Monday, June 01, 2009

What I found out later...

I gave her one good round of lecturing. Blardy 3 freaking hours until Jayden & Justin also fell asleep in the living room.

Finally she admitted she took my bra.

I asked her why she cannot tell me what she need when I keep asking her many times in the shoppingmall "What do you need?". She was SO CONSIDERATE "I don't want to use your money.....". Macam Betul.

So, I asked her to think overnight whether she wan't to stay or not.
Don't want to stay, easy. Pack bags and we will send her back to agent.
Cannot promise if the agent won't give her a WWE smackdown beating.
But I did remind her that the agent can remember her very well because I have called before and told them about what she said "No one teach me say sorry" or "Cambodia no need to say sorry". I told her agent say "bring her back and we will TEACH her how to say sorry". " I am sure they remember KHUNARY very well....."Her eyes nearly popped out when I said this.

If stay. Be prepared to face the challenge. Cos I don't trust her anymore. Life won't be as nice as last time. And if she steal anymore things besides my bra, she better admit it tomorrow or else when I find out she's in deep shit.Even if she can hide the things in the store room books or whetever ( and I mentioned about how she hide my mirror and tweezer in my hub's tools place) I will make sure she won't get to bring it out of the house or back to Cambodia. Wah.. the face macam so kesian.

Saturday morning came. I was preparing Jayden and myself for Shichida when she came in with her hokkien mee face "Maam can i say something to you". I was pissed cos i only went to bed at 1230am and Justin was tossing and crying the entire night. No sleep for me and somemore she showed me her black face. I told her "NOT NOW. I AM NOT FREE. TALK LATER". Normally Big C wil be at home with Justin. Big C will do his own thinggies and leave the maid to handle the small kiddo. But that day I took everyone, Big C, Small C, Little C hampalang Cs and left her alone. I told her "We're going out. You stay at home. If you don't wanna work, pack your bags and wait for me to come back. We will send you off today. If you wanna work, go wash my curtains, wipe the fan, wipe the window, wash the toilets blablablabla"

I came back all was done. She came to me and said she wanna say something to me.
Me: Okay. Talk.
Maid: Maam, I want to stay.
Me: Ah huh? And?
Maid: I am wrong
Me: So?
Maid: .....
Me: What else ?
Maid: ...................................................................................*sob*.......................kneel down one leg............kneel down 2 legs
Me: Stand up. I am not your king or your god. No need to kneel. I haven't DIE yet.

Yup, she thought I wanted her to kneel down. CheeSin.I think she watched too much chinese movie. Maybe I should let her watch the kungfu movie where they punish the ppl using kneeling method on the durian or the josstick. :P

She said she will follow whatever I said (I doubt it)
She said she won't steal anymore ( I doubt it)
She said she will be good for 1.5 years until she goes back (I doubt it)

I said "Okay. If you want to stay, I want you to take out all your things and show me. I will write down what you have. And you can only bring all the things I see today back to Cambodia."

She think think and said "okay"

So we went down and she took out her things. I asked her to open up every single cloth there is, opened up all the bag zippers, I dug her pants pockets. I flip her diariesssssss (manyak o). And what I discovered?

Her dead father's leg's skin.

For fark or what? I don't know. Jonzz said it sound like some black magic thinggy. I also suspected it.

She said she miss her father so she bring the leg skin. Niasing cannot bring baju or something ah?

Then I found my picture with Big C. Used to be in his wallet. I asked her why she is keeping our picture she said she just want to keep her bosses picture and she found from the rubbish bin.

Sounds more like black magic? Yeah I know.

In the diary I found her writting in chinese. She can read and write very limited chinese.

She likes to draw. I found her drawing some stickman. 4 stickmans. One wearing skirt, with 3 boys. One of the boys is really small with hair standing up (looks like Justin to me). She said she missed her family So she draw her family.


So, I took her to Giant and let her choose her bra and panties.

What I discover was, I know the reason why she took my bra. She doesn't know that Bra got sizes. She took one 32 and 3 pcs of 38. I asked her to try the 32 and she couldn't breath. I told her direct loudly "NO WONDER YOU STEALLLLLL MY BRA LA. Don't know got size ar?" Imagine how she stuff herself from 38 into a 32.

She bought face cleanser and also rubberband to tie her hair. I told her can buy in pasar malam but she insist to buy in giant. Suka hati la. I am going to use her angpow money and buy what.. better use all la.

