Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Suddenly he became so tall


One month ago when I first started to train him to be diaperless, he need me to assist him to pee in the toilet bowl with both legs tip-toed.

A week later, he still need me to help him remove his pants so that he can go to the toilet and pee himself, with one leg on the toilet bowl.

Now, a month passed and he still need me to remove his pants for him. But he can now go stand and pee like a champion. Flush and wash his own hands too. He can even joke when he is peeing.."Oh it's raining mami!" hehe he's a funny guy.

Sometimes I get the urge to snap his picture when he is peeing cos I'm so proud of him for knowing how to go pee himself.  When you have a son that people keep telling you that he is slower than his peers, talk slower, do this and that slower, over hyperactive this and that then you will be like me. Knowing how to pee also you will feel like its a big achievement.

Haha But of course I wont take his picture while he is peeing cos I don't want him to come running after me when he sees his own peeing picture in his blog (if he ever reads it). So I look from far and can't stop smiling and feeling proud and think to myself, how come he suddenly became so tall in just a month time.. I really wonder..


  1. u know
    I am even worst

    Some years back, for the first time
    I witnessed my son tiptoed to the table, grabbed the water bottle, pour water into his cup, and drank

    I was so proud, LOL

    (my kid was labelled by his teacher: slow, mute, and no response)

  2. He is slow meh? I think he is darn smart and witty and everything nice! Of course they drive us up the wall .. that part have to piak piak, but at the end of the day .. they are our best investment!

  3. Hey, every little achievement by our little ones is certainly a big deal to us.

  4. Can still take pic of him peeing, but no need to post in the blog loh... ;)

    He looks really tall in the photo!

  5. i m waiting for my day to come..where philip can pee on his own........

    good job jayden...

  6. Who say he's slow? Give them a big tight slap *grin* He's not slow ok

  7. good boy! good job! way to go Jayden :)

  8. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Tell whomever who make that comment to fly kite laaa!

  9. well done jayden!

  10. They grow up so fast hor...sigh, in a blink of an eye, they'll reach puberty & dun 1 to 'friend' us d...

  11. hahhahaha.. i know what u mean!! i take pictures of gib peeing and pooing but tak sampai hati to put em up coz afraid one day when he sees them, he'd chase after me!

    jayden is such a funny fella, i think he'd be the class joker!

  12. don't need to bother much how people comment on our kiddo. Each of them are different and there is no 'standard' rules to measure their development.

  13. I know exactly what you mean.. :-) am so proud of Jayden

  14. Yenjai: Why yr son's teacher so bad wan? Cannot look at the good point and comment wan. I hate this kinda teacher.

    Family First: Thanks!

    Angie & Ben: yeah!

    Adrien: hahhaha the father will kill me first.

    LilLamb: The day will come very soon. :)

    krystal: :) Thanks babe.

    Irene: Terima kasih!

    Annon: ah.. let them see for themself and they wil get on the kite themselves.

    AnnieQ + Alicia: Thanks!

    lilmonster: alah potong stim. hahahha dun think so far la!

    BBBOON: Oh yeah no doubt about the joker thinggy.

    KK & WS: Yeah Thanks!

    Sting: ;)

  15. can post the pix.. but protected lo..

    I want to see.. :P