Monday, February 12, 2007

Tagged Again?!

U know what? I got tagged again! This time by kittycat pulak. WHY ME!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhahahah She wanna know 10 things I suka about my other half's state. Which is mine..same same!!

1. Warehouse sale everywhere, anytime around the year!
Muahahahaha My other half also loves to go to warehouse sales! So i have kaki la to go shopping with me...only warehouse sale ah! Not shopping malls and when u wanna pay, he's already outside of the shop. Hahahaahha

2. In the middle of everything.
We stay in Pj. In between North and South. So where we wanna go, either just turn left or turn right. Hahaha (like as if everyone dun turn left or right..oh yah! forgot tim...) Go straight also.

3. No Kampung to go during festive season.
Kakakaka. But we go travelling lor. Cos his family plans to go together-gether to last year go A Famosa then recently went to Penang. This chinese new year tarak pigi mana mana. So gonna see where my family gonna go and maybe wanna tag along. So no fix kapung for us..

4. Near to our family.
Yeap! This is my fav...cos sometimes i read from other blogs..they rant that they only get to see thier family members once in a year or something like dat. For me, i get to see them every weekend and sometimes more. I get to eat my mum's home cooked food. Yum Yum! And you know what is the best? My mom, dad and sis will help to take care of Jayden while i just laze around. hahahhaha

5. Our house.
Our house is small like toufu, and located in a freehold land. So easy to take care and not worried that we'll run out of time (not that i will live up to 99 yrs old). But the sense of belongingness ma..

6. Shopping Malls.
Do i need to say more?

7. Macam Macam ada...
As in food la..Everything pun ada...go straight turn left.. you will end up in SS2...lots and lots of food.

8. Easy transportation.
Our house is located near (not THAT near like next door) LRT. So even if we don;t have a car..we can take LRT. But sudah bertahun -tahun since we went up the LRT. Maybe one of these days I'll bring Jayden for a ride.

9. Many Choices.
Of everything! U dun like Jusco, go Parkson. Dun wan Parkson, Go Giant, Tesco, Ikea all also near near only..Easy la..

10. Speak Same Language
We both got to know each other thru internet chat when he was in UK and I was in PJ. And he reads my blog..(My Fan la). So when i blih bleh about blogging and chatting he knows what I'm Talking about lor!

Okay la ...Something like dat la. I also dunno what I'm Talking about..Monday ma.,.Abit Siao.

Not gonna tag anyone..cos i'm soooo late in submitting this assignment. And moreover those that have "other half" is so busy preparing for CNY and those that is free to do this tag..Dun have "other half". How?

Cikgu kittycat..ini boleh ka?


  1. Lu mia rumah mesti kat Tmn Tun punya.!! Betut ka?

  2. thanks for doing it, Ms Sasha! So wonderlah you always talk about warehouse sales. The only ones we have in Penang is chocolates and that also Vochelle, which isn't very popular :P

    Can ask your warehouse manager if they wanna come up to Penang ah? I can be their agent and then can be WAHM!!! Happy CNY ya!