Friday, January 12, 2007

It's no longer safe out there.

I received this email this morning.

Dear all,

Just want to share my accident that happened to me last Monday (11/12/2006) to warn everyone to beware while on the road.

The story goes like this......

About 9.00 am, I parked my car opposite KPMG KL office along road, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights and went up to office to handle some miscellaneous administration work before heading to my client's place. I left the office and headed to my car around 9.15am. When I reached my car boot, I felt a sharp pain on my head spreading through my brain and my sight started to blur. Subsequently I lost my balance and fell down on the road while pressing my wounded head.

I realized that an Indian motorist in a blue t-shirt with black helmet used a stone weighted approximately 1 kg to knock at the back of head. He had no intention to steal or snatch my handbag as my handbag was on my left while he attacked me on my right side.

I managed to stand up and slowly walked back to the office lobby with the help of my colleague. My colleague tried to stop my head from blooding heavily and tried to get a vehicle to send me to the nearest hospital.

Fortunately, I managed to reach the hospital (Pantai Hospital) with my colleague's help without bleeding too much. The doctor had to shave my wounded part on my head and made 8 stitches on it. Luckily, there was no fracture on my skull and just a swollen on the back of my head. I
was discharged the same day and rest for 1 week before getting my stitches out.

Additional Information....

On the same day, I was told by the doctor that there was another case where a woman was also knocked on her head by a motorist at the bus stop just few hours after my admission to Pantai Hospital. Furthermore, I was informed by my friend that her sister's boyfriend was also injured on the head by an Indian motorist with a bottle glass at Kepong and had few stitches on his head too. There was no motive of snatching or steal shown by the motorist. He was informed by the police that he was the 6 th victim in 2 days.

Police side......

According to the police, there is no trail to find the suspect. The suspect is now still wondering around in Kuala Lumpur looking for more victims.

Word of advice.....

Therefore, please try to walk in a group or opposite direction of the road to avoid such accident happen to you. Maybe we need to wear helmet while walking on the road in the future.


Another real story...happened to 2 of my Dad's fren in PJ OLD TOWN.

It was 6.45am during the weekday when my Dad's fren wanted to drive to Old Town for morning execise with my dad. Apparently he didn't show up. Later only they realized his car was hijacked and he was left in Puchong Kinrara at the road side with bruise on his face and head.

He was driving, suddenly another car came and blocked his car. He was forced to come out of the car by 4 Indian guys (not trying to be racist here). 3 of them went into the car with him and another went back into his own car. They forced him to put his head down with the whole body bend down nearly touching his toes! Everytime he tried to move, they will punch his face or head. Then they searched his body and found his wallet, took the credit card and went to the nearest Esso petrol station in Old Town and pumped petrol. Since this petrol station's is abit lauyah, the credit card owner gotto go to the counter and sign. The petrol Station assistant sense something was wrong cos the name written on the card was a chinese name and the person who signed it is actually an Indian guy. So he called the police and let the Hijacker off, scared ma..

They then drove to Kinrara and pushed him down with nothing. Then Dad's fren went and seek for help from the passer by. You say scared or not? Believe it or not, only a few days later, this gang strike again and this time in broad day light in Old Town also. Right in front of everyone!
Dad's another fren was waiting in the car for the wifey to buy something. This gang was like walking wards the car suddenly they jumped into the car and forced him to drive off. Imagine the wifey saw the car being hijacked with the hubby! She nearly went crazy! But all the passerby say don't report to the police since the hubby is still in the car. Like usual, that guy was dropped of somewhere again.
Looks like this gang is very active and they're not scared at all. So ppl, please lock your doors, don't stop no matter what happen, anything just drive to the nearest police station. Esp woman...sure go down and look see if their car kena bang. DON'T!!!!! It's just not safe out there anymore!


  1. many crazy people out there lar now..just saw another post by nadia about crazy people..

    about the robbery, i have the habit of locking the doors whenever i'm in a car...but if they want to smash my window, then really 'suey' lar

  2. Aiyah this guys sot or wat ah? Hv nothin better to doo ah?? Sik pau fan mo yeh cho ah??? Ask them go home TFK la....

  3. Actually my dad friends also got few cases their car hijack by people and their kids is inside the car. They found their car but the kids is no longer inside the car. So don't ever leave ur kids inside the car and u go down to buy something even a second.

  4. Oh dear! Like I've said, too many crazy flers out there! Once our runner was going to send one of our Harriers to JPJ Padang Jawa for inspection, one Camry suddenly blocked him in front of a traffic light (in Shah Alam somewhere) and forced themselves into the car (which I don't know how, because the Harrier will lock itself once you accelerate and it goes into 2nd gear) and just took the car, the imported documents and what not away. Police found the car a few weeks after (surprisingly still in Malaysia, I thought dah sampai Thailand or something!). We suspect that it's an insider's job, and the runner who was driving the Harrier then has since left the company. Hahaha!

    Was in Sunway around 11+ pm on Tuesday and I was driving the Harrier, and Irwan's friend was telling us to go home and take some other car as there a lot of car jackings around there. Evo 9, Beemers, Harriers, etc etc are being hijacked like hot cakes!

  5. Now i am scared......

  6. wat is our society becoming???????????????

  7. Now not only they snatch, they attack the victims darn cruel!

  8. Nowadays the world is not safe anymore...*SIGH*

  9. Oh my..! really scary lah..!!!

  10. WAT HAPPENED to our society nowadays!! NO where is safe now!! More and more 'mo yan seng' ppl out here!!!!