Sunday, September 16, 2007

Treasure in a Coconut

I told L'abeille in msn long time ago that I wanted to cook this soup. But too bad, "someone" threw my coconut into the car and cracked it. So it was spoilt and I didn't know about it until we saw the coconut and saw some aliens in it. So the "someone" said.." see waste time only, go outside and buy and drink there la. Waste time and effort".

Seriously I have no idea why people wanna take the trouble to cook this soup. So troublesome with the coconut, the herbs, the double boiling.I cooked it merely just for fun! But then I realised there's another reason why people take all the trouble and effort after I tried the soup...

So we're in Old Town market yesterday and I went to buy another coconut again. This time I've asked the man to saw the coconut for me. This costs me Rm 2.50 . The workmanship for sawing the coconut was Rm1. (do yourself? try and see first. Rm 1, I'm willing to pay!) And I went to buy Rm1.50 of herbs for the soup. You gotto tell the person that you're making Coconut Herbal Soup (both the herbal and the coconut fella) so that they'll gather the right amount of herbs and the right size of coconut.

The ingredients.

If you're going to double boil it in a pot, stack it up like this..


Then I realized that I ran out of gas. Dang! Luckily there's a slow cooker.


Double boil it...remember to add salt. I cooked mine for about 4-5 hours.. and this is the outcome.


Pour it out..

Wah berasap!

here's the treasure in the coconut. It is super sweet and nice. Jayden keep on asking me for the chicken meat. Apparently the meat became super soft..bagus untuk orang yang takde gigi...

But then after you've consumed the soup, what about the coconut shell? Throw away? take a knife, poke inside, crack the inner layer and twist your knife like this and the coconut flesh will come out just like this...


You removed the coconut flesh and you get a coconut shell with a cover. You can transform this into a coin box, plant pot (remember to make hole at the bottom), key box, whatever box la. I still don't know what I'm gonna do with mine..most probably it's gonna be Jayden's new toy.


  1. FINALLY...I thought you've forgotten!

    Oui...if it's me, I'll pay another $1 to saw the nut into half. After that hor, glue back the coconut cover. Can replace bra mah!!

  2. As always, you're so creative sasha. the soup look delicious and the process so creative too... talking from an inexperience cook.

    I wonder what kind of toy for JD... hmm interesting. Can't wait.

    What?! Im the 2nd commentator here.. biar betulllll...

    TAI JOR LAHHHH.. hahahahhaa.. cilaka the ads.. now can't get it out of my head.

  3. Oscar's Mommy4:06 PM

    wei, hou jeng wor! slurps, now i want to go drink my lin ngau soup... kakakaka... eh, can tell me what herbs to get ah? maybe next week i eat full nothing to do i cook also la...

  4. wow, clap clap!! The soup looks so yummie! Btw, what soup is that? I i just tell that fella i wanna cook the herbal soup in coconut, they will understand? I've eaten cu5rry cook in coconut, very lemak and yummie!

  5. Wow, the soup really looks delicious! Looks like a lot of work eh? But the result is well worth all the effort hor? Will try it one day.

  6. you champion cook lah!!! my soup all comes from packets hahahha

  7. Once I cook double boil bird nest in coconut...simply delicious...:P~~

  8. sasha,
    Lu memang berbakat lah. When wanna become my invited chef for Wok With Kok? haha!

    The coconut shell?? Put it here for bidding loh. The money gives to charity! kekeke

  9. almost speechless leh !!!
    tak caya this leng lui can make out somethg that looks so pro woh!!

    very good mumy......lilJ & BigC got
    "hau fook" lar.......

  10. Wow. Sasha can cook. The soup look so delicious and nutricious. :)

  11. are good :D This soup must be very 'poh' ;D

  12. Yo, the soup looks yummy! Nvr tried herbal soup in coconut b4. Wah.. for RM2.50, the coconut is really value for money lah. After make soup, the shell can be recycled summore. ;)

  13. wah, look so yummy!! I think u can start a food blog aledi!! :)

  14. Looks and sound sedap. Too bad we can't get coconut here.

  15. Wah sedap betul. I want, I want....I also want the coconut shell!

    Though when I first read your problem, I thought, so lecheh. But after seeing the outcome....wah, I also want to make but no nice coconut, no one to cut the top off and no herbs! So, how? **Hint, hint**

    Oh, by the way, do you put salt inside the coconut or in the water that you use to boil the coconut?

  16. wow.. yummy yummy... i have tht during my confinement and MIL threw away the coconut shell.. haiya..

