Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Do You Have To Work So Hard?

I maybe just a housewife.

I may not look like any of the "desperate housewife" character. (although I don't mind hehehe)

And I do not earn a lot of money designing freelance.

And I'm always running around like headless chicken between my kids, my housework, my designing and BYOB Subang.

People asked me why.

And I answer...

I can never deal with any brands anymore (i'm from Marketing so that's like a handicap to me).

I can no longer wear nice working outfits (damn. I miss those pointy stilettos).

I no longer can enjoy the tea break, one long hour of lunch, the bonus, the increment, the company trip, and whatever you can think of.

My bank account amount do not increase automatically each month unless I work.

I don't mind that at all.

But I still have a dream... which is to see my design on the shelf.

I used to go to baby shops to look at the baby brand that I'm designing. And just stare at the final output of my design. I'm contended and satisfied.

And now, I can finally design for a bigger brand.

It will be in hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Although I know that I won't get hired by them again (hahaha cos of the flexibility to attend meetings and also meeting deadlines), I think I'll be happy just to see it out in the market.

I shall bring my kids to the outlet and said "Look! I designed this!"

And everyone would say "Ohhhhh Ahhhh" Let's go to the toy section!"

And I shall go home smiling.

And that's enough for me.

That's why.

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  1. Actually what brands do you design? You mean existing brands? But just have to change the logo?? Eh, ping me on google chat or FB and let me know what u hv designed, can? hehe...