Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How does a scape goat taste like?

A bit bitter...

A bit hard to chew...

A bit hard to swallow...

But what the heck..

People cook for you, just take it la! Since S already resigned of cos will get this kinda treatment. But S felt like its not professional of the current boss to push the blame to her subordinate.

S boss , lets call her X is a very Dominant and likes to control every single thing in her dept. All the invoices must go thru her hands, must checked again and again, and then she will write which account to bill and pass it back to her subordinates to raise payments

One time, the agency reverted the figures wrongly and asked S to fastfast order one of the item cos they have backlog deliveries to send out. Said the stocks is at 0 level liao. So S the very efficient fastfast ordered 300pcs of the blardy tupperware. But then 2 days later the agency reverted again and this time the figures changed again. The first attachment was a wrong figure and guess what? They have 200 pcs of that tupperware in the warehouse

So S fastfast call the supplier to cancel the order. You know what? The supplier said already printed the tupperware, which is bullshit la. Knowing all the suppliers around, they wont be so efficient wan la. Taking the tupperware in from China also need at least 1 or 2 weeks time. How come can print already??? yiutell me? Then cannot cancel lor. Then S fastfast go and see the X and X say it's okay la..Cost only 2K ma..We take in and use for other promotions la

Since we have 200pcs of the current tupperware in our warehouse, its impossible to bring in another 300 pcs right? So X advised to keep with the supplier first while we raise payment. Then she sign her name nice nice on the invoice and told S to raise payment. S, being a small kuci rat executive of cos follow la

Now, X called E(another colik) and S into the room and asked "WHO ORDERED THIS TUPPERWARE? SAMO ORDERED 300PCS!!! WHO RAISED PAYMENT

E looked at S, S looked at E. They both know..This time, the goat have to telan bulat bulat without removing the skin, the fur, the intestines, the eyeballs. Everything telan..and nearly tercekik

E tried to go round and round the bush, trying to push back the story to the boss, but of coz,, Boss cannot loose face. S also tried to do it but gave up. Nevermind la..Resigned already, sure get this kinda shit wan la

S knows there's more to come. It's gonna be a lonnnggggg 2 months. And nope..until now there's no news on when they're gonna release her. Sian.


  1. aiyor.. why all RED one?
    hurt my eyes :P
    just take it lor... dream of better days ahead :)

  2. no news no news, 2 months up u cabut only lor. resigning is always like that one lah. But I believed that there's no point arguing or this or that because if u work at another place, they will do reference check at ur previous company and ask how u are while working there.

    I got colleague who make noise before leaving and arguing with boss, then when do reference check, of course boss will tell the other company about u fighting with boss lah apa lagi.

  3. Wah...CNY coming, ur blog also "ang ang" ar? Nice la.

    Tell urself lor, 2 months very fast one. Don't be sad la.

  4. Oh dear me.. sabar ajelah...

  5. wah!so red red!
    Patient and be patient!!"yan yan yan" two months very fast one...blink blink time flies!

  6. Walao, why X has to do that? E is her subordinate ma. X doesnt need to do any explanation wat? Maybe is to make u look bad in front of E? Erm, soli ar.. rub salt to the wound pualk. Choy choy choy.. CNY is around the corner. Go prepare more ang-ang-angpow la. :P

  7. Most of the boss dunwan admit their fault one lah, like my ex-comapny mia boss. U resign jor, just dun care so much lah, like me now just do what I like only.

  8. i can feel the heat all the way over here....really hot hot time of the year!!

  9. Poor thing! Your side also 2 months' notice huh? Just blog more lor...

  10. Esther4:34 PM

    Sasha, 'Bai Ren Cheng Jin'!!Patient patient..........

  11. sit back relax and do nothing... buta buta take the salary for another 2 months and dun gif them fark ler... take it easy baybeh

  12. Relax, Sabar..sabar!! Dun do anything beside blogging. kekeke

  13. Have to be patient la. It's always the case. Once you resigned, you are like the 'enemy' already :D

  14. beckysmun9:43 PM

    Got X's signature what!!!! X also cannot run away mah... This kind of people, how can be a boss ah???! only know bully orang! Nevermind, 2 months very fast one!

  15. Sometimes hor I really dunno wat all the superior think. The reason why ppl reason is because she don't like the job anymore lar why he/she summore wan to force ppl to stay? Is ok Sasha be patience I'm sure god will know n will let X telan the cow :P

  16. That's life la my dear.. everybody oni knows how to cover their own asses and point the finger at someone else... Damn sienzzz

    Psst psst U hv been tag okie

    I lup U!!!!

  17. Wei, cannot cabut early meh? Here ar, we just give 2 weeks notice. But there are some chiplak companies (like the one I'm with) has a written contract stating they can terminate employees anytime w/o notice. That also means we can cabut anything w/o notice..hehe.

  18. Sasha, resign already also cannot let people make scapegoat out of you mah! Actually, in my opinion, resign already, easier to speak your mind lei. No ah? :)
    I think I would if I had already handed in my resignation. Speak my mind truthfully but nicely and see the old boss wakes up to himself or not.

  19. Cannot stay long have many places to visit, sorry, just drop by to say Happy Valentine's Day and muah to Jayden.

  20. pity sasha need to telan the goat! pray for no more! good luck! ^.^

    btw, can't really understand how come the company die die oso want ppl to give 2 mths notice. Ppl oso got no heart to stay and the productivity sure low rite?! :P

  21. Next time, don't be so efficient yeah. Hehehehe...:P

    Why still haven't release u/her? HR sleeping ah?