Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No More Blogging At Home!

Well, its too good to be true. We will return the whole XXXXX Broadband thinggy tomorrow. Big C was furious to receive the XXXXX Bill Statement amounting to Rm200 when the GIRL that was promoting the XXXXX Broadband thinggy keep on saying that it's TOTALLY FREE to register and its TOTALLY FREE for 30days trial.

Of course you can say that it's OUR FAULT that we didn't read the fine lines of the form that we've signed when we registered for a line. But isn't it A LIE when the girl is shouting "FREE!FREE SIGN UP NOW AND IT'S FREE REGISTRATION AND FREE 30DAYS TRIAL" when the actual fact that they do charge for every item, every single item. Registration, installation, this and that. What a turn off! And I've been using XXXXX ever since I own a handphone since 1998. Not to mentioned that sometimes they will simply charge you unnecessarily if you're not checking you bill, expecting it to be the same charges (cos I'm taking the Rm75 plan) and especially when you're using a direct credit to credit card like me.

Yeah, I know. The GIRL is earning her part time pocket money through each application she gets. Every application probably gives her RM17.50 (I've worked part time for event like this and its quite highly paid). Of course she's happily giggling away when he gets her money but imagine the amount of complaint calls...that's why the line is always dead, engaged or no one picks up the call. Big C gotto use my handphone to call coz the XXXXX Broadband was not registered under my number. Quite good eh? They can track who they're expecting to call and complaint and if they sees the number, they can pretend to be BLIND? And when Big C managed to get through, he guy was not even shocked to hear about the complaint. Probably his ear drum is already numb listening to all the complaints.

And they claim that the modem can be used anywhere. Yes, can and depends on location. And depends on which tile you step on in your house. The best internet connection in my in one corner of my Bedroom, next to my TV! You can't really use it other than that small corner.
And can you believe it, we signed up on the 28th of December 2006 and expected a call from the installer for more than 1 week plus. No one called and we gotto call and ask them to come. Finally they came like 2 weeks later but started to charge earlier than before the guy even stepped into our house to install the thinggy.
The only good thing about this is that we can bring it anywhere. But the line sucks. I have to reconnect and reconnect all the time.
Okay, so the internet connection is affected by the tsunami in Taiwan or something like that, but the guy is not affected right? He could at least called and say that he should come later because of this and that. At least inform the customer of what's happening, then we won't sit there and wait for a call telling us that he's already in front of our house waiting for us.
What i can say now that is, I'm DISSAPOINTED, VERY DISSAPPOINTED. Not only I can't blog at home, my laptop will be left "not so used". DANG! Maybe i gotto sell my laptop? Who wants to buy?? And if we were to get streamyx, then i have to get a line. But none of us use fixed line..and there's no reason why we need one when both of us has handphones. Fixed line charges like Rm30 and the streamyx plan is Rm75? Wah...that's like Rm100 for using few minutes up to an hour in a day. Better go to Starbucks or internet cafe right? But no time to go. Such a headache!
Big C asked me to scan the bill and post it big big so everyone can see the detailed charges for the so-called- Free Registration and Installation Broadband. Naaaaaah...Don't waste my time!


  1. I can understand your frustration. These people just wanna quickly make their commission and then ignore you. Don't be so stress la.

  2. this world where got free thing wan? Where got so big pigeon flying around wan. The only thing which is free is the air you breath.kekeke.

  3. Threathen the company that u going to sue the them or Write complain work sometimes!

  4. Sasha, before I go to sleep thought I would hop over to thank you for the hug, I really NEEDED it today. :o)

  5. babykhong1:56 PM

    That's why we waited for other alternative instead of the stupid Streamyx. Now I have no regrets having Maxis Wireless Broadband at home. They came to fix the line within a week.

  6. Oh dear, why am I not surprised? The company thinks so highly of themselves and everyday, there are just so many complaints about them. But of course nothing can be done when you're seen fishing with the PM lah! Malaysia Boleh what? Sigh.

    Anyway, it's true that they'll just simply charge you if you don't look at the bills. Until now Irwan and I still don't understand how come our bills are higher after converting to the Family Plan. Hrmmmm... and yeah, he pays through the Direct Debit facility, just like you.

    We've both got handphones too, but we cannot live without an internet connection at home. So, we're using Streamyx. I'll make sure we'll fully utilize it by downloading a whole load of torrents! Hehehehe...

  7. Walau....This kinda company must really kena sue lar. Such a cheater.

  8. Mum To Chumsy: Hmm Yalah...chill chill

    Ace: U bad la..Laff at me samo!

    Jess: waste my time ler..

    FH: no prob!

    BabyKhong: Yeap! and they will be sending you the bill soon!

    Nadia: Yeap! That's right!!! Hmm maybe i shud get streamyx too. Slow slow ler.. what to do>?

  9. Sabrina: Sueing..lets just wait for the more kaya ppl to do it.

  10. No other alternative access like Jaring Wireless?

  11. Learn this, when it comes to promoters, nothing is free. By the way, I am paying the stupid fixed phone line service monthly for the broadband. I need it for work, so no complain.

    Hey try your neighbour, if he/she has a fixed line, you can get a wireless router and both of you can get broadband for the price of 1.

  12. Try Jaring wireless broadband lor... no need tel fix line.

  13. oooi, got Jaring wireless broadband ah? Diden know. I was going to recommend u look for alternative broadband providers. I am using the one by Penang FON. Only RM60/ mth for up to 2Mbps (streamyx only 1Mbps), and this one no need tel line. This one i think only available in penang but maybe where u are also got something else.

  14. Aiyor, if I am you, I expose their name big-big liao. Kasi everyone knows and let them lose business like that. Hehehe.

  15. Actually I'm about to sign up for the free trial too but hub's stop me by saying that no such big frog jumping. At last I decided to register for another plan. Why dun u go to co. and appeal? I remember previously I also have a same problem on the billing for my mobile phone and I called up the customer care and they told me that they have migrations recently and most of the bill is having problem. They din inform me, I only get to know when I called up them. Most of my colleagues affected too. Don't let go so easy faster-faster pijak office dia and complain.

  16. i'm sure XXXXX will not hear the end of this... and they shouldn't... get refund woi... if i not mistaken, if u get refund, that girl won't get her pay also, that's how the system normally work....

  17. Write nasty complain letterlah!

  18. Julian and Kenny: Hubby said same techonlogy..same shit with jaring.

    Shooi: Got..baru find out

    5xmom: Wuah! finally u come to my blog..welcome. Aiyah..I think without exposing they're loosing many account..ppl swicthing from them to the yellow logo wan.

    Desp Mum: appeal? better i go find a better one.

    Shannon: They will refund the money to me for sure..After 3 months.

    Jazz: no la..Mxxxx.

    IMD: Better i blog kan?

  19. Where got such a big 'kap na' (frog) jumping everywhere in the streets leh? Dat taught u to read clearly what's stated in the forms in future hor?

    I've this fixed line at home and using S..x, paying RM44 only and so far so good wor.