Thursday, May 26, 2011


Jayden told me last night:

"how come there's no soup. I need old cucumber soup. Egg soup is NOT nice. Mami, your cooking is not nice. Poh Poh's cooking is nice"

And I am not offended with what he said. Why ah ? Maybe no energy left. Or maybe I myself admit that my cooking is not nice. hehe or Probably I thought to myself.. "hey... if i can say that his writing is not nice.. why can't he say my cooking is not nice right?"

Fair enough.

And we went to Pasar Malam and I asked him "so jayden what do you wanna buy at the pasar malam?"

and he replied "OLD CUCUMBER! you must remember to buy old cucumber and make soup for me ah. You don't make the egg soup anymore. It's NOT nice!"

Ah well.. and so we went and he really make sure we bought the old cucumber.

No prize for guessing correctly what is for dinner tonight. :)


  1. Old cucumber soup is really tasty, my two daughters also like this soup.

  2. Old Cucumber? or Old Melon? loe wong kwa.. or loe chen kwa? :)
    As for my kids, they love the holey holey lotus... lin ngau plus groundnuts soup...

  3. Old this soup.

  4. Good boy
    He can voice out what he wants