Sunday, January 14, 2007

2007 Tag!

Okay..i kena tagged by Wen. Actually did a tag similar to this one, but she say dun care wor. Okay la..Only for Wen only!
5 things u dunno about me.
Thing Number 1: i Used to wear Size 32 jeans.
Yeap... i used to wear size 32 jeans and my weight was 62 kgs. I managed to loose 7 kgs in 5 days before. The diet, was Milo day and night and walk for dunno how many km a day.
Thing Number 2: The shortest period i stay in a company.
Is about 3 weeks. I used to work for Malie Flance...(can't write the real name, you guys pandai pandai figure out la). The working hours is 9-7. And you don't do anything there except to go through the same advert, same woman in the advert, same list of outlets just the promotion is different. SIAN like hell. But the good was yummy. They pay me for 3 yrs experience when i only have 2. But since I'm not the type to sit around and become a "VASE" i quit and left that place without wearing shoes!
Thing Number 3: I was previously mentally tortured.
Mentally torture by my japonese boss. That man is really something, a saddist! He would call my extension and ask me to go to his room immediately..when i knock the door, he will say " Stupid orang Utan! You're late. You come hia in 5 seconds time. Not 10 seconds. Go out!" and then he can see that i have returned to my place..he'll call again and make you run. And then if you reached there like 5 seconds..he will ask "ooo....i just wondering neh...what are you doing now? Ooooo working ka? okok. nutzhing then. pleae go work". You say..izit mentally toturing or not? The torture lasted for 1 year 3 months.
Thing Number 4:i buy clothes, and keep them in my closet.
Some, i have no idea why i bought it last time. And i wear some clothes over and over again..and some not touched at all.
Thing Number 5: I'm hyperactive.
Now you know why Jayden is so active, He got it from me. I can talk non stop, move non stop, shop non stop and do many things at one go. Sai Lei Leh????
So Wen, there you go...5 things you dunno about me.
Okay..I'm gonna tag some new frens here...
Desperate Mummy
Ryan's mummy Yvonne
Shannon (dunno if you have done this or not),
Nadia...and.............i think that's all.


  1. Alamak kena tag belum kena tag before so I dunno how to do lar:)

  2. Alamak! You are really workholic leh. You can stand your japanese boss for 1 year and 3 months but then you cannot stand for even 3 weeks of 'holidays'. haha!

  3. Anonymous11:36 PM

    hey hello! u drank milo to loose weight? just 2 cups of milo aday ?that's a great way to loose weight!

  4. Sasha good girl... Heheheheh.... So kwai kwai hor done my tag liao!! U're the first to hv done the tag la!! Other's hor especially tat Ace hor tat layan gua!! First time Wenwen tag him he dun do!!

    Anyway U leli sai lei can tahan the physco boss for 1 yr and 3 mths ah!!! Mebbe he lum U tat's why wan to play a fool on U lor!!
    Shopaholic ah!! Sei lor... Tghe baju can go lelong liao....
    No wonder Jayden so active la, no U kenot complain isn't it!! Got it from U!! Kakakakkaakak....

    Wei wei U sure ka drink milo for 5 days can lose 7kg ah!! Okie okie I try start 2molo then no more cookin liao... everyday I will post my cuppa of milo... LOL

  5. aiyo your third topic the mentally tortured one really made me laugh so hard. Really got such gila boss and you did not go insane after 1 yr 3 months. amazing you can last that long. (gosh, i am still laughing as I write this)

  6. wah seh..that jipuna boss really giler...and you can tahan for 1yr and 3mths...if me...cabut fast fast liao ler...

  7. ur jepun boss must be very leng chai till u can stand him for 1 year and 3 months..haha

  8. Wah liao eh, God knows what other mentally ill things he has done to u men. Really siow!!!