Friday, January 12, 2007

Orgasmic Cookie

4th Post of the Day!!!

Yesterday i went home and told Mr C about the cookie i ate in the office. Normally i do not fancy Chocs, Cakes or cookies. But since so hungry, i took a bite at this cookie. And the feeling was like ... "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (smiling face)"

Mr C : *giggles*
Sasha : *smile like baru after hum sup* the feeling ...orgasmic!
Mr C : Hahahaha Really ah? *curious*
Sasha : mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now i think about it also i go mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Mr C : Really so nice meh?
Sasha : Yeah after you eat..u will feel like mmmmmmmmmmmm and you will automatically say ...i wanna order 2.
Mr C : Hahahah Really??????
Sasha : yeah ..*smiling face* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Seriously this is good! This is ORGASMIC cookie made by my colik's mum. It's called Strawberry Chips. You heard of Choc Chip. This is Strawberry Chips. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


You can order if you want....but must have quantity 10 containers....RM 15. email him and ask for more.....



  1. Wah...looks yummy. I love cookies and normally put on weight during CNY la. Must order 10 containers?? Hmmm...does he have a shop??

  2. 10 containers for RM15 ah?
    Give me 100 please.. LOL

  3. Wahhh..Looks so yummy! Why not you bake for us free???:P

  4. errr... it looks like... kekekekekekekeke *being notty*

  5. Better than sex? That I got to try!

  6. Sasha, hopped over from Firehorse's blog and recommended by Kok.
    It's a pity I don't live in Malaysia, so can't order hor? :)

  7. chumsy's mum: hahahah you email him and ask. if nearby he can deliver also..his mom made these cookies..dun have shop.

    cocka: u wish la..

    kok: i'm cacat in baking. never works for me hehehe

    kenny: hahaha only hum sup ppl will think differently

    shopping mum:Hahaha YES!

    Dr ve thru: oh Hi!!!saw u ard before!welcome to my blog.Yeah..but u can ask firsehorse to make for u!

  8. Orgasmic cookie, me need one too!!
    He he agree with Kenny regarding cookie arrangement.

  9. eat straight away meletup ah??? hehehhe

  10. WHOI! i yellow minded, hahaha
    u say cookie orgasmic, so purposely snap the photo in the suggestive way is it? :P

  11. Can order for me ah!! The person will deliver to me or not ah?? I also wan........

  12. Sasha, really-ah? FH can make these cookies? Ok, thanks for the hint. BTW, may I link you to my blog?

  13. I agree wif u if u eat something yummy is really better than ".e. :)

  14. FH: now we know how dirty minded u are!heheheh

    Julian: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    shannon: mmmmmmmmmmmm yeah..hehe

    wenn:cannot courier food la!hahah

    Dr Ve Thru:Ok, No prob..hehe actually u saja say FH can make..but i think she can la..hahah

    desp mum: heheheheh

  15. wait la u haven't eaten my cookies,,hahahahahhahhahha....

  16. when i read the title and saw the picture, i tot you name it after the my imagination run wild for a while...after reading it only i know it has something to do with the taste...ahahahaha

  17. THe cookies looks like a pair or tits ler. Susah not to relate to hum sup stuff wor. So ur hubby curious, got ask u to give him taste ur cookies???