Friday, June 08, 2012

DIY corrugated Poster Table Standee

The corrugated leaflet standee that I made earlier only used a small portion of the corrugated paper. Lately, I'm so stressed with my design work and I wanted to release stress. And so I drew and cut again and I did this.

Ahhhh definitely feel much better after crafting something. Our very own Price List Standee (poster standee).

Before this, we just used some bottles and stick them with our price list and promo poster.
( Pic from Green Sentral: bottom right next to the yellow poster)
Super messy, I know. Cos we're only a month old and we're still figuring out how to best display the stuff around.

So with the same piece of corrugated box paper we used earlier, I measured and cut out the die-cut and made the price standee.

However, this need double layer of corrugated paper and some glue.

And I made a few more as standbys for our upcoming promotion.

And they stand side by side with my leaflet standee.

Cheap, Good and Fit perfectly into our concept.

Just wondering if anyone wants the template for the Leaflet Display Standee and The poster standee? Leave a comment  here and I might come out with something for ya ;)


  1. Yes! Would love to have the template for leaflet standee. Thanks!