Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brand new!

JT: oh thanks mami.
Me: ah why ah?
JT: thanks for this present *showing me a hot wheels car that I bought to keep as a standby bday present*
me: eh... It's not for u lah!!
JT: it's okay. I know how to open it *piakkkkkk*
me: eh!!!!! Seriously! It's not for you! I tell you, I'm going to bath now and when I come out, and if I see that it's not perfectly wrapped, someone's gonna get hurt. You understand me?
JT: *panic mode* kor kor!!!!! Help me!!!!!

So I went to check on them and found out that JD is helping him to stick the wrapper back. Went to bath and came back later and the small one said "tada!!!! See we fixed it back. Now it's brand new again!!!!"

Aiyo like this called brand new *sweat*

I took it away from him of course. He's still not gonna get it although its badly injured. *lol*

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