kau by Mumsgather, Desperate Mummy and Lovely Mummy! So cannot lari, have to do although I've said that no more replying to tags this year. *sigh* Okay Okay Here goes.

5 TOP Favourite Malaysian Bloggers..Actually I read all the blogs listed in my feedreader. It's very long and that's why i removed my blogroll from my page.

You see la..even so small font also so long to tell which one i really like more? So what i can do is to write about the first few person who came to my blog and encouraged me to blog.

Heavenly's Blog-Only 62% Evil. Cool blog name huh? His blog was the first blog i ever read, recommended by Boontz . A blog full with superb english and superb way to "ask how yr mum's doing?"(the opposite meaning la). No particular category like some bloggers (humsup,parent,funny) he just blogs what he likes and he's also the Daddy to lil Regine.

KY Speaks. Talks about Food Food and other reviews. He eats around my housing area..try food and blog about them so Later i can go makan. He's like the guinea pigs that helps us to try the food first, then he will comment, then we go makan. This guy's blog is so femes...until one day i received an email from my working mates...copy and paste his posts into microsoft words and pass around? Sai mm Sai ah ? JUst go and read his blog la! Adoi!

Ah Pek and Linpeh. These 2 fella helped me promote my blog last time and eventually ppl start to come to my blog. I didn't have the opportunity to personally thank these 2 guys. So here goes...Ah Pek And Lin Peh..Thank Kiu Very Very Muchie! This blog varies from Humsup Hum Sup and More humsup posts ever. And like KY..some of the posts also being distributed in FWD emails...

Samm...a mommy blogger and not afraid to blog just about anything and everything. She swears if she wants to and who says a mommy cannot swear and still be a good mommy? I like to read about her everyday so exciting TVB drama series about her family members and of cos other posts about how to make yr leg sexi...*whiittt whiiittt*, how to get dark gorgeous hair and all.

Ai already 5 ah? Nevermind...One more category...Not-so-parenthood blogs.

E.g Wenn's Yummy Cooking, Ah Nel Jackie Chan stories, Fatty Poh's point of view from overseas, Kok's View from Across the sea, Kenny's rock n roll story, Ace Humsup and blur blur story, Cocka's very long only update one time blog and soooooooooooo many more. Although I'm a mother doesn't mean I stick to only parent blog eh?

And finally PARENT blogs. And the list is going longer and longer like Duracell Battery. you guys keep up the good work. Write more nice blogs to cheer everyone up..share share secret of how to keep marriage sizzling, how to prevent hair loss, how to get rid of dandruff, how to cook nicer food, and everything la. So who else belum kena ini tag? Let me think ya? kekeke samo la. You do this one.

Ah leng..Paris very nice hor. But welcome back to Malaysia and please do this tag okay?

Chumsy's Mum...Need to know u better. Do okay?

Irfan's Mummy...Lets see what u like to read besides doing fantastic scrapping!

Wenn...AhCHoooooooooooo..After make wanton do this tag okay?


  1. *sniff sniff* I went ke ke ke when you told me bout ur tripple tag, and this is what i got from you! *sniff sniff*

  2. I where got hamsup wor? LOL

  3. aiyo...sasha...thanks for welcoming me back with this tag hor...i'll do this tag when i finish blog many blogs to read/catch up...kakaka

  4. wau long your feeder list. How do u keep up?

  5. Rabbit: We share share ma...kekeke

    ACE: U not Hum SUp ah? HAHAHAHAH

    Leng: Take yr time girl. But no do no fren ah....kekkee

    Mich: Read ONE BY ONE that's how!

  6. Yikes....kena tagged by you? This is my First Time la. Ok, I'll listen to you and just do it (like the Nike tagline). Gimme a day or two, ok?

  7. I saw my name!!!! I saw!!!! wahh... so happy till cannot sleep ledi lah... :P

  8. Wah liao I ah choo also U wan to tag me ah... U evil lor.. U really I jump u jump ah...

  9. FireHorse10:02 AM

    He, he tankiu, my name mention here lah, so honored only. Mwaah. My leng teh was not a bribe, ok?

  10. Aiyooo... =P Ok, will do the tag soon, yah?!

    Anyway, this Poney warehouse, I wanna go lah, but friggin' jauh wey! Sigh. Are you going? Can I kirim? Kekekekeke..

  11. oOo thanks for the vote of confidence!