So now, she is doing her stuff. I warned her, one more time its straight to the police station and I will ask the agent to pick her up from the police station. She said okay.

Big C said its not so nice that I go and flip her diary. Hey, I know its not nice. But if I never flip how can I find the picture and the Leg Skin you tell me? Maybe the I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU is for Big C? To be frank we did argue alot lately, maybe she jampi ah? How I know? Mabe she taruk some leg skin into the water we're drinking.

So how now? I also dunno how la. Very sien.

Anyone know someone that can read khymer? I got some letters which she said she doesn't want anymore. I wanna know what she write.

And I am so eager to find out if she ever throw some of the dead skin into our food or drink and what she did with out pic. Niamah don't let me find out if she try to harm us. That time, buddha also got fire.


  1. aiyo.. I kesian you la.. how la like that? still got 1.5 yrs more to go.. why don't you ask the agent whether they got anyone that know all this writings and stuff?

  2. i think you shd not blurt it out to her. if you really suspect something, just quietly talk to agent and send her packing in 30 mins. dont tell her until you are driving out to agent. otherwise, you never know what she is capable of doing to you and the kids. take care fren.

  3. its so scarry!!! guess you will be better off without her. how about a part time maid who comes to clean the house or wash/iron the clothes??

  4. For my little gal-Breanna : Yeah I called and she will check for me. Also will ask the agent to talk to her.

    Family First: Yeah. Thats why now I buat like I am okay edi. But I am checking. Thanks my fren.

    2ma: Yeah. if i really send her off then I don't maid anymore. I'll quit my job.

  5. anyway ... u must be extra careful with her.& ur kids, dont leave ur kids at home with her alone!!!.. so curious, why she keep her father dead skin ?? "geli"-la and why she keep ur photos ????

  6. dont think that is her father's skin. something more like jampi liao...

  7. can you post a picture of the dead father's leg skin ? I'd love to see.
    You did right, they are like mules. Wanna scold and teach, make sure it's kau-kau. Just keep a close watch on her for few weeks. Don't talk to her so much, keep a distance, let her know who's the boss.

  8. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I am quite angry reading all these comments as if she's not human. Maid is not a slave, she is embarrassed to say what she wants. If you can afford a maid why buying her necessities sounded like she's digging a hole in your wallet? She lives in Combodia for sake. All those whatever skin legs are her only security she felt, she is using those to curse you AT LEAST SHE'S NOT harming you and your family. If you want to blame, blame it on the agent that have sent you an inexperience maid that does not cater to your needs.

  9. How old is she again and she has any kids?? Perhaps understanding her background n where she is coming from will be better. I'm stuck with 1 maid dy..and once I got an alternative, i am going to FIRE HER on the spot.

  10. aiyo.. anoni apani tangachi... better be safe then sorry lor.. come to think bout it.. u still wud buy her things u consider good lor.. hopefully she wont "bagi kaki, nak betis lagi lah.." wakakakaka..

  11. Wah dead skin? Sure it is his father, maybe check with the agent to see if the father is alive. hair all standing up.

  12. Anonymous3:34 PM

    anonymous to anonymous.. u angry u dont read la. Skin Leg for security so make sure you also keep some yourself too hor .. want to wait till she harm and curse ppl "ham ka fu guai" only called HARM is it ??

    they wont be treated like slave if they've behaved well.. betul sasha ???

  13. kesian sasha
    For that letter, if you want, once you post it onto the net, it will get translated before you know it.
    Totally FOC

  14. aiyoooor... why like this one?!?! u did the right thing lo, check out her stuff. better safe than sorry man. cus u never know how sick can some maids be leh. real gila-fying :(

  15. Sasha, my Burmese factory staff speak very bahasa. If you don't mind, I will get him to read it for you. Also, I will ask about the disgusting leg skin for you.

  16. sound scarry man esp the dead skin and the stickman pix.. i think better send her off la... good for all.

  17. sound scary to me.. sometimes i feel that keeping a maid at home is like keeping a bomb at home which things can happen.

    Nowadays maids r they tend to 'act act' infront of the male employer. trying to get them to pity them.

  18. i dont hv good feeling abt this. i also feel that its black magic!

  19. etceteramommy7:52 PM

    Don't worry if her jampi works, she wont be caught red handed on the bras. Hate to invade her privacy but then if it's at the risk of your family's safety, get somebody to translate her diary too. I know.. I'm so sick but you only hv to do it once for peace of mind.