  17. Yummy! I always like this "yea chi kai" soup.
    Next time when u cook again, call me i will be there to "tolong" makan. hahahaha

  18. Look yummy and good, look like the one i drink at outside restaurant that cost me RM7 one "yeh zhi kai tong" .

  19. wah...sasha, u really take the trouble to go and do that ah?? seems interesting also, hehe.....must try this one day!

  20. Wow.. thanks for sharing. Really looks yummy. 'Someone' has been indirectly nagging me to po tong for my hubs.. ~evil eyes~

  21. L'abeille: Ah u tot i forgotten eh? i have elephant memory la...Replace bra? aiyoh so hard! KOK! KOK! KOK SOUND!

    Papajoneh: hahahahah u've been missing for so long! My blog missed yr comment!

    Angeline: Wuah u have nice soup also..

    Joanne: Yeah just tell them herbal chicken coconut soup.

    Health Freak Mum: not alot of work...just the last part alot of work but You can just trow it away la..

    Bryan Mama: No time then gotto be packet better than nothing la.

    MybabyBay: Ah....can also hor? This saturday make!

    Kok: Told u when U come over to KL i sure go and wok with u

    Jaccs + Flsam: ah..u dunno many things about me

    Barbara: Yeah too poh until my Jayden sick liao.

    Slavemum: Rm1.50 for herbs + Rm2.50 for coconut = Rm 4. Outside is 7 , not bad la hor?

    Blur Mommy: ah no la.. i campur all here

    Vien : no coconut? aiyah ...super market also dun have?

    Judy : u want the shell for what ? remember to add salt ah...otherwise very tasteless

    janicepa: nice hor?

    Annie Q : tolong makan? banyak pandai?

    Anggie's journel : wuah 7 bucks...mine only 4 haha

    Mummy to QiQi: yeah, saturday then got abit time to do la..normally..tah pau outside ler

  22. Yvonne: Who Who?

  23. Waaar... eat liao can still get coin box! kakakakaka.

    And why every mom will nag the dil to pou tong for the son ah? Last time, my wife really mmm kam sam kena nag by my mom to pou tong. After pou oledi, my mom ask me how is it? Like wan to compare like that. Pening! :P

  24. Woman! You damn rajinlah... *salute*

  25. What can I say? Just cannot believe u can cook. Big C's real lucky lar. Got 'leng leng' and 'kan lik' wifey to cook sedap sedap punya makanan and to 'pou leng tong' for him.

  26. Anonymous2:42 PM

    My Mama always make this soup for me, is my favorite slurp slurp.
    BTW, i just throw the coconut after have the soup, you so creative and recycle ;)

  27. "Thumbs up for Sasha"!

    I never DIY this soup but always get my mom prepare for me. My mom's house lot of coconut tree (jiran punya), must do it myself one day!

  28. sasha, not sure i pass it one to you, see this funny tag!

  29. wah sedap and a lot work LOL

  30. dang! cool looking soup! makes me reallyyy wanna try it out. hey sasha u're so rajin lah. sometimes it's hard for me to go into the kitchen just to make Indomee. hhuuhuhuhuuu..

  31. Wah! Looks yummy! Smart lady la you!

    Now I have to find someone to saw the coconut top for me. Wonder how much he will charge.

  32. If I am in Malaysia, will just go out and buy lah. What for soooo ma-fann?

  33. Jazmine12:57 AM

    So yummy! :)

  34. It really look so delicious and yummy yummy tempted to try but, NO TIME lar....aiyah...wait till my mom back..ask her to cook for me..he,he....

  35. I also want liao!!

    Looks so sedap.

    But 1 coconut.. err.. for how many ppl?

    Not enough ler for my family of 4 adults.

  36. adrian: Yeah la all MIL will compare with DIL, compare compare all fight fight fight la!

    Nadia : Senang aje la! *blush*

    Tracy : what can i say when u praise me like that? Thank u al

    Rachel : EFNTD ma

    Jesslyn : U so lucky yr mama prepare for u

    Mummy to QiQi: Okay will do it later

    jazzmint : nolah itspretty easy, buy, stuff the thing inside double boil, drink. That's all

    BabyBooned : Haha no choice la...

    eastcoastlife : Normally u gotto go to the wet market

    NomadicMom : It's the LOVE!

    Jazmine : Thanks for yr comment!

    MamaJo : Yeah time is the main problem

    ZMM: yeah lor...can only do for little ppl

  37. oi`~
    dun just show. belanja makan~!

  38. frostier: belanja..can

  39. 'yun'....

  40. I love this soup. One of the herbs, the brownish one, good for producing more breastmilk ler. haha!

  41. yum yum... let me find some time to cook this.