Thursday, February 21, 2008

30 days more to go!

Time flies! Lil J will be celebrating his 2nd Birthday in 30 days time. In fact it's shorter than that cos I have something planned for him the weekend before his birthday which falls on a Friday. So maybe a short holiday on his actual day? *hint hint*

Lil J just got back from work nanny's house with his Barney bag and Henry train, greeted by his good friend, ChaCha Chan.

Ever since CNY, it's so difficult to bring him to his nanny. Once he see us in working attire ( i mean his dad not me- i dress casual to work :P) he will start to give flying kiss-crying! Once I drove and turn into the nanny's house, that's it. Havoc! So everyday we (Big C and I) will go to work feeling sad for making him cry like that. :( Lately his nanny told me that he refused to sleep. He will sit on the sofa and wait for me. Then he will slowly fall asleep. That's why when ever I go and pick him up at 6:45pm he will still be napping. Once i kiss him, he will wake up and start to ask me to wear his USH for him and wave bye. He knows the way home and on thw way back, must stop and snap his fingers (no sound la) and once reach he will hug his chacha and ask me to take out his shoes for him. Awwwww i miss him already!


He is definitely showing signs of Terrible Two Stage. Oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! *pull hair* For those that have seen it before at Barbara's open house, you will know what I am trying to say. This is what he will do when he is upset or being stopped from doing whatever he planned to do. ie climbing the staircase, climbing the table, opening the drawers/cabinets and etc etc.
He will lie down on the floor, sometimes he will kick but most of the time he will just lie down and don't move. Normally we will just let him be and he will stand up within minutes and totally forgot about it. But the headache part is when he is with us in Pasar Malams or in supermarket!

He can understand us better now and know how to be scared (finally!). Let me tell you a story yeah,the other day while we're at my mum's place, Lil J asked me to open a mandarin orange for him. I said "NO" cos he just recovered from sore throat but he insisted that he want it. So he threw the orange at me again. I said "No, don't throw. Mami don't like, ok? And he did it again. So I said "OK. Mami is angry!" And I hid my hands under my armpit and looked away. Then my sister scare him by saying "Ohhh! Mami is angry with you!! Oh! Oh!" Then he started to cry and tried to look for my hands. Then he tried to sit on my lap, but I curled myself up like a ball, refuse to let him sit on my lap. He then tried to hold my face to look at him. I shut my eyes. He tried his best to korek my hands, my legs and my eyes, while crying like mad.

Then my sister said "You better sayang Mami and say sorry".

Then I felt someone stroking my head. And I looked up and I saw this facial expression. *melted*

He quickly hugged me and sat on my lap, quietly. So finally he is worried that I might not talk to him anymore. :P

He used to reject the block puzzle. He will play with the blocks but will throw it away once he's not able to chuck the block into the container. Seeing other kids like Malaika who can do it since many many moons ago, I wondered if Lil J is really like what my old Gynea used to say- slower than other kids due to my viral fever while i was carrying him. So lately he found the block puzzle and solved the puzzle himself. YAY! Must be the P&E juice that I have been feeding him!
Wanna know what is P&E Juice?

His speech got a-lil-bit-better after cny. Maybe we spend more time with him compared to his nanny. But he is still ignoring me when I asked him to say PLEASE and THANK YOU. Why ah? Some of his favourite and new words:
NANA- Banana
Elli - Elephant
*roar* - Tiger
Chip Chip - Bird
UWAK - CAT (??? dun ask me why, he has his own language)
USH - Shoes
HOS - Horse
UP - Up!
BABY - for baby lor...

And i forgot edi..Itu brain memory not much left. Need to reformat it soon. Muahahhaha thing i musn't forget - TIME TO BRING HIM FOR A TRIM!

