Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mr Koala

Sorry Guys. I really dun have energy to reply comments but I have seen each and every one of it cos it comes direct to my email ya. Thank you!

Anyway, like how I've mentioned yesterday ,my son has turn into a Koala Bear.

He don't want to touch the floor
He refused to let you off his side.
He will not let you sit and carry him.
He will not let you lie down next to him. He will pull yr hand and ask you to stand up and carry him.
He want you to carry him while you're wearing your clothes.
He want you to carry him and make his milk
He wants you to carry him and cook.
You pangsai he wanna follow you in.
You bath he wanna go into the toilet with you.
He wakes up in the middle of the night and throw his pacifier out and CRY. Asking you to come into the playpen and sleep.
He wont watch his Barney without you holding him.
He wont play by himself without you holding one of the toys and interact with him.

Anyone? Anyone hear me suffering? I'm trying to hang on today at work. Cannot take too much MC. The mind is not working, the back is painful like its breaking. The head is spinning around *singing Kylie Minoque's Spinning Ard now*. The chest is painful and I just vomited but I'm not pregnant.

You're wondering how come I'm doing everything myelf. Where's da MAN? He was asleep..sound asleep for two days after he popped in Panadols, he is down with flu. When I got back from Vietnam, he twisted his neck because of "too much moving around with Jayden". So he can't move fast and turn his head unless his body turn first. Abit ike Robocop. If I shout "Faster" It takes him so long to reflect to what I've said. More of like I'm saying "come.........". So can you imagine me with my diarrhea and him with his head twisted and Jayden wailing and shouting all at the same time?????. One word=Havoc!

Last night after cooking my chinese sausage with eggs, and veges, I placed it on the table. And while I went out to make milk, the lil one followed me. I turn around he was holding the plate up high in the air ,single handed. The eggs with sausage was already on the floor. And he was about to throw the plate down, I shouted "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO". He stopped and looked at me. I said "Give it to me!". Immediately he obliged while blinking his eyes and gave me the plate. And then I just walk off and said "Come with me". Wuah immediately he cried. And then he refused to budge, I gotto guide him into the room and he stopped at the door. I sat down and said "Come sit here. And he cried again like I baru cekik him!

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"M SO TIRED!!!


  1. Ahhh that explains your message in the Gmail lah. Poor girl. Hang in there. When everything well already, go pamper yourself a good massage and spa.

    Hope everything will back to order soon.

  2. i think if i'm you, i blow up oledi...
    and wtf, dun care lar, u need rest then u take mc and go home rest lar... lidat stay at work also no use, u susah oni

  3. wahhhhh... one word i can say too.
    "HAVOC" !!!
    I can understand this definitely. I experience this quite often. So, just hang on. Be patient and wish the day ends with lots of laughter and smiling. Have to think like that if not u suffer. All the best my friend ;)

  4. Oh-my-gawd! I'm so sorry it's such a havoc at home. I hope things do get better soon. Take care, woman! And if you can't handle it, get someone to help lah?

    After this, swipe HL's credit card for a massage and spa session. :)

  5. Pity u, don't worry is normal for a kid to stick to their parents when they just recovered from sick. I know how u feel now. Try to take some rest when Jayden is sleep ok !

    Take care !

  6. adoi........

    so pitiful. men and chewren can be sick.

    moms cannot. at least Lil J is better la...

  7. u are indeed super mom !!.. hope everything will be fine soon ..

    take care ...

  8. babykhong2:03 PM

    I really can feel your's like that when he is just recovered. Hang on there...

  9. Wuah... I can feel your tireness man. Take it easy. Me also going bonkers, all my comments in all the blogs except Allyfeel's have gone into Cyberspace and cannot be found, so sien typing comments over and over again... bleh!

  10. Oh boy..!! can get your mom to come help or not..?? Try not to cook.. and minimise all the housework .. so that you can get some rest .. :)
    Take care.. and speedy recover to everyone.

  11. You wan to hire ah4 anot? I rekoment!

  12. Hang in there super mom!This will over soon. Jayden just recover he will more clingy.I understand how u feel and i can feel ur stress too, i gone through this and it's with double!! Think of me worst than u!
    Take care ya!

  13. Ya most kids become koala bear after recover, dunno why like dat??

    if me in your shoes now, i will sit next to him and no do other house chores lor...good excuse mah! LOL

    Take care hor!

  14. sick kid is like that one, Even get well liao also will have that for few days...

  15. one word for u :'PATIENT'; everythg will be fine very soon.

  16. OMG... I thought the worst is over. Hang in there Sasha. You are all on recovery stage. Maybe get yr sis to help with some housework etc? How to juggle all these alone?? Plsss.. if need be, just take one day off, no choice wat.. take a good rest at home, then come back u'll be more productive. Take care...

