Monday, April 06, 2009

Oh Porku....

This is my Porku. Special Aromatic Braised Belly Pork. Recipe was adapted from Y3K cook book.Since I have bought the book might as well share the recipe with you guys. :)


I didn't use the dried chillies cos I need to feed Jayden.

The method look so troublesome but trust me its very easy to do. Don't be so Lan Tor okay? The final outcome is really awesome!


  1. you call me a lan tor ah? err..maybe i am lah..cos i only know how to eat and not cook...hahahahaa

  2. Lan Tor .. buzz word for the week! But Big C already left the Lan Tor right? Good!

  3. ngam I'm cooking that today. But I don't have star anise just gotta omit that as well as the chillies. But I can see that your recipe requires abalone sauce..hmm..I don't have that either. Taste better with the abalone sauce? Maybe I will try using that next time. Thanks for the recipe again :).

  4. Your "lan tor" phrase really cracks me up....

    But sigh...don't like star anise lah!

    Though got to say your display of the dish and recipie looks very artistic!

  5. i lan tor too...i come over and eat can ah :p

  6. I'm having Braised Belly Pork (Lor Bak) tonite. But my recipe's simpler. No need to 'process' the pork so much. :) Not so much ingredients (sauce) too.
    6 eggs? 2 each for the 3 of u? Byk suka eggs hor.

  7. thanks for sharing! will try out this recipe. :)

    Next time u cook this dish again, remember to call me ya, i wan to come and "chi chan"!! hahahhah

  8. mom2ashleyaidan1:05 AM

    Looks yummy!

  9. Oh I love porku too! Looking at the cooking method, seems very tedious hor? Next time you cook this dish, I'll come over :)