Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jayden...Oh! Jayden....

*shake head*

I very pening kepala.

See how happy my guy is? I just wish that I'm him sometimes. No matter what happened around him, the most important thing to him is his milk, his porridge, his snacks, his Barney show, and most of all his pacifier. Like totally no worries at all. Noticed that there's a red dot on his forehead? It was a mozzie bite. Unfortunately he scratched this mozzie bite and caused some bacteria to go inside the wound and caused this skin infection called IMPETIGO. (I dunno if its called this name or not butI did a google search and this was the closest and so happened he really did have a wound before this)

It started around that mozzie bite, then it went to his neck. At first I thought it was just plain rashes until it became and outbreak spread to other parts of the body and worst of all the red dots contains water and it looked like chic pox! So we brought him to the doctor and doctor confirmed it was just bacteria infection.So now he gotto bath with Dettol shower cream and sometimes I wipe him with Dettol diluted with water. And applied the antibiotic cream and calamine lotion to the dots. See sapu his whole body with calamine lotion he buat dunno only. Just wanna watch his Barney.

And also ask for nen nen!

Noticed that there's a cut on the left eye lid? It was a darn close call. He knocked his face on the side table in someone's house cos he wanted to play with the telephone. But he tripped and fell. It happened so fast we cannot even hold him in time. Aiyoh!

I tell you, he is extremly fast! The other day, I took off his diaper and tot to let him go diaperless. So while I was preparing his porridge, I saw him playing in front of the fridge. I turn around and I saw him playing with some kicap on the floor. In my mind I was thinking," Aiyah broke some container and spill on the floor!". Then I opened my eyes wider. SHIT!!! He was playing with his SHIT giggling at the same time!!! He was spreading shit on the floor and trying to use the shit to create some masterpiece on the floor. *pengsan*

Anyway I just hope that he will recover from this rashes thinggy and get ready for our phuket trip. I bet he look very cute in his swimming trunk!


  1. i just want ot be the first here. If not, Sasha wanna sue me. Damn kesian the boy... itchy itchy but cute!
    Pok pek pok pek

  2. EstherL4:02 PM

    Ethan also love Barney, his daddy promised to buy one for him. so i can get it from Tor R Us rite? hehe..

  3. Aiyo yo dat Jayden boy of urs. Dunno whether to laugh or to kesian him when I look at the pics with the lotion all over him.

    Alamak, he played with his shit and did some masterpiece on the floor summore? HoHoHo! Smart boy, smart boy! *faster run away before Mommy comes after me*

  4. Your boy is seriously cute!! The shit story is seriouslyyy funny.. I've a nephew who was always up to mischief, and when his sister was small he opened his pampers full of shit and let the little sister play with it, and the 10-month-old sister nearly put it into her mouth for a yuckyuck-snack but luckily we caught them in time!

    And hope your Jayden will get well soon. U're a tough mummy, getting through all this in a stride!

  5. Nevermind Jayden boy auntie sayang you ok! you still look cute eventhough you with lotion all over your face and body.

    Jayden good boy ok! Mummy and daddy will bring you for holiday soon :)

  6. aiyo, u apply too much cream la sasha! make sure he will not touch it and lick his hand hor! poor boy!

  7. *pengsans*

    i really pengsans!

    my no.2 got impetigo when he was 1 months old. my no.1 also played with his shit, in my bedroom.

    so i know what u r going thru! I hope u will have relaxing time in phuket. don't try to do too much ah...just chill n relax!

  8. fortunately didn't hurt his eye la..

    come and visit my blog :

  9. Oh my god! Kesian you! Hopefully J will get well soon. :)

    And that berak story is so funnylah! Hahahaha...

  10. Oscar's Mommy5:51 PM

    poor j... fever then rash.. *hug hug* and you too... dont stayed up all nite ok *hug hug* to you too. eh go phuket ah shiok nya.

  11. I dunno to say aiyoh, so kesian first or say, aiks, smelly, I run far far first. So, yeah, I hear you.

  12. ei, you put so much 'nanti' Jayden become baby santa lor.

  13. mom2ashley7:39 PM

    he looks so kesiang with all the white patches on his face...

  14. haha.. funny boy ur jayden. play wif his shit? luckily u caught him in time, if not he smears it here and there then u really pengsan ahh..

