Friday, October 20, 2006

I kena Tag Again!

Aiyak! I kena Tagged by Oli...Sei lor.. Samo i Sick now.. Cannot think properly...Aiyoh! Okay Okay Here goes...

4 things many don't know:

  1. Today I'm down with running nose..*ah Choooooooooooooooo*
  2. I'm making wan tan now..who wants??!!
  3. I havent go toilet yet....
  4. I love CD lipsticks!

4 movies I could watch over and over
Errrrrrr this i have problem neh...i dun really watch movies..

4 places where I've lived

  1. Old Town , know is the femes Old Town Bak Kut Teh??
  2. Tmn Mayang, know where is the femes William Mamak?
  3. Next time- Big Big Bungalow...
  4. Future- Oztralia.. :P

4 TV shows I love

  1. CSI
  2. House
  3. Wah lai toi...chinese movies...
  4. desperate housewives..

4 places i've been for vacation

  1. Hong Kong (1st Honeymoon)
  2. Bali (2nd Honeymoon)
  3. Bangkok..
  4. Singapore..when i was 6 months preggie

4 of my favourite food

  1. Curry Mee from Sea Park PJ
  2. PORK RIB in Bubba Gump Shrimp

3.And this mee from Hong Kong..I have no idea what it is called...

4. My Mom's Home Cooked Food. Ham Yue Tak Fu Pok..Chu Kiok Chou..Yummy!!!

4 places i would rather be now:

1. Shopping in Bangkok...

2. Lying on Bali Beach...Sipping Coconut juice..

3. Watching the pigeon hole in Hong Kong..

4. And sleeping at home.. 4 favourite songs ..all because they have meaning ful lyrics..

  1. Alicia Keys...I've got you Babe..
  2. Kelly Clarkson..Walkaway
  3. Utada Hikaru..first love
  4. Luther Vandross- I'd rather..

Who I want to tag next:

Laundryamah, Jazzmint, Annie Q, and daddy Julian. I wanted to tag this fella but he last time complain he kena tag too many times..This fella pulak better berjaga-jaga..amah sure tag u wan.. u see la..



  1. Wuahaha..Lucky me!! Didn't kena tag. I dun like do tag, lols

  2. Kakaka..hope amah blur blur lidat kenot see ler!!!

  3. Jesslyn2:22 PM

    ooi, this tag we played long time ago lor...jazzmint kena too! Wind blow back again kah? LOL

  4. Why u sick? Aiyo, poor mommy..
    Hmm...sasha very pretty and sexy hor!

  5. alamak..old tag...gotta dig and send u the link hehe...

  6. This tag kena long long time liao.. Now your turn.. :P

    Eh.. now can see Jayden looks like you.

  7. LOL... luckily I manage to escape this time... phewwwww~~~!!!

  8. Gosh, you're one hot mama! And so "guai" also to "answer" the tags!

  9. Julian11:57 AM

    Wahliauuuuu! Didnt go online for 3 days terus kena tagged liaW!

  10. Pork Ribs???? Yummy Yumm wonder me still so faat...errrrr

  11. U still slimlah, where got fat? But Mr.Chan put on some weight, looking at the wedding pix :)

  12. Leng lui mommy, you are so pretty. hihi...:P

    I also kena the tag before I think.

  13. Ooo..speedy recover leng lui, cos I coming to your way..hehehee

  14. why the wedding photo senget one side geh? rock the bed too hard last night ah?

  15. I always have this thought that if i hang my wedding picchure on the wall behind my bed, one fine day it's gonna fall on my face in my sleep. U say i silly onot.... duhhh