Friday, October 13, 2006

Rini...Oh Rini...

My Maid's name is Rini. Rini apa, saya tak tau. But she's Rini The Indon Maid. Rini The Vomit Blood Maid. Let me tellyiu why...

Sasha : Rini..semalam u clean the kitchen..where you keep my soup container.

Rini_: Apa Ah Moi? Saya Tak Tau..Saya Tak Ambik..

Sasha : Apa..u cakap tak tau, tapi kata tak ambik. Hmmm.. Ok Ok ..Itu Container macam ini tinggi..

Besar macam ini...

Rini_: Okay Okay Saya Tau... (And she proceed to find the thing that I
Sasha : Rini..Apa u cari.. saya kata ini tinggi, ini besar..ini semua kecik kecik..

Rini_: Okay Okay...Apa Colour?

Sasha: *sigh* Ini Kaler...

Rini_: Okay Okay Saya Tau...(and she proceed to find what i want here...)

Sasha: RINI! Apa you buat! Saya kata ini kaler..bukan cari sini. Saya kata ini tinggi mah! You tau apa saya mau???
Rini_: Saya Tak Tau! *giggle**giggle*
Sasha: (repeated the whole description) Boleh Simpan Soup mia container, U faham!
Rini_: Oooooooooooo, Okay Okay!
Sasha: You Cari crying..saya masuk bilik dulu..

5 minutes later ..
Rini_: Ah Moi! Sudah dapat cari!!!
Sasha: Okay,where you simpan??
Rini_: Ini!!!

Sasha: WTF!!! Rini! U Ah!!!!!!!! Saya cari sendiri..(carrying Jayden on left hand and looking for the thing using right hand) Aiyo!!!! Neh! Why you keep here???
Rini_: ?????????????
Sasha: So many place why you hide the thing here????
Rini_: ????????????? Ooo ini ah...Okay Okay Saya Tau..
Sasha: Tau apa..saya sudah cari sendiri ma..

She hid the thing here!!! Of all places...and the place is so big..
So big difference between the 2 items....You say vomit blood or not??


Had a conversation wit HuiSia and Annie. They very terror handle the maids. So i learnt from them. They say must use reverse Psikologi to handle the i try lor..

Friday Night..
Sasha: Sunday you datang 7 am ok?
Rini_: Saya Tak Mau Masuk sunday. Saya mau pergi Chempaka sana..
Sasha: (Raise eyebrow) Tak Mau Masuk huh?
Rini_: Tak Mau..*giggle*
Sasha: OK. (serious face)

Sunday Morning 7 +am....*ting**tong*..(scared I'm angry she die die come to work) heheheh

Thanks girls for the advice!


  1. Oooo...I so miss your bla bla bla..welcome back :D

  2. Julian10:10 AM

    There's always issues with maids one. Just like the maid at home, no matter how many times my father tell her to use equipment like vacuum cleaner or anything else properly, she always wreck it! Either they dilly dally in doing their work, or they hide in their room (we have a stay in maid) or they are watching tv.

    Oh man, the BO also sometimes unbearable :-P My mum basically bought her perfume cum deodrant for her birthday (being nice employer) but I wonder she got the idea what my mom was trying to hint or not. ha ha ha.

    By the way sasha, why your maid call you Ah Moi ah? Not Mrs meh?

  3. haha! Sasha, ur maid so cute lah..Do things wrong still can laugh some more!:)

  4. LOLOLOLOL... she really super MCC. Sure they dun understand soup container la... try Berkas Sup or Tong Sup n see.

  5. Your maid does not stay in with you meh? Isn't that more expensive? I've got a part time one that comes in weekly to clean the house, then fortnightly because my mom can't stand her. Tell her to do things must repeat & repeat, if not do one time, next time forget liao. The list is endless *sigh*

  6. Your indo maid not live in one ah? Part time?

    Sometimes communicating with them can die one lar..

    Mine has been with me for 8yrs still got communication problem sometimes.

  7. Rachel: Yeah!

    Julian: Yeah she calls me ah moi and my hubby ah Boy! so weird la.Asked her not to call liddat still do it.

    Annie: Vomit Blood lagi wanna laugh!

    Kenny: no use la. Tell what also no use, But she know 1 thing...MONEY!

    IMD + ZMM: Nobody at home, cannot get stay in wan. Pay her like 350 to come on mon-fri + sunday. Tell and tell also do something. Damn sian. Tat day wanted to fire her edi..but then she kuai kuai pulak!

  8. yeah sometimes talk to them very kek khii one!!

  9. I'm wondering where she stays? With the agent?

  10. Shopping Mum: She rents her own place with her kawans..she has her own permit ma.

  11. you be careful. you scold her too much after she make a pot of "kotex" soup for you.

  12. Hi, first time here at your blog. I can't help but laughed at your maid's replies. But, yes, I understand your frustration. My parents have got stay-in maids and good gawd! Sometimes I just feel like killing them. Most times, they just act stupid so that we don't give them too much work. I think when we move in to our own place end of the year, I'm gonna have a daily cleaner to the house. Sigh.

  13. Ah Pek: Her duty is just to clean ..not scared lor. hehe

    Nadia:Welcome! Welcome! Yeah mine is also a daily cleaner only. Dun think i can stand living with her. Sometimes...Most of the times she just buat bodoh..and i knows it. :)

  14. Aiyo..i read also wanna vomit blood. How can you tahan her ar?

  15. mom2ashley4:03 PM

    LOL! your maid comes in daily? where to find these kind of maids ah?

  16. Aiyo, Ah Moi, what do u expect? If she's dat smart, she won't be cleaning ur place, she'll be 'duduking' in the 'opis' lor.

    U just can't describe to her like the way u did lar. She mana tau itu 'dan chung' (double boil berkas)leh cos Indons never 'dan' things one mar.

    Anyway, u nearly made me 'rolled' laughing on the floor lar.

  17. Curious - where do u find such maids ah? Fr the agent? How many hours does she spends each day?
    The average rate here for those part time indo cleaners in Penang is RM50 per each session of about 4 hours.

    Hubby would never let me get live in maid...He rather help, hire part time maids or let the house gather dust (like now) than to get maids.

  18. Hi Ah Moi! (Stiffling laughter*) Bukan ma'am kah?

    Yeah, I have 2 part time maids on rotation basis. These are free lance and they don't work thru an agent. One of the reasons why I prefer partimers is because I don't trust those live-in ones. Like you, my wife too tell them no nid to come if they don't feel like it coz there will be the other one who would be willing to work. This way, I'm creating a competition amongst them for better service.

  19. Hahaha This is found from next door. She used to work for my neighbour oppo my hs.But then her permit expire so she went bek to indo, and then come bek on her own. So now she's working for her own permit.

    Yes, she calls me AH MOI and my hub AH BOY! Irritating like hell! She works 2 hours every mon-fri and sometimes on Sun morning for 1 hour. I pay her 350. But i think i will cut her pay, cos she dun work for 2 hours everyday and sometimes she dun wanna come on Sun.

  20. Yeah last time my live in maid favorite answers, tak tahu, tak ambik and tak buat. After nine months, send her back to Indon for good.

    Now my part time maid is better. My house is glittering everything she cleans.