Friday, May 29, 2009

Because you smile smile like that

She avoided me for 2 days. She hid downstairs, only clean downstairs and never help me with my kids. FINE.

What I did? I asked her to look for the bag of bra. She pretended that she was so busy stacking the tupperware in the kitchen cabinet.

Me: NING, I am talking to you
Maid: ya *continued to look away*
Me: Look At Me when I am TALKING to you
Maid: *looked up and tears falling*
Me: I want you to look for a bag of bra. You understand? the bras are white colour and there's one which is grey. It also has a matching panty also grey. You understand?
Maid: *Showing the hokkien mee face (black face)* YES! (niamah so loud. Normally talk like fly flying around)

I went up and continued with my work. I can hear her banging the furnitures downstairs, looking for the bag wor. I just let her be. Then I went down and check on her, she was folding the clothes. I said "Ning, found the bag already?". She said "Find already. Don't have". I told her "I remember I have seen it. So look for it UNTIL YOU FIND IT. If you cannot find behind, then find in the store room". And then she slowly get up and looked for the bag. I went up again.

I came down she was outside pulling grass. I asked her again "Where is the bag?" She said "don't have" I said to her " downstairs don't have, then go to my working room and find in the cupboard." And I made myself a cup of Milo. She thought that I was going to drink my Milo downstairs so she hurried to my room and took out all the plastic bags. Then I came into my room and I continued with my work. Her face was as black as charcoal. Too bad I cannot take the pic and show you guys.

She took everything out, and then put everything back into the plastic bags. Then she used her legs to kick the plastic bags. Then I turned around and asked her "Don't have?" She said "don't have". Then I said "oh... sure have in this house. Look until you find it. By the way, I saw Jayden's Thomas cap just now. Where is it?" Wuah... i telyiu, you should see her face. Like.....Like... like charcoal. She took out all the plastic bags and looked for the caps. Who asked her to simply chuck the things into the plastic bags right?

So around 5.30pm both the kids got up from their nap. Justin was hungry so I went down and made him cereal. He was crying upstairs and she heard him crying and went up and console him (shuin hui yau liong sum la - ada hati perut also). She saw me coming up and she wanted to go down. Buddha also got fire I tellyiu. I finally pointed at her and said..

Maid: Looked away.
Me: LOOK AT ME when I AM TALKING TO U. What's wrong with you? Showing me your black face for 2 days? I know you are angry with me and You don't want to see my face. I am also angry with you. So now angry with me no need to clean upstairs is it? Only need to clean downstairs is it? The floor here no need to mop? no need to sweep? I have enough of you. Do wrong thing and some more can show me your black face? You like looking like this is it? wah.. somemore last night can answer me like that hor? You take what!'re too much already you know. Somemore bang bang the things downstairs...fuiyoh so angry hor? I can tell you if you are angry with me, I am angry at more.
Maid: am angry (what talking?????????) because you angry at me and you smile smile like that.
Me: what??? I am angry with you and I smile smile like that? I am angry so I must show the face like your face is it? I am angry so how? CRY AH? Or do my face like yours? Black face? I cannot smile ah?

Fast forward....(i forgot what I said actually but i will tel you what i remember)

Me: If you think you want to continue with your attitude like this for another 1 and half year, sorry. I don't think I want to keep you. I told you, 2 years pass by VERY FAST. I don't care if you're really nice or not nice last time. I only ask you to be nice for only 2 years. Only when you work for me. After that I don't care already. You get me?

Me: Why do I need to have a maid like you? I am paying you to make me angry you know? For what? People hire maid to have easier life. I have a maid but I need to do things myself, take care of my kids myself. And also work at the same time. I get no rest. No sleep at night. For what?

Me: Can you say that you NEVER take my things recently without asking me?
Maid: .......
Me: Ning. PLEASE. Don't ever think I am stupid. I might not say it out, but doesn't mean I don't know.
Maid: ......
Me: You took my mirror and tweezer and put in sir's tool box in the store right?
Maid: yes.......
Me: I am so sure you also took other things. Don't make me say it out.
maid: *nod*
Me: I don't want to mention about money. You get me?
maid: *nod*
Me: I know, you think that I am not using the thing, why you cannot take and use right?
Maid: *nod*
Me: Let me tell you something. If the ppl is not using the thing, it doesn't mean that they don't want it or you can simply take it. I also put money on the table, why not you take it and say I am just leaving it there so you can take it?
Maid: *shake head and sob*
Me: I don't understand what is wrong with you. It's not the first time, and I am so SICK of telling this to you. I don't think you will ever change so I am not going to say it already. I just think you are sick. You know you are sick or not?
Maid: *nod* (niamah..what also nod)
me: You LIKE TO STEAL. THAT IS A SICKNESS. YOU UNDERSTAND? Wah samo last time I told you about my fren's maid stealing things and you teach me how to say LOOVIT samo. Now who is LOOVIT???? [Loovit=thief]
Maid: *nod*
Me: You want to go back Cambodia is it?
Maid: No. I want to stay.
Me: If you think that me and sir is not treating you nice enough, then you go. I can waste my money and send you back. I told my boss already I want to quit my job and take care of my sons and also clean the house myself. I also told sir already. Both of them asked me to think what to do.
Maid: You and sir treat me nice but when you all go into the room....
ME: You don't need to talk to me now. You think properly what you want to say and tell me. You want to go back Cambodia, can. No problem. Pack your bags and we will send you. But remember, you're here for 6 months. If you go back now, you won't have a SINGLE cent cos your 6 months pay goes to your agency. And if you think you can go back Cambodia NOW? You can dream on. They will take your name and picture out again and show another person. And if they choose you, you need to stay another 2 years. And please don't ever think about waking up at 7 am or go to bed at 10pm every night. Don't even dream about watching tv, eating with your boss outside, and sitting here not doing anything. You don't know how lucky you are to have me and sir as your boss. I know you wake up only need to take care of the kids while I work. I never say anything although the house is like shit. People say my house is smelly and dirty did I scold you? You think if you work for other people and they say that to the boss what will happen to the maid? You know, other maid also take care of the kids, because of that they cannot clean the house. They have to wake up at 5.30 or 6 to finish everything before the boss wake up.You wanna try that? You think what you wanna say to me, what you want to do.