Wah i just realized between his 22nd and 23rd month update, there's only 4 posts. Damn slack of me I know. Maybe this time I will slot in 5 posts between his 23rd and 24th month update. hehehe


  1. Wah! One more month to go before the start of the terrible twos! Good luck! :D

    BTW, lying still on the floor is still better than trashing and banging head on floor. ;)

  2.'s ok...I can never keep track of my Jaden's speech/no. of words also. Anyway, they learn really fast and can speak more words than you can recount fr your memory, cos they're like sponges :)

  3. Soon he will be blabbering away like his momma! :D

  4. Got make party for Lil J anot?

  5. He's always holding Henry eh? Even while eating. Does he ever let it go? Say, when he does his biz or bathe?

  6. hmm i know tat feeling seeing him crying refusing to go to his really hurts right?Josh act d same especially after a long holiday..we end up carrying him while he's kicking and screaming :-(

  7. For my boy he can't say out those animals. Only 'Dog' he know few days ago with exactly pronoucation and 'woh, woh' (dog bark). Others, like bird and butterflies, he point out only (from the book).

    Most of the things like shoe, chair, car (toy) and etc.. he cannot say it out, but he can bring the correct one to me.

    He knows to say Please (peaa..) and thank you (teh jiu). Say "please" only when I ask him to say the whole sentence whereby "Mama, please bao-bao (carry) bo-bo (I call this since he is baby)" He can say it all out word by word.

    Other than that, he don't know what is Please. When I pass him something he want, I will said "Say, thank you first" there goes I got teh jiu...haha..

    My boy dun hav viral fever before, but he still very slow la...only can sort the ring loop correctly not long ago..

  8. Wuah. So what u do if he lie down on the floor in the middle of the pasar malam hah?

  9. Oh gosh he is just soooooo comel!

    So any plans for little brother/sister for Jaden? hihihihih (i;m being so kepohci here I know)

    So any big b'day party in the pipeline?

  10. Moby: EEEEEEE i scared!

    Krystal: Ah mine long way more to go .

    Giddy T: I hope so too.

    Ace: Got...Small one

    Slavemom:Always, go to bath also hold henry. Eat also hold henry. That's why we're organizing Thomas Train Bday Theme.

    JPP: Sucks isn't it?

    Lemonjude: At least yrs repeats aftre u. Mine will run away.

    MG: in pasar malam drag him and smack him la. If supermkt , just leave him la. muahahahhaha

    Frankensteina: hahahaha *wink* got bday party but small one only. Eh we are all kepoci wan...just not many will admit only. hahahhaha

  11. pst.. the part about them coming back and wanna manja back, feel good yeah... then the few minutes after that also like heaven right? so obedient... hahaha... i know this sound mean, but but, i like those moments... hahahahahah (SHHH)

    and ALAMAK! u make him look so messy in that photo!!!!! and yes, trim he should go...

  12. Anonymous7:20 PM

    wah yr Jayden cannot classify under terrible 2 lor..he was quite well behaved ma at the gathering ma...

  13. so fast??!!!!! i cannot believe it too!!!!

    hey sasha where'd u buy his electric-blue-USH? ciplak or not? i need to get gibran another pair of ciplak crocs becoz his current ones have shrunk. but suddenly it's so hard to find ciplak crocs for kids lately...?!!

  14. I thot he bollywood...rolling all over the place! Hee hee hee..

    Aiyo..u dun worry abt his development la... sure he'll catch up somehow one..and become more brririant than this aunty!!!!!

    Actually, he oredi very brririant la... he very crever as big boss in ur opis!! HA HA HA HA

  15. etceteramommy8:48 PM

    I seriously wonder where they learnt all those tricks. Mmm..???

  16. Mommy also know how to play "I-don't-friend-you-game" hor? Hahaha.

  17. big boy eh? err....he was ok at my house, no? btw, i didn't know cha cha's surname is chan *lol*

  18. wah time flies huh..1 more month.

  19. sasha,
    Lil J has grown up a lot! Great to follow a "story" from the day he was born till now!:D

    Eh, Lil J already very clever lah. Slowly slowly, he'll learn, don't worry. :)

  20. boy oh boy.. he is very good in making you melt yeh..

    btw, wat is the terrible 2 thingy ??

