Thursday, February 15, 2007

What a "tiring" night!

Although its sooooooooooooooooooooo tiring, i enjoyed it very much *wink*

While i was heading home i smsed my Big C.
S: Babe
C: Yes Babe
S: Where
C: Economy Rice
S: What u toking.
C: Going to customer place before go home.
S: ?????

Was trying to tease me that we're eating economy rice for Valentine's Dinner..apalah

So headed home and tried to use alternative way to go home. Just to check out how long it will take for my new working place to reach home. It's quite okay and I "think" I can reach home in time to pick Jayden up next time when my working hours will be from 8.30 -6.00. Anyway, got home and Big C came home not long. He came home and gave me a bear hug and gave me a a card. Simple and nice card. Then he said, let's go dinner. So all of us changed into nice nice clothes and we thought of going to Giant Mall to mam-mam secret recipe then after that can go for cny shopping (again). Stuck in the LDP jam and we masuk-ed into the lorong lorong and end up behind Giant Mall and we saw a "steakhouse". Mana Tau in front of the steakhouse takde drove drove further, Big C saw "Charisma" Mediterranian restaurant we thought of checking out the menu cos none of us (including Jayden) ate Med food before. I'm like bodoh standing outside and checking out the menu..Both C's already seated! Malufying betul!

So we had our dinner and snapped some pics. Will Share em in my son's blog. Anyway, the drink included in the set was called "Sangria". Wine cocktail. I took a sip and straight away i said "NO" or else no body will take care of Jayden later. So big C sapu-ed all the Sangria and after dinner he asked me to drive. His face was abit "reddish" already when we headed to Giant Mall. Checked out FOS and a few stalls there and he told me he cannot tahan anymore, need to go home. So we fastfast run towards our car and someone tried to stop me to sell something and i just told her "sorry i can't stop to listen to you. I gotto send my drunk husband home!" And she was like.."Oh Faster Faster!" Hahahhahahah So while i drove, he was giggling. Adoi! My Big C can drink but I have no idea why he got drunk so easily this time. He told me " you know babe, i think you spiked my drink." I was like "Ah? I spike your drink? What for? After spiked you'll only lie down there and kaki kangkang only". Then he began to laugh and we both laughed and Jayden laughed too! Hahahahha

Once reached home, in to the toilet straight away. BUEK!!! BUEKKK!!!! Wow! Never seen him like this before. I Gave him a T and Cap from Nike [NO, Firehorse, this is not for Val's day. it's for errr.....CNY only] he was happy and he went to BUEKK!! BUEKKK!! again. And he went to bed with the shirt and jeans and no bath! (i hope he bath this morning before he head off to work-but i doubt it!) So one C down another to go.

The small C enjoyed the night like as if he is celebrating Valentines Day. He was babbling and shouting and laughing loudly in the restaurant. Reminder: please don't bring a small baby into a restaurant during Valentines Day. It was like as if Jayden was a reminder to those that was planning to "enjoy" that night, remember to take precaution or DON'T DO IT! Muahahhaha But you can see the 2 couples around us, one guy was staring at Jayden and commenting about what he was doing (silly things) and was like drooling. Obviously he wants to get married. Another couple, the girl requested to change place with the bf so that she can look at Jayden. She basically stare at him and not the bf. Sorry Mr.BF!

So everyone went to bed. Sorry to disappoint you guys who thought "tiring" was having "fun" punya tiring. But no.....was awaken by something at 4.30 am. Someone woke up and "on" the tv. Both Big C and I was shocked to see Jayden was up, holding the remote control and pointing it at the tv. Alamak! His eyes was like so big! Big C still abit hung he went to lalaland straight. And I gotto pat the lil monster's buttock for 1 hour! Until i gave up, then he went to lalaland..(this is too much!!!haha). By 730am i tried to wake him up by tickling his nipples, he just laughed and sleep back. Adoi! So i sent a sleepy head to the nanny and this is the first time he's sleeping while i sent him to nanny's.

So you say tiring night or not? Damn sleepy now.


  1. u very pandai cerita la....
    By the way Happy belated Valentine.. hehehehe

  2. Wowow.. quite happening also wor your V Day!!! So Big C drunk cannot hv project for Small S lor..:D

  3. haha, u purposely lead ppl to think that way then oni say it's not.... :P
    anyhow, happening jugak... better than mine... Tecky work until 9pm... wahaha...

  4. Wah, very happening ler :D

  5. WHAO, the Sagria drink so "keng" one ar.... hehe... lucky u never drink. U better than me man was just too busy to get me anything. *Sigh*

  6. haha..very farney valentine's night. But u did njoy it so much even u're so ttttiirriiinnngggg...hehe

  7. Waooh, more like a family day wor! hahaha!

    Jayden was sooo cute to wake up midnite to watch cartoon ahh? hehehe!

  8. Eh, itu tee shirt aaa, selupa wa punya anak punya tee shirt wor? Lu bili sama tempat ah? Hahaha!

    Hope you had a great Valentine's! =)

  9. Must be at least 10 rounds one.. but didnt reveal details only... kekkeke...

  10. ya la...pandai cerita la you

  11. wah - u guys so rajin to go out and makan. I got stuck outside Midvalle for 1 hour just truing to get home after picking the girls

  12. babykhong5:25 PM

    According to daddykhong, not many couple with children eating at the restaurant during Valentine's Day..most of them youngsters. Hahah...he should have spotted you guys then!

  13. Aiyo, so cute de ur family. Haha!

  14. kekeke..sangria so powerful eh..did u try any of the tapas..i love med food, esp the one at bangsar, forgot what's the name.

  15. wahahaha... what a memorable V-Day you have there! Jaden sure know how to have a greay time!