Monday, March 01, 2010

I survived my first week

being maidless.

I am still working until end of this month. After that, I'll see how. Not having an income really scares me. But for my kids, what to do. Not like someone is going to offer and make it easier :P.

I was alone with the kids in the noon. To make it worst, both kids were sick. Not enough, "aunty" came....*sigh*  So first few days, JD didn't go to sch. So no rushing around being a driver. The 3rd day, he went to sch. So how I work? I dunno. I just know that somehow I managed to finish my work and even went for a few hours meeting while BigC babysit J 

Friday was a holiday. Enjoy right? N-O.

On Thu-Friday midnight, JD complaint that his ear was "broken" and he want us to bring him to the hospital. So off we went to Hosp at 1am and dididada, we came home at around 3.30am. Holiday ma.. can rest right? NO... by 7 am he was crying again , saying he need to go see Yenjai. So I brought him and went to see yenjai and he advised us to go for the specialist. But since it was a Public Holiday, all specialist was on holiday. So we fed him medicine and distracted him by talking and asking him question.

Then we gotto follow Big C for some product demo and I was left taking of the kids. So what I did? Fed and then make them sleep in the stroller. I can never sleep in public but that day I slept on the table. Wuah.... really konked out.

Sat came and it was the 14th day of cny. Big C wanted to invite his side of family over for makan-makan. I know! It's crazy but I already did for my side of family when the "guest" was around and so since its ending of cny... do only la. I cooked from 2pm till 6pm. Cleaned the 2nd living room and gotto rush and bath the kids before the "real guest" came. And I managed to wash up. So everything was done and ready when the guest came and they said my food is nice. Secret is.... *whisper* starve them. Then everything is nice! *joking joking*

Sunday came and left like lightning. It was the 15th day of cny where we normall celebrate my mums bday cos hers falls on the 18th day of cny. We went to eat at KL and was entertained with Dragon and Lion dance.

This lion came for a rest before proceeding with the dance. Dad fed him with Ah Hwa chicken wing. hahhaa that guy was munching a chicken wing under the outfit.

Came home late and JD couldn't wake up for sch. Don't say the kid, the mum was half dead. So skipped sch today and its MONDAY only. *sigh*

I cut my finger today while chopping somevege for the porridge. How serious? You see la.

I should've taken the pic with the blood oozing out for Big C to see. It's so damn painful until I dunno how to laugh or smile anymore.

My house is in a mess. Like Tsunami came and left. Even the floor fan and table went terbalik.

Clean clean clean. Again its like that. So I am N-U-M-B.

The kids... Play with the powder.

Smack! Play with the cream. Smack! Play with water. Smack!

Justin is teething so yeah, he lau sai many times a day.   And also extremely sticky like a koala bear. And he love to climb on me when I'm in front of the mac. Hug my face and hug my hand asking me to stop working. 

And he love to cry cry cry telling me that he is crying. Same like his kor kor .. he love to make announcement..."Mami... Uwa uwa I cry! I cry!".  *breath in breath out.......*

Altho it was really havoc week, some good came out from that.

  • Jayden is much more responsible. He knows how to complain (never happened when the guest was around) "Mami.. titi play water. Mami titi play powder! Mami this mami that",
  • He knows how to clean up (after I asked him to),
  • both eat VERY FAST (cos the person who is feeding is not watching TV like the previous person who used to feed them),
  • JT knows how to say "Sowi mami", "here the cane mami.." and many more.

So it's not THAT bad. It's BAd. But it's  not THAT bad. You know what I mean. Just gotto close one eyes. Or sometimes BOTH eyes. Life is short, just chill and enjoy. Tomorrow will be better, right¿


  1. i keep away things like cream, powder to make my life easier. although there is a maid, my house also macam Tsunami visit all time. no need to clean one, coz they will be back in such condition after a while, hugz to you, Sasha!

  2. Holy molly! I thought my new routine was taxing until I read your post. Hang in there Sasha. *hugs*

  3. Reading this post will scare many new mommies out there.. hahhaaha.. Your face looks cuter than your son here.. :p

  4. i confine my tsunami to one room only and when guests comes, i lock up the room. now, I'm gonna seal at least 50% of her toys away. less cleaning.
    Hang in there.. you'll learn to manage better in time to come, better than letting the guest pump up your blood pressure.
    Hugs, bree.. :)

  5. I use many treats to make them clean up their tsunamis clean up and get 2 books to read, if no clean up no books to read for bedtime story.

    Probably you need to hide all those powder etc soon and give them less chance to create tsunamis at home :)

  6. u know what? u should fold ur fingers when chopping, so u wont chop ur finger

  7. I read ur post n saw ur pic is like a mirror image on mine side since my maid left last yr July.

    Everyday my house like Tsunami too, when I clean up after the toys scattered around then the mess comes back again. So now we wait till both kids sleep then only me or hub will do the clean up. Sometimes Sasha also will help during daytime cleaning up.

    Now I have inmune to this situation, so life still goes on happily without a maid at this moment. Hahaha..:)

  8. take care leh. I wonder where you get all the energy from. you swallowed enegizer battery ah?

  9. Oh dear...hang in there, Sasha!! To think about it, maidless is good in such a way that you can train your kids to be independent and responsible on their own belongings. Hope your days will be better :) *Hugs*

  10. eh, for a moment I thought that was my house *grin*.. same here! is Jayden's ear ok? hope your finger heal fast fast ya.. do be careful

    oh so sorry long time didn't come! goggle reader also "bau pang" dy... sigh

  11. When we have no choice, miracles do happen. Chill and yes, enjoy it. Before you know it, the boys are all grown up!

  12. brovo to u ...
    not easy i know ..... but i know u surly can survive !! life still hv to go on ... just b hapi and relax .

  13. Yes, Sasha you can do it.

    As days goes by it will be ok and I'm sure u can handle it very to salute you...without helper and 2 kids, u still can cook up a storm...

  14. wow, you look very tired leh. i really salute you. dunno how you do it man..sommore can cook for the guests :D

  15. you have done a great job...!! I guess it's really not easy to cope all tasks by yr own but i'm sure you can do it.

    Like what you said, have close 1 eye lor!!!

  16. My house also like tsunami all the time. Only clean up when the boys are asleep at night. Sometimes nv clean also, coz they wake up..tsunami again. are doing amazingly well. I can only imagine how bad but you REALLY ARE DOING VERY WELL.

    Hang in there. Good that u are blogging this down. One day u will look back and marvel at yourself!

  17. that is one sexy looking lion! lol... seriously, u shld give yourself a pat on the back and hugs too. i wld have given up on cooking and having guests over. still can cook for inlaws some more, hope big c rewarded u big time!

  18. I think you did great, supermom! Yeah, just close one or two eyes and things will get a lot easier. Hopefully you will get used to the new routine in the days and weeks to come.

  19. Respect to Mami.

    Close eye during day. Tsunami is daily occurrence.

    Also dun forget to close both eyes during night. To sleep la..

  20. i kesian u a lot la beb, when looking at ur pics, dunno wanna laugh or cry. When jayden brings u the cane, dunno wanna feel proud or more kesian! but in the end, i'm sure everything will turn out fine. It'll take some time for everyone to adapt with the new situation, but motherhood isn't all THAT bad rite? *hugs*

  21. adoi... mmg tsunami-like. sigh. why not take part time maid to help cleaning on weekends. ease yr housework a bit. works fine for some of my frens le.