Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Son is 10 Months! I'm Old!

Yeap! Finally small C is 10 months old. Let me show you how he look like now...

Like a big boy now. This shot was taken during our makan-makan session in Bar-B-Q plaza in BU to celebrate his 10 months old day. But it seems like Big C and I enjoyed the food there more than Small C. Hehe He was busy doing his "blowing raspberry" action and saying "NoNo" the whole night although he is asking for food. So now NoNo represent No and Yes altogether! Hahaha

I've started shopping for his CNY clothes. And children clothes are SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!! But its worth it..seeing that I'm buying for 12-18 months and 1 year old clothes for Small C is so exciting. But....I miss the Baby Small C very much. But what to do? Takkan i wanna preserve my Jayden and make him small all the time right? So the best I can do now...is to make him HENSEM la!!!!
So I've finally succeeded in training him to quit his night feeding. Nowadays Big C and I looked more "fresh" and Small C too cos we can sleep thru the night. But somehow, he can't sleep by himself for long. At 4am every morning he will cry for us and ask us to let him sleep next to us. The worst part about him, he chase after Big C and will sleep together, touching his body. Fearing that my big "log" will turn around and sleep ontop of the small "log" i have to wake up a few times to look for him and place him next to me. And 5 minutes later, he's doing it again! *sigh*

Food...He eats almost everything. Nanny told me she gave him Char Kueh Tiaw and Nasi Lemak hoping that small C wont ask for mammam all the time when she's eating. But guess what? My small C is not afraid of chilly! So everything also hantam...what we eat, he will eat! But he's not gaining weight cos he's like a super hyper baby, moving non stop..even when he is sleeping! How to gain weight?

Speech: He calls me AhMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh and sometimes MehMeh. He calls his Dadi Didi and every other things NenNen. He will sing..Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh sometimes to the rythm of Barney's "if all the raindrops are lemondrops and gumdrops" (or something like dat) cos i can hear the "Ah AH Ah Ah " Part where the kids will open the mouth wide facing the sky ( i think shoppingmum knows what I'm talking about cos Justin loves Barney).

Sleeping: He has no fixed time for sleeping. But he knows it when i bath him at night and switch off the lights. And sings for him. Sometimes we will play kucikuci (yeah i know it will only make him more active, but i like to hear him giggle and laugh!) and he loves itsy-bitsy-spider and This-Lil-Piggy! And he will laugh at the ending although I haven't complete the sentence.

Motor skill: He began to cruise around when he was about 9 months and now he began to let go and stand for a while. And he will push his cars and walk together with the big car that we bought for him. He can jump and lift his body up higher than before. Super Kangaroo! And when he is "driving" in our car, he knows how to turn on the radio, on it louder or softer, turn on the "right" signal, wiper and horn! Brought him to the Naza carshow on Sunday and he honked in the showroom. Can you imagine all the ppl staring at us? Pai seh..... He don't like baby toys. He goes for original toys like our handphones, remote control, PSP, laptops, handbags anything that does not look plastic or looked like toys. Why are we still spending money to buy toys when he dun play with toys??

This is him enjoying himself with the "free" rides in Giant.

His top 2 teeth is coming out soon. Can see that the gums are swollen and there 2 white lines. But so far there's no fever (TOUCH WOOD!!!!) but there's poopoo indicating that he's teething again. I've been checking his "coconuts" quite often nowadays, to know if he's sick or not. Why check coconuts ah ? Later I'll blog about it. So proly there'll be 2 or 3 posts today cos today I don't feel like working.


  1. HAPPY 10 MONTHS old!!!!
    and the 10 months scrap is SUPER nice.... i like i like...
    Jayden does look like a big big boy leh.... MUACKS! <- from me, not Rachel... hahaha

  2. Happy 10 months lil' Jayden!

    Sasha, I take it that you're halfway through planning for his 1st birthday bash? Hahahaha!

    Anyway, love the scraps! See I told you it's addictive, innit? =)

  3. so big ..i mean really..he looks so big in your photos already! Sighhh...just keep on hugging and hugging and hugging him la..

    Either that..or have no.2 already la! HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHHAA!

  4. Happy 10mths.. Jayden..!
    Mama BoK and Chloe from Canada.. wishes you .. good health.. happiness.. and loved by everyone who knows and meet you .. ya..!

  5. Esther3:21 PM

    H'paY 10 mThs, Jayden boy !! My son, Ethan also turn 15 Mths tOdaY!! YeAh YeAh..

  6. Yahoooo, Jayden big boy liao...ooopppss, still a long way to go Sasha. :)

    Btw, my meimei oso like Jayden, 'bu yao' (dun wan) means want and dun want! hahaha...

  7. Woah! Happy 10 months! Jayden looks like taekwondo-ing the first scrap. Hu hu ha hee..

  8. Aww.. *in the first scrap i mean. Hee!

  9. Jayden looks so cute in the first photo - 2 teeth & dancing hip-hop! Such a cool guy...can talk some more. Sigh...Lucas is slow in this dept

  10. Wow, nasi lemak, are you sure. I like to see his expression when he taste the sambal.

  11. wahh soon celebrating No. 1 bday...any big plans?

  12. Happy 10th month old Jayden. He does look bigger than 10 mths. More like 1 year oledi. Wahhhhh....can eat nasi lemak and char kueh teow?? Very "keng".

  13. HAPPY 10 MONTHS old!!!!
    He has grown up so much!

  14. Jayden looks chubby in the Vroom pic.

    Happy 10 months Jayden!

    If he is anything like his mummy, he must be a very entertaining, funny lil boy!

  15. He eats everything? Hmm.. must really have high methabolic rate to be so thin.

    Kids clothes are so ex hor? I thought the Osh Kosh clothes are for his CNY? No ah?

  16. 10 months on a 22nd of the month... wah... raelynne is 7 months on the 22nd of month oso... heheheh

    Happy 7 months!

  17. very fast huh? 10 months already. 2 more months to go for the big day.

    wah can eat nasi lemak and char koay teow! so geng! good lar he is not picky eater ... somemore can eat spicy food.