Friday, September 21, 2007

18 Months and now a baby kor kor!


Before this my neighbour used to tell me.. "Wait la.. when he is 1 1/2 years old".

So I waited, and it came today.

So, wait for what?

More headache!


His profile now
Name : Jayden Chan
Nick Name: Baby Kor Kor, Ah den, Den Den
Weight : 10.3 kg
Height : Tall enough to reach the tv on the rack and also on and off the DVD player.
Can Say : Dadi, Mi, Kor Kor, Aunty, Babble colours like grin, bu, yewow, wed. The other day he said DIG and pretend to dig the ground like Mickey Mouse.
Interest : Watch Barney (getting sick of it), Sesame Street and starting to accept shows with lotsa conversation and not just songs.
Eat : Anything
Drink : ANything
Likes : Spoon, Banana, Dragon Fruit, bathing, sing and going out!
Can do : Climb up the bed, climb up the dining chair and climb up the dining table, Do split (70%)
Hates : Car with high beam headlight, Getting out of the tub, Staying at home and mami forgot what he likes edi when she write until here.

Okay That's it.

And why Baby Kor Kor?

Cos when we call him baby, he will say he is kor kor. The baby at the nanny's call him kor kor. So, he is our Baby Kor Kor.


  1. Jayden Tai jor lor. More headache!!!!
    Also more fun! Having kids is the best no matter what. :)

  2. Woohoo....congratulations baby kor kor!

    Ya lor mommy, baby big boy already, time to "hoi kung" and make another little baby ngek ngek ngek!

  3. Wa! Manyak hansum lah ni budak! Itu chin ada drool. Lagi hansum!! :D

  4. Well .. congrats..! 18months is a huge milestone..!

  5. So HANSEM! So fast leh..he's 18mo oredi!

    I wonder...the green spoon..where did he get it from? I never saw a green spoon before!

  6. Hey make Jayden an official kor kor!!

  7. Jayden & his proverbial spoon! He really loves spoons, doesn't he? :D

  8. baby kor kor..happy 18 months ok.

  9. jayden is a big boy now.. congrats!!!

  10. no more baby kor-kor about upgrading to real kor-kor?? Sasha really got to work hard lor...

  11. 18 months already! time passes so fast! seems like yesterday when he turned 1 yr old! btw my husband said jayden's lips very powerrr. sure to attrack the chicks. hahahhhh! happy 18 months jayden!

  12. Congrats! 18 Months already!
    Hahahaaa..... seems like everybody is wanting to see another baby didi/muimui too :P

  13. Jayden is 18 months now? Not too big, not too small, just nice to play with now.

  14. "Eh mami, y u put my drooling pic here?" J asked.

  15. ooh, i thot he's soon going to be a real koko !!!
    time flies ehh, but i still see the same cute mouth.....haha!!

  16. Last one here again :(
    Anyway, am I the only one here calling him JD, eh ;)
    Nevermind, I always remember him as Josh future-when-gonna-meet-friend, so can together-gather play spoon and fork with my son.

    I really thought that when you mention Kor Kor.. u really you knowlah ... already got inside tummy. I guess not. Mana tau, twins kan :P

  17. Flsam: Yeah headache but as long as it is positive and healthy headaches ok la

    L'abeille: Make? u think mooncake ah? Hahahahah

    Moby: Thank u thank u

    mambok: Yeah but more to come!

    Mott: Aiyah from tah pau place la..the mixed rice spoon hahahah

    mybabybay: Okay! Ask his dad first!

    Dancing Queen: Yeah Jayden and his spoon!

    jazzmint + Khai Kee: Thanks!

    Mummy to QiQi : Haha sasha cannot be alone to make ;)

    BabyBooned : Power leh....sekali like double hotdog when he grow up susah lo

    Tutiger : if only its so easy hahah

    JO-N : yeah just nice!

    slavemom : hahaha so he cansee wqhen he grow up

    Jacss : nolah....hahah yeah the mouth!

    PapaJoneh : yeah u the only one calling him JD! official kor kor eh? can.. let me ask his dad first