What happen after that?

She play with my kids as though nuthing happen. I was looking for the baby walker parts and she helped me to look for it. We had our dinner and we rushed out when she was eating her dinner cos we need to bring Jayden for his Hep A 2nd jab.

This morning she acted like as if nothing happened. Later when the kids are napping I am going to ask her what is her decision. And if she decided to stay, then she gotto take out her belongings, and we will list out all the things she has and I will also snap pictures of it (if I have the timelah) I don't want to have anymore problems in the future about what belongs to who. Before she goes back to Cambodia, I will take out the list and match it with what is with her at that time. But then I might find my bag of bra inside her bag. That one will another story....


  1. adooooi. boiling man. susah man, ada maid susah, tarak maid susah.

    hope she will sang seng & be good lor hor. pray pray. all the best babe :)

    take care. come one, smile SMILE a bit... ah chiak!

  2. good idea to snap photo of her belonging n match it later.

  3. wah....can't wait for your update post on this.. hehehe... should also scare her with pay deduction!! It really works very well....

  4. haha... maid maid... byk susah punya org la..
    add on.. when you buy her additional stuff, make sure you snap photo also... :)
    keep cool ya...

  5. no wonder you 'pauhuitkun'. Just snap the photos of her things, no need to give her face. Save yourself from trouble in future. Also, better if you'd give her shelves to put her things, not cupboards. Open space .. easy to see and spotcheck her things

  6. if she say sorry...what would u do? forgive her n ask her continue or still send back?

  7. when i read this post, I also SMILE SMILE like that..:-D. See what is her decision go or not to go???

  8. oh ya... coz you smile smile like that.. next time when you angry, dont smile smile.. coz she might thought you "chi sin"... muahahhaa... your maid is funny... she expecting you to give her black face la..

  9. you mean you never ever checked her bag before? you shd my dear. checking but dont need to tell her.

  10. Wah, u really good..ler. Can some more talk to her so nicely. For me, I will immediately call her & give her a piece of my mind. My maid also told me she don't want to work with us send her to the agent. Don't know wat happen, later agent call us to pick her up. Her attitude change but don't know how long it can last. I'm still monitoring her...tired.

  11. wahhh..tension betul ada maid. my last maid very smart..those things u dun use often she'll keep (i suspect la). if u suddenly look for it, it'll appear, if not she'll keep till she balik kampung, suddenly she'll have a saudara to tumpang kirim barang balik. when she's gone then suddenly, u noticed banyak barang hilang.

  12. Oh~~~~~~~ Terrible maid....

  13. Wuah. you angry still can smile smile. Lol.

  14. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I see the things that she steals are necessity, is it possible if you buy her the stuff she needs to show her next time if she needs it to ask you instead?

  15. U talk so much to her, she understand or not ah? Maybe she takda faham leh. That's y she keep repeating the mistakes.

  16. so fierce also she's nothing ah???

  17. Such a siao maid... really asking for trouble.

  18. you are too nice to her la . after wat she did. I will make her to pay back see next time she will steel or not and stop bring her out for diner she cat eat her own shit , let her know you are really piss off with her also make sure tell her she got to clear up the house on the day if not she can work until she finish and no sleep . kids notty we will punish them maid bad also need to let them know la . after all you also so nice talk and explain to her still no in her brain so thick skin . show her your powder see next time she will try on or not .
    please show you are the BOSS LA. not her la Aiyoh .
    read your post I get so mad at her la can skin her off man!

  19. it is hard to change their attitude as they have been growing up in a very different environment. with my maid, i gave up liao as it only goes one ear in, one ear out. But i keep telling myself to focus the 'good' in her and see the benefits of having her around (such as I can rely her on the housework, help me with my sons and etc). i m lucky to have a maid who has really good memory as she can even tell me where i keep all my things, haha...

  20. sasha
    When you snap the photo
    You will find a treasure trove

  21. waliao eh..
    why so c*laka one???
    got maid = no maid la like dat...

    come time i gonna record show u how my little brother teach maid...
    he vr geng one in using maid... :P

  22. Do you think she will change after talking to her?

  23. oooohhh....already stress with 2 kids....also stress with maid!

    Poor thing! Sounds tough.

  24. aiyo...v 'tau tong' lah maid...just got to tahan or send them back. for the time being, i've decided to tahan my maid until 2 yrs habis - wat to do, agency fees exp oh

  25. mom2ashleyaidan1:02 AM

    ya i agree with chooi peng - take a picture of her belongings. also, after my experience with my previous doh-doh maid, i spot check my maid's bag once in a while when she is not around but thank God this maid of mine now is a good one la...

  26. aiyo susah... after reading your blog i also pening de... your blood preasure sure naik.

  27. Now if I think I want to change maid also I must think long long.. so many problems one ah?