  21. don worry sasha. he is such a clever fella.. look at how he try to manipulate you and hub. dang cute...him lying on the floor ;)

  22. aiyo, my boys also like that la, when they dont get the things they want, even at the restaurant, they also roll on the floor not to mention in the supermarket. :(

    Don worry about Jay's speech, he will pick up very soon. My boys only start when they are 25 or 26 months!!!! Now they are like parrots, so noisy, then u will have another headache..hahahahahah

  23. sasha, i think he is ok la, slowly he will pick up and be very fast in everything, as long as he is healthy and happy hor..

  24. jacss2:19 PM

    ehh...belum cukup 2 years is it, so can't expect so much on speech lar unless reaching 3 yrs, then worry bit lah, cheer up!!

    but emotionally, he's definitely developing as he's able to read various expressions...
    yalar, so few posts to read lately...go go go :P

  25. ahhh, missed JD. He really need haircut. the last picture shows it well.

    Hmm still too early for me to say Happy 2nd Birthday right. Being forgetful, im sure i will forget this again. as always :(

    kesian sampai tertidur di sofa tunggu mau pulang. Like myJosh too.

  26. awww.. who wouldn't melt at that look... :-) I think it's ok to be "slower" than others as long as healthy.. :-)

  27. My girl also had certain way to address cat, from meow to maap to mapa *slap my head* only recently she can pronoun the right word.

    Jayden is going to be very soon wo.

  28. Hey he is holding something other than a spoon. He is growing up fast!

  29. 1 more month he going to be 2 years old, time flies. Now start preparing the party for him??

    I'm late but Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!!

  30. An award for you. Have a nice day.

  31. wow...a detail and long milestone of Lil J. Don't worry la, he seems to grow healthily. btw, wat's P&E juice wor...??

  32. I think mummy is more excited than Jayden. :)

    Can't wait to see his birthday photos.

  33. wow, time flies huh!

    Lying on the floor when u guys refuse to give him whatever he wants? Hmm, i wonder what did our parents do to us when we did so at that time huh? !! Sure kena smack left right up and down. Cannot deny that nowadays kids are smart, they know how to read our mind and control us.

  34. btw...u've been tagged

  35. hahha, I like the last pic of him with messy hair, it's very cute. He sure loves his train, seems like every pic he is holding onto it.
    So what are you doing on his birthday?
    hahha, about throwing stuffs when you sd no, it sounds so familiar with my son too, now he know how to throw stuffs out of frustration, yesterday, donno what happened, he got mad and started tantrum so he threw his toys, told him to stop, but he didn't want to, sO i scooped up all his toys and threw in the trash in front of him, donno whether he understands what I am saying, I told him since he is not appreciating the toys and it gives him so much frustration, might as well we throw it away.
    Anyhow, terrible two is a stage that they will grow out of..
    you have a good weekend yeah!

  36. that is only one month fast Jayden is 2 liao...any big celebration plan?

  37. I like how you deal with his terrible 2, keep it up!
    I think deep inside he's just testing you how far he can go.

  38. Wah he is attached to his Thomas and Friend's toy. It's there in almost every picture.

  39. The photo with his finger touching his lips very cute la...

  40. i wan cha cha too!!! hehehe =P

    awwww...jayden's lashes r soooo long!! i oso melt by looking at that photo!!

    jayden is he learns in his own way..dun care wut other ppl brag saying their kids can talk at the age of 1..etc.etc.

    jayden is special!! =D

  41. I love the first two pics! And love the tee of the second picture. Mana beli? ;)

    Irfan still doesn't know how to guling-guling on the floor yet.. and I hope he won't know how to lah. Haha!

  42. Good luck to you in handling Lil J's Terrible Twos, haha... For me, Sherilyn's Terrorizing Threes is far worse than her Terrible Twos :(