Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm Not A Murderer...

Everytime I reach my hand out to a pot of plant...I can hear people whispering..


and the person that whispered is none other than Big C.

You see, I used to kill plants. No, I did not intentionally pour Clorox into the pot and kill them. They just..........died.

Okay, maybe I did accidently kill them. I don't have time to water them. But that's history okay. I'm no longer a murderer.

Big C proposed the other day to make my garden into a concrete garden just because it was his duty to cut the grass once in a while. He said since I'm a murderer might as well have a concrete garden. And I told him..."what murderer? Did you see what's in the garden lately?"

And he said "what?"

And I said "So big also you cannot see?"


My Beautiful big as my palm


My blooming Pink Dahlia..


My Little Bouquet Flower...notice how it arranged itself into a bouquet with yellow in the middle and pink outside?


a bit blur but it's another version of and red


Yellow bouquet...good Fengshui to have baby boy if you plant this in your garden. I planted so banyak yellow flower before I "made" Jayden. And taddaaaa kkb came out!

You see, flowers are like kids. You water them, make sure they're not thirsty. Then once in a week you give them some extra vitamin, then sometimes you sayang them a bit. Then they will show you back how much they appreciate you, just like how he appreciate and sayang me back. In this case, the flowers bloom for me.

Okay, back to the topic. I'm not a murderer anymore. So babe, do you still wanna have a concrete garden?


  1. Dun bluff! That day I saw you bought at the nursery wan in Sg Buloh!! hahaha...bocor rahsia.

  2. Nice flowers. Good work, ex-murderer! ;)

  3. sasha,
    Like I told you earlier, beautiful flowers! I don't think Big C will want a concrete garden after this. :P

  4. Got such thing as concrete garden meh?
    The flowers are very beautiful man but I still prefer crabs.

    Anyway, nobody ever said you are a murderer of plants, only Big C say that right? :P

  5. wah i like the dahlia.....i want i want keke

  6. I also don't murder them. I piss on them only. They like my piss and grow up fat fat!

  7. issit ur neighbour's plants ar? :P u pinjam to take pic issit..:P

  8. Wow.
    Nice flowers wor

  9. izzit reli wan arr u plant wan??? very suspicious!!!

  10. I'm still a plant murderer. Lots of blood were spilt on my hands. Wait lah, till I get my own place, I'll plant plenty and take good care of 'em.

    You on the other hand are doing a very good job! The flowers are very pretty.

    By the way, it's my turn now, I'm coughing my lungs out. So hate this!

  11. Very beautiful flowers indeed. Better to have natural garden. Green the earth for better enviroment. :)

  12. noo! dont turn the garden into a concrete garden.. u'll regret it! about 10 years back my parents turned the front garden into a "concrete garden" so that we can park all the cars inside the compound (we thought it wasnt going to be too bad coz my parents' house is corner hse, so we still have a very large side garden lah). but OHMIGODDD so glaring! the sunlight just reflects off the tiled area and into the house. gila i tell u. so Big C, hang in there and give her some faith lah huh...

    pssttt did your flowers manage to turn out so nicely...?? so impressive! or did u go buy em frm the nursery? hehehe

  13. AceOne118: yr head la!

    slavemom : Thanks!

    Kok : dunno la that guy..he's just worried about the grass

    Judy :semua cement la....What's wrong with u always wanna eat HAAAAAAAAAaai only haha

    jazzmint : nice leh? bloom samo u come over and snap pic la

    Ah Pek : Oi only virgin urine la..yrs sudah expired edi wan ok

    Winn : haha my neighbour got sunflower no dahlia. this is mine la thanks wor

    W_W_H : why ah ? why i cannot plant my own plant and take pic of my own flower? for fark ah wanna tipu and show other ppl's flower? like dat better don't post right? better don't blog right?

    LiL'deviL : Hahahaha slow slow la...need alot of time wan

    FL Sam : yeah i like garden with grassss not cement

    BabyBooned : yeah very HOT wan! I memang bought from nursery then i plant it myself and jaga myself la..if not where did the "plant" come from la?

  14. I'm one of the plant murder here :(
    Can give me some tips ar?

  15. Wah! So many beautiful flowers. But how come got so many beautiful blooms in your garden your hubby also didn't noticed?

    aiyooo... careful lor. Outside flowers more pretty. kakakaka.....

  16. Aiyo..thank god it's about flowers. If about food again, I will really cekik you!!!!!

    HA HA HA!! I see your post titles in my RSS feed...I was really scared to click on it! Thot u butchering chicken or what la!

  17. beautiful flowers u have! nowadays u like gardening also huh!

    btw, i'm passing this award to u...

  18. Hai, hai , hai (yes, yes, yes)...I only want to eat HAI!! Wahahaha....

  19. They are beautiful! You no longer a murderer. LOL! 2 cactus plant died in my hand. :p

  20. Maybe babe wants to have concrete garden so it saves him the job of cutting grass :P

  21. wah i like the flowers leh! i like i like!

  22. yur fingers must have turned green???

  23. Desperate Mummy: must water everyday wan...cannot skip!

    eastcoastlife: hahahah cos he only look at the grass la!

    mott : Okay ok no more food post k

    Jacelyn Chew : thanks!

    Judy : i went to eat HAI again today! hahahhah

    aprilWong : Haha previously cactus also died now no more lu. My cactus sometimes got flower ler

    Etcetera~Mommy : yeah la thats the thing la...

    laundryamah : u like leh? heheheh

    Mummy to QiQi: hahaha nolah stil the same

  24. Wah plant also u "mm fong kor". Fortunately my hubby is good with the garden and he maintains it. If he doesn't I will make it concrete...kekekeke

  25. HA HA HA! too cute! and it seems you are already rich.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  26. Want boy boy must plant yellow, want gurl gurl plant what colour jek?

  27. Hi sasha,

    Those flowers are beautiful. Especially the one in yellow color.

  28. Very pretty flowers.

    Did you grow them from scratch, ie. from seeds? Or bought from nursery? Think I wanna grow some too!!!

  29. mybabybay: Aiyoh i no time ma last time...thats why never water them la.. Now better la

    (((((HUGS))))) sandi Rich? haha are u referring to my older post?

    L'abeille : Pink or red lor....

    keeyit : ah....u want boy boy leh?

    NomadicMom: Thanks. I bought from nursery. Initially it's in one pot. Then when i transferred them, I noticed that It was in 4 different roots so now I have 2 different colour pots, one purple and one pink. It's about Rm13 for a big pot!

  30. How you made that dahlia grow so beautiful? You get Jayden to piss into it's pot ah? LOL
    Eh..can give me some of the seeds ah?

  31. Wah! New hobby and lovely result hor...

  32. wah........i think the blooming was this the result of not working full time ehh??

    i also have concrete my garden edi...but i still can plant using pot ma, rite??

    yalor, so colorful also kenot see ahh, yr loukung??

  33. Flowers, i oso want...but no place wor...

    Btw, you've been tagged here

  34. Eh, can you do gardening for my garden, please? Hehehe...

  35. Hi Sasha,

    Great effort on the flowers! They are beautiful! I like the pink bouquet... Lovely!

  36. one of my friends claims she can speak to flowers (she is weird)... maybe i can ask her to talk to plans why they all die in your hands.... kaka...!

  37. So nice you have few flowers growing in your garden, the last 3 pic is the flower anti-mozzy worr..once my mum pluck one and showed it to me.

  38. concrete garden very hot leh

  39. Wow..! nice flowers..! i donch have green fingers like you ..!

  40. ya, flowers / plants are like kids, need to feed and shower with love then they grow big and nice.