Friday, January 05, 2007

Before New Year...

You can see la.. how busy I am . till i have no time to write about what happened before new year. It's already like 5 days after new year, baru want to write things that happened.... goes..Here's my last meal in office before the LONG holiday...

Nice hor..This is my "Sau Kong Chau" (tutup kedai) before the new year. Forgotten about the Miso soup and fruits. It's very yummy. This rest can deliver to our office if there's more than 5 orders in a go...and we get corporate rate also ..cos the bossies always order this kinda food during meeting.

Anyway, i was shopping in Genting on Thursday when Immomsdaughter smsed me, asking about internet connection and all. Yes, Genting. Yes, Shopping. Why leh? Hahahahha Cos initially Mr C wants to bring me go romen romen in Genting la...kononnye want to bring me go for rides. So travel all the way up there, while Q-ing up to buy tickets..suddenly he turned and asked me "You really want to go for the rides?". Since that time I was so dazzled by the "SALE" sign all over the Genting indoor theme park..... i said "You like lor. If dun go for rides... i wanna go shopping". Muahahahhaha Finally i just turned and walked into BLUSH. Sei mowe!!! Blush sale like mad. And there's not many ppl inside. I LOVE!!!! Every piece is RM35. Hahaha I bought a 2 pc swim suit for RM35 only! (but cannot wear yet cos got jelly tummy..and not forgetting the stretch marks)..and 2 pc of bras at Rm50!!!!! So Cheap and Nice!!!!

Poor Mr C gotto follow me around in the shop...and he was the only man there until another 2 men came in. One was so sexcited with the range of lingerie that was on sale..and another bitting finger and looking outside...The sexcited one was like " Eh Cheap La! Nice La! Faster buy La. Eh Buy La...Eh ...Eh ..Look at this.." The other one was like " urmmm...(bite fingers)" The sexcited one keep on bugging the quite one asking him to buy ...cos 2 pcs @ RM50 ma.. He keep on pestering him until the quiet one say "You Like la!" And he rushed out of the shop. hehehe So shy....that one of coz buy la....(happy lo tonight!)...after dat i went shopping ALONE..cos Mr C went to "have fun" with Mr Lim and Mr Lim gave him some money for spending. But none went into Mrs C pocket.

Anyway, the next day I went shopping again for Jayden's Xmas pressie. Tot of getting him a sunnie. And he was quite happy with it.

But how come buy Xmas pressie only after Xmas leh? Cos he's been getting pressie from his cousins and not his own Mami & Dadi....This is him with his pressie from Laura&Adam (why cannot link wan?)

Jayden says : Thank You Laura ChiChi And Adam KorKor! And Mami and Dadi also got pressie...

Strawberry Choc cupcakes from MamaMin! ( and Jayden loves the Cupcake! Thank you SIL! See la.. how to loose weight.. Holiday..Cakes...*sigh*

We finally hand over the keys to the new buyer for Chan's DJ house on the 31st..or izit 30th . Old edi la.. cannot remember. *sigh* After that My Sis and I brought Jayden to the nearby playground. And this is his official first time in a playground. And he loves it.

Hmmmm looking at the pics..he looks so much like a toddler and not like a baby anymore. He calls me AhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaH! each time he sees me. And he calls his Dadi ..Di Di Di Di. He loves to eat but don't seem to gain weight. Why ah? And he still wakes up at 4am every morning for milk. I love this pic, i took it in one of the nights that i can't sleep.

See how much he has grown. Of btw, if you're wondering how come he is not wearing any pants...cos he can't sleep with long pants on. He will kick and fuss. He also dun like blanket. Fussy son of mine....hehehe If good to know that he likes his dad more nowadays. One thing in common is that both loves football. This is how they spend their precious time together..playing with PSP and Jayden looking and trying to grab the ball with his fingers.New Year New Year..i totally forgotten what happened on the New Year. Hmmmmm but i remember i countdown with my new bf ..Mr Chow Kung. What I know is that I've spent like more than 3k during that holiday .

Laptop Rm2399 + MedKlinn Air Sterilizer RM599 + A lil something for myself from Nichi Fashion Rm29.90 = POKAI.

Maggie Mee and roti until month end liao...


  1. romantic ah.."pak tow" at genting..kekeke!How come nv tell me blush got sale lei??Eh!Nice"sau kong chau"-japenese lunch..yum yum!

  2. Wah two men buy lingerie ah? for who? for each other ah??? hehehehehe.

    Start of the year, everyone also very slow...

