Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nadia's Scrap

Look! Look! Look at what Nadia did to Jayden's picture! So nice right???? *sigh* Very shy scrap compared to this, mine looks like rojak! Hahahaha Anyway i was telling Nadia that I might not be able to msn, blog and of cos scrap when I'm in my new place. So now have to blog all I can. I will still blog in my son's blog cos i need to update the ppl in overseas about Jayden's status once in a while.

I'm very surprised to received 2628 comments up to now. It's the first time ever i received so many comments in a day time. I didn't expect people to read my ngamngamchamcham(grumblings). Anyway, you guys made my day! :)

So, just wanna make u some of you guys laff (if you click at the video below and let it load for long long time and look at what my son's latest funny doing. Warning- takes forever to load) and *sigh* you gotto make yr screen very very bright to be able to see this videos. Damn..need to change camera *blink blink to Big C*.

See that he put the handfone behind his head...over shot his ears..hahah And he did the "berak" action again..trying to press hard hard like his "opening rambutan" act the other day, just like the picture in Nadia's scrap up there.

Came across Angeleyes's post today about the baby died because tercekik(choked) on the pacifier. It gave me the chills man...coz Jayden is addicted to his pacifier. He won't cry if there's none but once he sees one, he will crawl towards it, pick it up and put it into his mouth. He can handle his pacifier very well, but not his food. Why ah? Here's the video taken this morning. Was teasing him with his chut chut. I guess after reading about the news, i wanna make him sucking pacifier. First, it's dangerous.Second, cos his top teeth is coming out. Scared that he will have bunny teeth and make him more ugly than now. Third, I hate the fact that sometimes he drops it on the floor when we're out. Forth, I guess it's time already.....or....maybe...perhaps I should let him wait till he is 1 yr old? hehe


  1. Wah.. so nicely done the scrap book.. Nadia is good huh?

  2. Phewwit, leng lui, I've just tagged you on a new meme I created! Hope you'll do itlah...your state/hubby's/Jayden's also can.

  3. Wah ur new template so nice really ngam u. Well, talking bout the news my hubby also told me just and first time he commented that we have to becareful looking after our kids :D

  4. wei... changed new temp again ah? can send me the link to all these nice temp ah? i also want to change la... hehe, really took forever to download the video... until my line putus liow also tarak..

  5. Glad that you like the scrap. =)

    Nways, I think we'll have to stop Irfan from sucking his pacifier too. He's also like J, doesn't cry if he doesn't get it, but if he's restless masa tidur, he'd want the pacifier to put him back to sleep. Hrmmmmmmm.... how ah?

  6. i was shaken by the news too, somemore baby have to suffer 1 + 1/2 hours tercekik like that.... :(

    wei, i like this post... all because of the video of u sucking chutchut.... wahahaha..... :D

  7. hahaha..this is the "game" that i always play with my sons.Sucking the jut jut and they will come and snap it back.And when they lose, they will start screaming and hitting me!