Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Weird Behaviour - Part II

Here's Jayden's Latest funny-doings or whatever you wanna call it. My England not so good neh..

He likes to suck his chut chut till it sticks to the mouth like a piggy!

And then he can only sleep if you cover his face with his smelly towels or hanky.

And this is how he will react when you try to wake him up in the morning..."Jayden...good morning..." then he will close his eyes and smile so "hiau" like this.. psst!check out the lashes!

And he likes to play with his toes like this.. Notice there'e a handyplast there...dunno what happened. Suddenly like his skin ter-scraped off.. so poor thing.

And then while walking back from Babysitter's place that day, we met Aunty Tan from next door..then she saw Jayden pulling pulling his leg..."O..baby ah..sek kai pei ah? Mummy chau lei sang to yat kor di di tung lei kau la..." (Baby, eating drumstick ka? Mummy gonna give birth to another lil brother for you to play play lor".

Ai meh???


Jayden is not feeling so well lately. Been coughing and I think he has sore throat. Cough until the face became all red. So poor baby! And samo Dadi is outstation today until thursday! Just hope that Mami can tahan till Dadi comes back!

Get well soon Jayden Boy!


  1. the 4th pic... sleeping also can yam yam siu (smile) looks like having wet dream liddat... LOL.

    Anyway... now bad weather, better take extra care of ur baby.

  2. i like the photo no 2 & 3..face cover with towel and sleep...so cute & weird also lei!1st time see baby sleep like that..heehee!Get well soon Jayden & u take care also..

  3. Jayden is so cute...haha.., he must have dislike the sun...:P

    I think it must be the haze that cause all those dry throat and stuff, take care.

  4. Julian11:33 AM

    Kids will have habits one. I think most of them dont like bright bright light when sleeping. As for Raelynne, she refused to open her eyes or have very small opened eyes when we bring her outside. Once go inside the house, wah the eyes big big one. Sleeping also must be in the dark.

  5. haha so cute the way he sleep smiling and the looonggg eye lashes...

    eh if no hanky how..he will fuss about?

  6. Dadi smsed me saying tat he went to check Jayden out in nanny's hs just now. He's sound asleep.. :)

    Jazz: He will rub rub rub his face till its all red!

  7. nowadaes mia kids all lashes long long mia... :D

    btw i sore throat for weeks ledi coz of of this stupid haze... :(

  8. hahahah..i like the 4th pic, Jayden very cool liddat. Chun!!

  9. Jesslyn3:26 PM

    i feel like wanna bite his tiny kaki ler..kekeke...i love to kiss bb's kaki lar! can call me siao! LOL

  10. speedy recovery boy... like the cut cut photo la...oscar also alittle bit cough cough... sienzzzz!

  11. Ah nel:Sarawak no "leung char meh"?

    Ace: Like the environment so cooling eh?

    Jess: keke...i bite and kiss his legs everyday!

    Oscar's Mum:why ah all children also Kat Kat nowadays..

  12. Waaah...his yum yum smile is definitely a lady-killer!

  13. Jayden so cute lar...must have towel to cover his face...
    pic #4 also cute with him secretly smilling...hehehe

  14. the towel is jayden's black-out curtains la. LOL
    get well soon, jayden.

  15. got but dont reli like to drink coz too sweet... ;)

  16. Speedy recover baby,
    Eik, both my son also have the same weird habit (use blanket to cover face n sleep)

  17. 1st time I see bb cover up face liddat when sleeping, so cutelah! Oh yes, you are right, very the hiao pix of Jayden. Hope your precious gets well soon :)

  18. Cocka: Hope so ler..
    but dun be playboy enuff ler..later all the parents come and chop me.hehe

    Nyonya: yalor blackout curtains

    Rachel: Eh same Gang!

    IMD: hiao leh? heheh

    Thanks guys...hope that jayden recover soon!

  19. Haha...i love the "hiau" photo! So cute lol!