Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Parcel Came!!

backdated post

*Titttt tittttttt*
The pos laju man came and passed me the long awaited parcel.

Signed, said thank you and opened the parcel like some mad woman that never got a parcel before in her entire life and saw what's inside.

Absolutely LOVE it.

its an Amigurumi Snail from Samm's I-Knit Fibreart.
Why the name so weird wan right?
I also dunno.. gotto ask Samm on this.
She gave me this and also some other stuff for the kids.
So sweet of her ^^
She gave my kids A sunny side up and fish Tawashi (dish scrubber) to play masak-masak with.
Is she kidding or what??! use that to play masak-masak?
No way man! this is mami's toy in the kitchen.
But then think think again.. maybe can use to bath also.
But Samm said for bathing for another type of wool wor.
She's mad wan i tell yiu.. I go hijack some pics from her blog and show u all ah..
Angry bird
Reddy Cats and his friends.
Angry Bird's pig also got.
If you wanna see more of her creations, hop ( i mean click) over to her blog la :)


  1. wakakakakaka, thanks for pimping my blog. glad you n the boys had fun with my humble gift. wait, ya. i send more next time :)

  2. sooo nice... my kids will sure ask for the angry bird...

  3. That is really sooo cute stuff there...like the snail crawling on ur plant...

  4. waaa, the king pig soooo cute and real! only the king's donut is missing!

  5. Another creative person like you out there. Salute you ladies.

  6. Haha
    You didn't show the one she made for Cocka

  7. her stuffs are nice.. esp cocka doodles ! LOL