  20. After reading your long story bout your maid - it reminds me about my old maids.. Yes MAIDSsss. Keeping my pics, my hubby's pic and stealing BRA and my wedding ring!! And some other things that I didn't know..

    I know RM8K spent is really heartburn. But U rather live in a peaceful life instead of more doubts and argument wit Hubby. I totally know your current situation is a Battle of Yes or No.

    Just be firm to her. And watch her closely. My worries are your kids under her care. If possible dun let her alone to take care of your kids!

  21. The skin... urgh... so wrong... It's unhygienic... and it's creepy...

  22. go check with ur agent, i'm sure they got cambo speaker who can help you in that

  23.'s so scary... I thought I read wrongly when you mentioned about her dead father's leg skin...

    I respect you la...can still act so cool when discover all these. I don't think I can sleep la if I were you.

    So, how??? Maybe u can seek the advise from the agent and see what can be done?

    Blog more about your daily life here. So if she really jampi you, hope we can help you to discover the changes in you through your blog...(touch wood..touch wood...)

    Good luck to you la...

  24. mom2ashleyaidan12:54 AM

    this is indeed a problematic yo...but if you decide to send her back, you should not warn her. you should just get her into the car and drive off without her things. then you can pack her stuff and drop it off at the agent later. thats what we did with my previous doh-doh maid. she didnt know that we were sending her back to the agent until we reached the agency!

  25. Your maid sounds very scary Sasha!

  26. Anonymous5:58 AM

    ANONYMOUS 3 to the First ANONYMOUS , YES AGREE WITH YOU SHE IS A HUMAN TOO . BUT IF YOU HAVE READ MORE ABOUT WAT HAPPEN ALL THIS TIME IN SASHA BLOG YOU WILL KNOW WHY SASHA SO ANGRY , we all know human right , but some time if maid steel and take thing don't ask that is not acceptable when sasha have ask her so many time and very nice to her be4 .
    so please don't give such a horrible comment to sasha and think she is a very horrible personal she is not . Do you have a maid ?

    if you do . if the maid do the same thing to you and your family will you still so cool and still tell her please help yourself with anything you like in my home becos you are a human and you got all the right ?if you want to fuck my hubby also please help yourself and also use my bed too .... cos you got the right !

  27. Like that susah la. Pay so much and still she doesn't make your life easier. Can you still get a replacement? She's not stupid for sure and now that you know so much about her secret, I'm worried that she will try harder to hide things from you. Just be extra extra careful. Maybe you should confine her to downstair only and if you need her to clean upstair, you should be there too to keep an eye on her.

  28. @@' very scary ler.... u should try to google, leg skin n pic... (what if is a jampi) then u better get rid of her fast...

  29. Sounded spooky! Things like that do make u feel suspicious whether she jampi jampi or not

  30. read your maid story, just like reading mine! Even your conversation with your maid, just like mine with my princess!!

    I think all of them are the same? Talk to them like talking to a wall, once they angry they show u the hokkien mee face?? My princess still make me angry EVERYDAY!! Me is no more energy to scold her, i just ignore her, talk to her when ask her to do housework, ask her to take care my kids, i think i better do it myself. Like you said, we like maid more, that's why i call my maid "MY PRINCESS" she can stand tehre see you do thing and not make a move or help! If really want to write about my maid ar, another LONG LONG STORY!!!!

    Take care Sasha, don't trust her so much, they will tell you all the good things after a while, they "tend" to forget everything again, and do the same mistake again!!!!

  31. So creepy... Just take care..

  32. goodness...
    wat else could be with her...
    she might even hide something even more scarier..

    got dead skin smell or not ah?

  33. OMIGOSH !!! I hope no maid trouble anymore except then listening to instructions problem only...

    jampi and all that all too scary for me! heard too many scary maid story already.

  34. I don't even dare to go thru my maid's things. My prev maid, a young girl, oso got a lot of I Love U written all over her book. She got bf back in kg.
    Anyway, I'll jes wish u all the best. Coz u can't really 'fong' her as u're staying in the same hse. And it's gonna be difficult if u don't trust her at all.

  35. I read yr post...and all those comments...I very SCARED la! That father's leg skin thing is really so much worse than what my previous maid done to us! Cannot ask agent to replace meh???

