Monday, January 22, 2007

I smell like Coffee

Okay. Since no one want to help me pull my grey hair, i have no choice. I have to dye my hair but i don't want to use the normal hair dye. 1: i dun like the smell. 2: i dun like the hair texture after effect. 3:My hair is digital if i were to dye my hair again..then my digital perm will be gone. So, i called my mom and asked her to get for the Henna that she always talk about for me to dye my hair last Sunday. So here's the ingredient..

Henna from the typical Indian Shop, Egg and Kopi O Kau Kau. You must tell the coffee fella that you want "dye hair coffee". You can't drink this coffee, otherwise you'll go to Lalaland in 10 mins! I have no idea how much the Henna costs cos my mum refused to tell me..scared I pay her back. But i guess it's cheaper then the Branded hair dye. Want a closer look at it?

Note that its written Beware of immitation! Means mine is original ! Hair dye also got original and immitation! HaHa So got all changed ( you don't wanna dirty your nice T right?) into my Old and unwanted T and started to ask my sis to comb my hair with the mixture. Of course we helped each other. And after that just wrap the head up with plastic cling wrap and we're supposed to wait for 4 hours. But this notty fren of yours of course never wait until 4 hours la. I started to dye my hair at 6pm, ate dinner with the cling wrap on my head, watch TV with the cling wrap on my head.. and went home in the car with my cling wrap on the head. Hehehe And i washed my hair at 9.30pm. So okay la.. only like 30 mins from 4 hours ma. And the result..

My hair is like this yummy chocolate diabetic cake! Less Sugar, Yet so nice and so yummy..

My hubby said my hair is abit coloured but the grey hair is not well covered. That's under Warm light in my cannot really see well. But he kept on saying.." You smell like coffee. The nice coffee smell". :)

So I came to work this morning and I asked my colik who complaint about my hair the other day, she looked so amazed with my hair. She kept on saying.."Eh, cantik la. Macam ada highlight! U punya uban pun tak nampak already!".

So am i liking it?

I Love it. My hair is not hard and dry like my previous experience with the Branded Hair Dye. The effect especially cos the colour is not flat all over.. it gives you the "highlighted" colour. So it's more happening... and plus I didn't pay a single cent! Hahahaha

But...I'll be a good girl next time and wait for 4 hours instead of 3 hours so maybe I'll super like it? Hahaha

By The Way, Since I've posted cake picture on my blog today.. it just reminded me that 2 of my frens birthday is today and tomorrow! So Happy Birthday ANNIE Q and LAUNDRYAMAH!!! Muaks Muaks for you two!!

It's Monday again so......Have a Great Week Ahead everyone!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I smell so caffeine...*sniff**sniff*


  1. Wuah seh! What a traditional way to dye ur hair. Really works or not? How long will the dye stay? Nanti kena in the rain, can see the dye drooping down from ur hair to ur shoulder ar? Kakakakaka. (just kidding lar)

  2. Fulamak .. U betul ka?? U went and dye ur hair with kopi o and egg... Aiyo first time I see lidat la... Ok Ok next time U send me one henna no immitations one I gip my aunty in Holland do it for her hair... Sure she thank u me veli veli much one...

  3. Wahhh, so u liked it, hoh. It's the egg that gives your hair that shine. Next time, i send you Ipoh White Coffee, yaaaaa

  4. eh?! It really works? Woah.. then i need to get them for my mommy liao. My mommy dyes her hair every 2 months i guess. Better get this for her and make her smells like coffee. Think she's gonna like herself a lot as she's a coffee addict. Heehee!

  5. eh that henna got red color anot??

  6. Tracy: Wah u so many questions! Okay. Works la, of cos..if not i dun dare to post la. I think quite long la. Its the same as the ones malays use to make the nails red red wan. Now my hand also Brown Brown ler!

    Wenn: I think u can also find in Holland if there's Indians there la!

    Samm: White coffee? dunno whether the hair will be white or not after dat..

    Rabbit: Yeah Yeah U try ya!

    Amah: Eh i think got la. My BIL mummy always use red or purplish..

  7. You're like my mom!!!! She used coffee too...

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  9. Esther3:20 PM

    u should take 'Before' n 'After', let us see the result mar... hey! Coffee smell also can make ppl 'high' wor... HA HA HA

  10. Rachel4:04 PM

    Waaahhhh...very keng wor, btw the kopi O got add gula or not? hahahaaa..
    Wei any traditional way to stop hair losing ar, I so worry neh, my hair lose like orang ada penyakit..:( scary

  11. Eat seaweed. It helps.

  12. oso went dye hair woh during weekend, and today i went to office, one of the mgr say i look like japanese u know lah what colour i got :P

  13. wow wow wow!First time i heard ppl use egg & kopi to dye hair lei.Must see ur hair first only i dare to try.hahaha! Kiasi ma!
    Anyway, thanks for the birthday wish!!

  14. Interesting...when are you going to post your photo? I wanna try your 'secret recipe' also

    Btw, remember that energizing drink you posted? I got it fr Eu Yan Sang - question now is - can you eat all the flowers, berries etc? Indon woman asked me wor...

  15. I oso try dye hair before with henna but not very successful as I got a lot of white. Oso each time I cuci rambut the water dripping is red kalar sampai my hair stylist ask, eh why each time we wash your hair, got red kalar dripping wan?

  16. Shoppingmum: So yr mum must LOOK GREAT!! hahahah

    esther: *piak**piak* Notty Notty!

    Rachel: No gula la. Drink will pengsan wan. Anyway, i will try to find out how to loose hair too, u shud know why.

    Mich: Eat seaweed for me or rachel?

    Jazz: Japonese ah? blonde.

    Annie: No need la. U continue to go to yr saloon la..dun follow me. Too much hassle! hahaha

    Kitty: Naah not gonna post my picture anymore. Hahaha

    Firehorse: HAH??? Nolah! Hahahahah

  17. hello sasha,
    i'm chumsy's yee yee.
    interesting blog !
    like the way you refer your colleagues as colik. at first, i thought u are having some bra problems since i read colik as COLI (mata sepet what can u do?)

    anyway, my mom uses the same hair dye but without the kopi and telur. the package is slightly different. instead of a sexy indian lady, mom's having the one with a real life those u-can-see-in-tamil-films-indian lady.

    where did u get your sexy-lady package? :)

  18. Eh, I tried once to dye my hair with Henna too given by my mil. My pack looks different from urs ler and I never use coffee n egg. wonder it doesn't work. My mil said it cost only RM2.50. So darn cheap. Ei, next time u wanna dye, can ajak me dye together-gether arr?? :P

  19. Jo: FUAH!! Chumsy's Ah Yee also come edi! welcome welcome! I have no idea where my mum got it. She dun wanna tell me

    Ally: Oo the eggs ah moisturise yr hair and Coffee actually make everything happen lo. How to dye together since now u preggie..i think this is the only way u can dye yr hair la!

  20. Seaweed helps to make hair black. Sorry no remedy for loosing hair, I am having that problem too..:(

  21. Sasha : I've been reading your blog since you stolly about your colik on carpool, something like bagai kacang lupakan kulit :)

  22. wah really work???? im gonna ask my mum to try it... since she say she have lots of grey hair...

    thanks in advance