  3. fuiyoh, so happening... shopping until genting pigi... hahaha

    yeah, agree with julian... everyone not posting!!! got nothing to read!!!!

    *waiting waiting waiting*
    neck also long... eye also pop out... ZZZZZzzzzz....

  4. Wah.. go buy lingerie all wanna 'hoi kong' for Jayden Jr ar?? :P

  5. Kekeke! so happy ar Mr Chan bring u to Genting cold cold and also buy sexy lingerie anything happen that nite eee!

  6. Why are you always buying bra?

  7. Wah! Jayden so yeng in his sunnie! And the way he sleeps always make me roll eyes. *thumbs up*

  8. Annie : Dunno its Blush Nationwide sale or not ma...

    Julian: Hahah No la..Buy for the mistress la..

    Shannon: u free ah..then u read my blog over and over again lo. Hahaha

    Yvonne: Sau kong edi la. What Jr?

    Desp Mum: Eh...u notty notty ah ..*piak**piak*

    Mich: Eh, i first time buy bra since 1980 la..That is annie la that bought bra..

    Rabbit: Happening huh the way he sleep...hehehe

  9. kawan, that medklinn air sterilizer good ah. i tot of buying also la...

  10. Hahaha! Your baby so cute wearing the sun glasses. And and, you dare to let your baby alone without you holding him when he's sitting on the swing? Want him become superman hah?:P

  11. babykhong7:25 PM

    Hey, Jayden looks so cute with the sunglasses. And you guys so time to go 'pak toh' at Genting...i'm so envy lehh!

  12. Wah so much fun! Wei, now blogging at home, got write another blog for paid post or not? :P can earn some pocket money to buy more clothes!

  13. Wuah!!syiok syiok at genting! buy sext lingerie somemore.

  14. Jayden slp like superman flying eh... :D

  15. Aiyo, this Jayden look so cute in the sleeping pose. I guess he cannot sleep in one position eh? My Ashley sleeps like the clock - round and round and round.

  16. Jayden so cute, I awes share his pictures with my son, my son laugh so hard at the "rubber duckie" video the one where he share share with you wan.

  17. Sasha never mind la dun eat maggi mee and roti la come I belanja makan...... Hehheheeh..... Wah damn cute la ur son!! I also wan BB liao now but hor kenot la still hv to work earn some money first no time for BB so hor now can play with other ppl's BB first lor!!!

  18. oscar's mum: okay okay but abit dry lah the air in the room.

    Kok: I went with my sis ma..i let go abit then fast fast take pikture..heheh

    Babykhong: U have no idea how long it takes for mr chan to decide that ok...i wait until my neck long liao.

    Shoppingmum:Aiya i was thinking la..but like not enuff time

    Ace: Eh where got sexy...

    Ah nel: yah gonna audition for next superman show edi...

    mom to chumsy: that is the starting..but after tat he turn n turn..

    firehorse: Yakah..heheheh

    wenn: make first think later..HAHAH

  19. Yalah Jayden looks like a toddler already. Nvm about being brokelah, at least you got somethings for yourself :)

  20. haha! You 'beh pai' (not bad) ah! Let go a bit and fast fast take picture. Later he also fast fast become SUPERBABY o! haha!

  21. Wah...nice saukongchau leh. *Salivating over the unagi*
    Loved the pic of Jayden sleeping too. Me also love to take pics of sleeping babies...absolutely adorable.

  22. wah...feasting and shopping... aren't those the most enjoyable things to do for the new year??? LOL

    Your Jayden sleeps like Superman lar! So cute!

  23. haha..why his sleeping pose like the superstar posing like that :P

  24. Wah, long pants also don't want, luckily in Malaysia... My girl ah, also don't want blanket, she will kick, cry and wide awake if I put blanket on her! Now is winter time, I got to force her to ware socks to sleep! *sigh*

  25. IMD: Yalah..he look so grown up. hmmm

    Kok: Hahaha Learn from Mami ma

    Shooi: But chinese believe hor..taking picture when sleeping is not good o...

    Angeleyes: Yeah ..enjoy alot alot then suffer again. Hahaha

    Jazz: Hahah Training Training..

    Becky'sMum: Hahaha have to wear overalls lo..

  26. Nice sunny!

    I love blush swim suit too, they are so lovely. Now I wear them for my regular swim. I bought 2 sets when they were on sale some time back. Mr C so romantic one. wei, dun tell me u r not having another kid with this man. I will *Slap slap* u.