Thursday, January 11, 2007


Must Go! Must Go!!! My mind keep on thinking about this sale*????. I'm going nuts. Better still have nice stocks until i go there this Saturday. Yeah, I'm broke. But I'm never too broke for my son!!!

Date : 11 to 14 January 2007 (4 Days Only! whatcha waiting for?)
Time: 10am to 10pm (wah after work can go hor?? Nope..need to clean the house..*sigh*)
Venue : Lot 20 2nd Floor Komplex Antarabangsa, Jalan Sultan Ismail Kuala Lumpur (or Ground Floor, West Arcade Crowne Plaza Hotel KL)-Wah got 2 location ah ????

The Brands :
MNG Current Range (I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RM 19.90 - 29.90)
Victoria's Secret
Osh Kosh Childrenwear (I WANT!!!!!!! RM10 for Osh Kosh T okay what!!)
Gap Childrenwear (I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! RM 10 to 19.90)
CK Men's Boxer Shorts & Brief
CK Men's Pyjamas Pants

Please note that only small purses are allowed into the selling area. So dun go and bring your HUGE baby bag lo!

And Mr C, since u never buy me anything for our Anniversary, this round you sponsor ya??? Thank you first a....hehehe


  1. i think i've been to this company's organised sales, really quite disappointing so don't get your hopes too high..

  2. if i go then dissapointing.. i will come back and condemn them! muahahaha

  3. wohhoho... so i can go there kap lui lor... :P

    Nolah... just kidding. Got guitar warehouse sales or not?

  4. Wah... tempted tempted.. but my office so far away and after work have to 'hoi kong' again jaga anak. Sigh...

  5. tempted to go la but with my drama queen around, how to shop leh? i agree with laundryamah. been to one by the same company and in the end only 1 design for oshkosh and lots of bras only. however, my shopping hormones are raging so may go too. Tks :D

  6. eh..dont worry, the money that u save for Rini's salary can buy things lo!LOL

  7. No wonder I can save money here, no such warehouse here to take away my money...muhahahaha. Oh I hear Times Bookstore also having warehouse sale.

  8. Hai yo, I'm stuck in Ipoh lah, if not will really want to shop!

  9. no kaki lar..never mind, can save money

  10. aiyo - u tempting me to gola - near my office somemore. BUt my colleague warned me, that it will be a stampede there. Today, also is the first day of times warehouse. so lets see - bra's ? osh kosh? or books??

  11. Aiyo aiyo
    I miss this liao.
    Should have come and visit your site sooner. Then I can sneak out during working hours to shop!