Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jayden oh Jayden...why you so like dat?

We're playing pretend that day when Jayden told me he wanted to pretend to be his principle.

"EK! Naughty huh? Go Office!" with his hands at his waist.

Aiyoh... it was so funny I tell you!

The next day I went and told his class teacher about it. And she told me another story. She said "You know? Jayden has been going to Teacher Hera's office for many days already"

In my heart I was saying "Jialat lor. So young already started to go principle's office?". "Why? What happened?", I asked.

Teacher M told me that he refused to write and colour himself. Always want to "manja" with her asking her to hold his hand and write/colour together. You see, Jayden joint this class when he was only 2 years old. And he was the youngest then. So he was extremely attached to the class teacher. And now that he is not the youngest anymore, the class teacher got to focus on the younger ones. But he insisted that she helps him instead. So to make him write and colour himself, they will send him to Techer Hera's office and place him right in front of her. And he can write and colour very well and VERY FAST too.  
And I thought that he cannot write and colour himself. :P

jayden 2

Opsss! Now you know my secret in school di!

Jayden oh Jayden... why you so like dat?


  1. Jayden! Notty again ar???

  2. he manja manja lah. and the teachers manja him also...

  3. sounds familiar. :) my 2nd daughter also like dat. 1st 6 mths teacher manja her...hold her hands n spoonfeed her the answers. after dat they wanna be strict with her, everything must do by herself. she came home telling me dat her teacher is no good; she wanna change kindy!

  4. i like tis cos i smart mah! hehehee...

  5. Anonymous6:15 PM

    clever boy!!

  6. same like my son, huh...MANJA

  7. Hahah...looks like he's enjoying his time in the office ha..
    Shern told me only naughty boys go to the office, he even said he is a very good boy in school because he scare that his class teacher will send him to the office. Office to him is like a dungeon in the school. kakaka..

  8. hahaha... Jayden is very smart. Know how to manja.

  9. hehe. sound so serious just now have to go principal's office. hehe. but actually just to do colouring and writing. hehe.

  10. hey, he simply smart. Till then, he got all the attention of teacher.

    clever boy....

  11. ohhh cheeky.. cheeky boy!! finally mummy found out your "secret" hehehe

  12. heheheheh he is smart la.. he knows how to kao tim the school principal.. its a trick to learn lo...fren fren with principal..