  17. Oscar's Mommy5:44 PM

    aiyah... anak not well hubby also not well... so cham la you. hang in there and you take care too.. take a day or two off la... then yr body can rest. cheers and *hugsss to you and jayden*

  18. Hey...just hang in there, ok? The lil one is obviously very manja after his illness. Get lots of rest when lil J is resting. *hugs*

  19. i understand ur tiredness...hang in there and everything to be fine soon, Good luck! :-)

  20. Poor you. Get some rest ya tonight?

  21. Aiyor kesian dadi n mami ..

    Take good care of urself yeah n rest when u hav the time ..

    Hopefull everything will be ok ..

    Psst if need help can call me ok .. since i stay near near only :D

  22. I know, I know, I understand how tired u are. Kids are like dat, always clingy when they are not feeling well. What to do? Just be a little patient with Little Jayden and don't overstress urself. Just take leave and be with him and u need rest urself too. Kisses and hugs to u and Little Jayden.

  23. nvm lar. no need to reply comments ler. just continue blogging to let us know Jayden's progress enough d.

    Must have been hard. Really havoc. But this is the challenge that will draw u all closer. I know the price is really really painful but it'll all be worth it. :) Acquire another immunity to another pathogen mar. I am such a medical geek.

    Anyway, I hope everything gets well soon. Press on. *shouts loud loud* GAM BA TEEEHHHHHHHH!!!! YOU CAN DO ITTT!!!!!!

    want me to bring out pom poms or not?

  24. Oh dear dear, sooooo sorry to hear that!! But i guess that's part & parcel of our kids growing up, we all have been there once or twice or more so we do share your feelings!

    Once d episode is over, go indulge yourself in a good spa with yr sorry to say it now but i've just done a good one today coz it's my man's big day.....check out in my blog(on d recommendn) when u happen to hop over!!


  25. used old style...he cry let him cry as when he tired he wil stop... ;)

  26. again... the bliss in being a mommy...

    but everyone has his and in your case... her limits... dont push yourself too much... take time to recharge.

  27. Hang in there. And go to bed the same time as small C.

    The Koala phase will soon be over.

    Take care.

  28. the wonders of being a parent....
    Babies are always just so innocent..
    and even though they end up doing something stupid, as a parent you'll have to love them more... When he grows up and becomes a rebelious teen, you look back and say "That's My Boy"

  29. Glade to hear your son getting better, do takecae of yourself too.

  30. Anonymous8:31 AM

    dear sasha,

    please be patient, toddler tend to be more sticky after they sick. hopefully this situation wont last long. hope that all of you get well soon. it will always be a "A Better Tommorrow"

  31. Gosh...cries from a suffering Mum! This is really obvious that Jayden misses you a lot when you MIA in Vietnam. Kids are smart, they tend to notice some one close to them went missing for a few days. When they see you, it's like "Where have you been? I do not want you go away again. Let me be your baby Koala wherever you go."

    Actually, if I were you. I'll get a baby pack. I rather have him as a baby kangaroo. See! My hands are free to do what I want :P

    P/s: Get your hubby or yourself a tube of "Voltaren Emulgel" from the nearest pharmacy. It did help me when I have acute backache. :)

  32. Poor girl - I feel so sorry for you. Mebbe he's still manja from his episode at the hospital. My boy also abit like this (not as extreme)and sometimes I just let him cry and ignore him.. Bad hor?

  33. poor jayden, poor mommy, poor daddy. no one lend some help meh? u sounded like u really need extra hands there. i know i would. lately brandon has been clinging to me too. carry him here there inside the house. let him down, he koala bear me by my hip, if he is walking around, he came to me, he ask to be carried. my right armpit area now pain ... i think carrying him too much on my right side.

  34. kasihan you la sasha..hope jayden will outgrow this habit soon..

  35.'s lidat one. Last time my son won't allow me to sleep also in the hospital. He will sleep only with me hugging him. Talking abt the breaking back, I know what u mean. Take care yea.

  36. Hi Sasha,

    I'm your fan-see and your blog's phantom reader. *paiseh* I read your blog all the time. You have to hang in there. Better take good care of yourself. Jayden and Big C need you very very much. Get well soon so that I can read ur post that entertains me all the time.

  37. Look on the bright side. In a few years' time, he will morph from being a koala to not wanting anything to do with you, then you'll wish he was a koala all over again.
    Hang in there. Things will be better soon.

  38. I know how u feel. I was like that too for the past few days. But yesterday, I went out to pamper myself.

  39. i say like everyone say lar, hang in there. he has just been 'traumatised', try meditating, uummmmmm...uummmmmm....uuummmmm....

  40. i'm so sorry to read about jayden's illness and how tired you are..i've a 6-months old and he gets sick often. once we didn't sleep for more than a week and i felt really close to the edge already! now one month later, baby's finally getting 100% better. it's been's been HELL. hopefully things'll get better for you, husband and jayden too...all the best..

  41. chinnee8:23 PM

    nice reading yur blog!

    just enjoy your koala, before u know, he'll grow up very soon and u'll be missing him.