Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jayden's Latest Bad Habit...

Jayden has got a new nickname given by his nanny: Ming Siew (Lil Master Ming). Why? Cos he is like a boss. He won't hold his own bottle, must carry HIM only and not other ppl, Must sit next to him and TALK to him, if sitting down to see TV must pat pat his back or his buttock. Like boss , you know...

Anyway, here are some of his pictures taken this morning. We changed his bed cos he keep banging his head on the wooden panels in his old bed frame and he just refuse to sleep in it. So we changed it to a play pen. And finally, he spent a night in his playpen alone for the whole night cos he has been sleeping with us in our queen size bed for many many months edi...

This Boss sleeping also holding the head..must be thinking of work la!

Or thinking about something sweeeeeeeet...

I dunno what is this style called...

Boss sudah bangun...see how he holds his bottle..so malas..

His bad habit starting la..

He will picit picit the nipple head so that water will come out and wet the whole bed!

Look Ma! Your bed is wet!

*sigh* My son..my son...


Here's the video of him playing with me the other day...He love to stuff things into his mouth. But Normally cannot masuk all the thing..cos his toys all big big one!


  1. Julian11:45 AM

    Sometimes Raelynne also likes to hold her head to sleep especially front part cover her eyes. Maybe sometimes too bright.

  2. Jayden must have learned the boss thingy from Leng Lui See Tau Poh Mommy..heh heh. Potential to take over your boss positionlah ;)

  3. Ming siew looks like who ah? dada or you?

  4. Jayden like Aiden. Wants to be carried, and will also cry when we leave his sight. Ha ha - u have inspired me to take Aiden's photo asleep. Let me show you how he sleeps..semua terkangkang one.

  5. You all never take care of Ming siew properly woh.. until got mosquito bite.. hmm..

  6. wah! This little boss sleeping style cute lei..feel like want to cubit him.heehee!

  7. big boss sleeping so cute......

  8. wah Jayden sleeps so stylo lar... my Darrius also always bangged his head to the wall... on his own will... and cry and do it again...

  9. Cocka: He look like uncle next door..KEKEKE he look like the combination of both mr.& mrs chan la....

    IMD: Nolah he followed his Dadi..Mami where got time to sleep?

    ZMM: yeah, brought him to warehs sale and keno mozzie bites.

    Daddies & Mommies: Lets all take pic of our kids while they're sleeping and show show!

  10. Wow, is the mommy like that also? Jayden looks so much like u. :)