  36. The whole thing sounds like story in movie!! SO SCARY!! How come keep the dead ppl's leg skin! Luckily she din bring along the skull! I guess u better send her back, don't keep a live bomb in the house, coz u wont know how deep she's gonna hurt u and your family! GOOD Luck, dear!

  37. aiyo sasha...u really made me laugh & kancheong reading this!! the leg skin really sounds scarry & 'cheh'!! i thought what u did were all so right & wise...sounds mature too, haha
    hopefully after this episode, she'll improve & things get better for you...sigh!! ooh ya, the khmer letter can fax to the agent & get it translated ma!!

  38. Yikes! Sorry you had to go through this. I have a maid phobia - don't trust them, jampi and everything. So, better slave myself.

    Be careful ya, especially when food is involved and also don' leave your children alone with her. But if I were you, I would have already send her packing.

  39. i dont think u were out of line. honestly. sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do to take care of your family's safety and the safety of your belongings!

    erkkkkk. dead father's skin???? what the heck is that about???

    ok here's my 2 cents' worth. i wish i had looked into my maid's stuff when she first came. so far she seems like an ok worker, blur but so far seems honest. but i still wish i'd looked into her things when she first came. it should be a standard procedure for everyone with their new maid. thats what i think. u have the right to know what is being brought into your house and into your family's life.

    be careful and take care of yourself, okay?!

  40. Why keep ppl's dead skin? Weird man.

    Btw, how are you going to trust her with the kids with the sot-sot dei mentality?

  41. If I were you, better change maids and quick!! Dont take anymore risks. When I sent my previous indon maid back, agent found all sachets of white powder sown in the lining of her bag, ANd my son who was only 6 months then cried non-stop for 3 days. HAd to bring him to church for some special prayers before he stopped. No point to kesian them.

  42. haiyo, maids long stories lor. I have 10 years of maids. I swear I will only take in weekend cleaners from now on. Those small pieces of purported "black magis" is so common. And those excuses, I think I have heard them all.

    Just go thru her stuff, give inappropriate items to her agent to be returned to her when she leaves Malaysia. Actually, most agents combed throught those belongings and do not let them bring suspicious stuff into the majikan's household (razors, blade, broken pieces of mirror, lizard skin, pieces of wood n herbs, macam macam la)

  43. When you have reached this stage, I think you may perhaps have to change maid for peace of mind even if it means loss of $$ to you.

  44. Is it really her dead father's skin? I'm not familiar with Cambodian culture but if you check around, maybe you'll find out something. You could even ask her...

    Reading the conversation, she does try to talk to you. Give her a chance?

    I miss my dead father and hey, if I can keep a piece of his skin, I would!

    Guess it may be hard but try not to jump to conclusions of 'black magic' when you find something unfamiliar. I like AllThingsPurple's suggestions about making a list of things etc she is not allowed to bring.

    I agree with your hubby that it's not nice to flip through her diaries. As a live-in maid, her room is her only private space because - the rest of the time she's in YOUR home (like living in a fishbowl, you know).

    I wouldn't even bother translating her the others said, so much has gone through between both of you. It's either you remove her or keep her.

    Try to put yourself in her shoes, how will you like it if you went to work in the UK / US / Australia etc and your employers treated you that way?

    I think it's already good she cares for Justin and Jayden so well. I think you're closing your eyes on her cleaning abilities because she's doing this part well - as you've mentioned, you hired her to take care of the kids, right?

    About the stealing - maybe she really needs a bra but was too shy to ask you...

    Isn't it better that she stole an unwanted bra to wear? At least she didn't go around bra-less!

    For every family who hires a maid, we have to remember that they are POOR and they will ENVY what we have - husband, house, kids whatever.

    I only see my cleaner 3x a week but I hear her say I'm so lucky:
    - my husband helps with household chores
    - my husband cares for me
    - I have a fridge!
    - my son has so many toys

    Anything that I throw away into the rubbish bin, she'll take out and check if it's working. If it is, she'll take it home.

    After that, I decided not to throw and check with her instead. Of course, I give her face...I'll say "I'm too fat already, can't're slimmer than me. Don't know if you want?"

    Really teruk stuff e.g. Hubby's 10 year old koyak-rabak Levi's jeans I put into a bag and told her it's to be thrown away. So, her choice lor if she takes it home...

    All the best! Watch that blood pressure ler...not worth getting all worked up. Save your energy for Big C and your little Cs :)