  15. poor Jayden. The whole face is full of cream - so cute.

    So funny with the shit story. So far, Malaika has not use shit to do masterpiece. :)

    Get well soon. little Jayden.

  16. Still not recover everything?

  17. Oh my.. poor Jayden..!! my heart also pain... see him liddat..!! speedy recovery ya.. Jayden..!
    Donch forget .. chloe wants to see your handsome face.. ;)

  18. Gosh...bacterial infections can cause the body to have rashes? Luckily, he was not having other symptoms such as fever, body ache, vomiting or else it would be real dangerous.

    Anyway, take good care of him always. And the shitty business...kids are real creative when it comes to new play things :P

    Take care ya! :)

  19. No pictures of Jayden in the process of creating his 'masterpiece'? That'll be a priceless photo tau! :D

  20. aiyo...itu muka macama hantu LOL...poor thing, hope he gets well soon...where did he got infected with that? Nanny's place?

  21. Aiyoh...poor Jayden, white patches all over. Looks so kesian...
    U never take pics of the shit masterpiece ar? so when he grow older, can show him mah!! hahaha

  22. beter u soak him in a pale of powder...so kiasu put cream til lyk tat...LOL

    anyway hope he revcover soon... ;)

  23. ha ha....wonder how lil J react when he sees himself in d mirror, put red nose & lipstick...resemble mr. clown edi !!

    luckily am not eating when hear d shit stories.....and double lucky i've never encountered such shit experience......funny but yuck,yuck,yuck !!!

  24. Poor Jayden, hope he will recover from the rash soon. Are you sure it's impetigo?

  25. papajoneh : Oi write like i ask u to comment like dat. Next time dun tell u edi

    EstherL : Yeah 49.90

    Tracy : Hehe next time he do a card for u with his master piece ok

    BabyBooner : Thank you! He look much better without the calamine lotion.omg open the diaper and play shit? heheh

    Desperate Mummy : I hope so too

    Jesslyn : Eh this calamine lotion is watery wan wor. memang sapu like this wan

    mott : *pengsans* I know u hear me woman!

    huisia : Went edi lor

    Nadia : i hope so too!

    Oscar's Mommy : i wanna hug too Uwa!!!

    5xmom.com: i know u know how i felt...u have 4 to experiment. so u shud know how i felt

    1+2mom : its memang sapu like dat wan la

    mom2ashley : Kesian hor?

    khai khee : Luckily he never eat it!

    Malaika's mummy : Hahaha Thanks!

    Kenny Ng : Not yet la Kenny. I no more energy edi

    Mama BoK : Jayden said: Okay aunty mamabok!

    CRIZ LAI : Thanks Thanks!

    moby : AH! i gotto hold his hands and he was struggling to play with his shit. Samo wanna go and take picture? *pengsan*

    jazzmint: God knows where he got infected.

    blur_mommy : Hahaha take picture? *pengsan*

    ah nel : i soked him in dettol ma

    Jacss : Clown! haha

    IMMomsDaughter : Yeah pretty sure cos she gave him antibiotics cream and med also.

  26. aiyo! i read ur post i also wana pengsan!

  27. muahahahaa..playing with shit is funny although very smelly. sometimes just gotta be faster than jayden :D hope the rashes wil go away soon.

  28. Hope the rashes getting better now...
    Have a good holiday in Phuket ya...

  29. Aiyoo..poor Jayden! So many spots.

  30. alamak - poor jayden. errr do you think that you've swiped too much calamine lotion? anyhow, I pray pray that "tee kong poh pee" Jayden and your family. Amen !

  31. Aiyoyo! Jayden play with shit? Eeee...smelly-smelly!!

  32. Poor boy.. like Cambodian liao.. lots of white white thing on the face.

    Is he better now?

  33. oh mine ... kena infection. i know there so much mosquitoes one. got use those mosquitoes repellent at home or not? i heard got candles that you burn then can halau those mossies away one.

    aiyo ... not kicap but his big business. lucky you realized it soon enough. or else if he put his hand in his mouth then oooh oooh.

  34. eh, rowena seems to have the same thing the last 2 days

  35. hahahahha.... sorry but i had to laugh! he looks so cute, dot here dot there!