Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pulau Pemanggil

After 6 hours of bus ride and 1.5 hours of boat ride, we finally reached Pulau Pemanggil on Sat Morning. Yeap we travelled on Friday's night from 10pm, reached Johor Jetty at 4plus am and reached the resort at 6?7? cos we waited for the boat for a long time at the jetty. Msian public transportation including boat, never on time.

The bus ride was crazy, cos Jayden refused to sit on his own, so both me and Big C took turns to carry him and sleep. It was about 4 am when we reach the Jetty. Kids were all up. All blur. And worst, there's only ONE male toilet and ONE woman toilet at the Jetty.
So cold in the bus until my camera lense also all fogged up.

Justin was busy entertaining people or you can say people entertaining him all the time during the holiday.

The resort: Lanting Resort. Its up on the rocks. So alot of climbing and walking up the stairs action. I have never seen such steep stairs, and HUGE steps. It was hard for us to carry our kids up the stairs. I salute the "higher authorities" (the aunties) that went with us, especially 2nd aunty that used tongkat to walk.

This was from the makan place.

And this was from my room. Not much difference from the top picture cos our room was just next to the makan and tv place. Easy for us, but then comes at night the owner son loves to watch horror thai movie with very loud sound. Extra entertainment.

This is my cheeky son looking at me through our window.

We immediate check out the place and headed to the beach. What a dissapointing discovery when we saw the beach. It was so tiny and the sand were not completely brown or white. It was brownish black and very rough.
This is was Justin first time on the beach. We wanted to see if his reaction were the same as Jayden's reaction the last time we went to Langkawi.

Not forgetting the tiny toes in sand..

He asked us to carry him but we said no.. and then he

Cried aloud!

Wanna know his reaction when he first felt the wave?

From the beach.

The water was nice. But the beach was polluted with rubbish.

The wave was rough at this side. And its not so safe for the younger ones to play.

Jayden loves the sand and started to build sandcastles.

We spend a short time on the tiny beach and went for lunch. Lunch was mostly for adults. All spicy food. Jayden gotto drink Milo and ate some junk food as lunch. We kept thinking that there's alot to bring when you have a toddler and an infant traveling with you on a bus and on boat. So we didn't prepare alot of food cos we thought that there will be a shop selling food so we don't need to buy more. So wrong. so so wrong.

Since the beach was so tiny, everyone decided to go to another part of the island. So we travelled via boat. Like pelarian.
yeah, that's my maid.

The view from the boat was amazing.

The rocks, the water, the corals down under.

Jayden continuing his "work"

DSC_0233 DSC_0232
Justin checking out the shuvel that ended up in his mouth. Gotta taste everything you know? Including the sand.

We left early cos we don't know if the boat fler will keep to his words or not to return on time. We went back and had a good bath. Then it was dinner time and the rest of them came back. It was like 3 hours later that the boat fler went to get them. And before they got back, they were sent to another jetty for bath, cos they said there are not enough water in the resort for everyone to bath. Lucky for us! Dinner was as usual, spicy spicy spicy food. Luckily they have sup ayam and Jayden only ate sup with rice.

The 2nd day, some went for island hopping. With the kids,no way we can hop. So we went to another island/beach around the corner to play at the beachside.

The sky was bright but not that hot.

The sand were whiter and softer. And the kids transformed Justin into a merboy.

and the water is calmer, even he is accepting it.

Stripped him and into the water we went..
He loved it!

They even found some mangoes and everyone ate including Mr Jayden Chan.
Jayden says: Very busy la. This mango is so nice!

Me with my two burnt Js!

Our not so nice family pic. Better than none!

This place is nicer than the one we went before the day. We saw live corals

colourful fishes, some sotongs,

and also 4 turtles.

I brought Jayden to swim in the ocean. He enjoyed it and not scared at all. Proly he didn't notice that there were huge fishes swimming around us.

After that we showered and waited for quite a long time for the resort people. So everyone was bored and started camwhoring.
He's all ready for everyone to snap pics.

rinzen taking pic of justin
Rinzen, Justin's cousin taking his pic.

I love his tanned skin. So macho.

The last night we had a so-called bbq dinner. This time we ordered maggie mee an hour before the dinner for our kids. We have no idea what they have for the kids. Mana tau they served us rice with dishes and spagetti too. Jayden love button mushroom now, so he ate althought he ate abit of maggie mee before that. Then when we're about to finish our dinner, the bbq came. Few pieces for everyone, if you want more, you gotto wait. :S Anyway, our meal time feels like we're in some camp and not holiday. CANNOT DO THIS. CANNOT DO THAT. Q-UP LIKE THIS, FROM HERE TO HERE. DON'T SPILL YOUR DRINK. BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA. Alot of rules.

Told us that the boat will pick us up at 7am. Half way through the dinner they told us that boat is coming at 6am. Mana tau by 4ish the boat started honking and my door was the first door they knocked asking us to wake up and get ready.
It was about 5am when we rushed to the boat cos they're honking like mad. And guess what we gotto wait for such a long time cos the other group, took their own sweet time getting ready. We slept in the boat. I slept too. Cos i didn't sleep for 2 nights. Why? Tell you later.

Anyway after the boat ride we stopped by for breakfast prepared by the owner at this playground/makan place. And snapped a family pic.
many cameras + very very hot and sunny day + cranky kids + jumping Jayden = picture taking very long!

So what contributed to my sleepless nights?

The first night i got these bites. 16 of it on my back and my leg. I think its bed bug but the owner insisted saying that his place is free from bed bug and no one kena like this before. A few others kena also but not as bad as mine. He then ordered the staff to clean our room and change the bed sheet after they spray some insect spray. I thought that I can sleep well, I was wrong. First the owner's son watched horror thai movie really loud. And then midnight came, I felt like something was crawling on my arms. So I flicked my hand hard. The THING fell onto my blanket. It was a something like a giant gonggok but when it curls up, its like a ball. I have no freaking idea what it is but its big like 20cents coin. I picked it up using a zipper bag and went to show the owner. He said "Oh this one not the one that bite you. This one is nothing wan..." Halo? So big and crawling on my body at night and its nothing? So the whole night i was brushing my hand, my leg, my head. Basically no sleep. I slept like log in the boat and also in the bus.

Normally ppl will say "boy i wish i can stay here longer" But not for this trip. All i wished for was "Faster. Faster. Faster!". Jayden kept telling me "I don't Like (the bed). I want to go 99. I want to 7-11. But Vitagen". When we reached home, everyone had this tired kinda smile on the face. I guess everyone was thinking about the same thing. HOME-SWEET-HOME!


  1. wah..the water looks vy clear..but poor u kena bite all over!!

  2. salute you wo, went on a bus with a baby and an active toddler.

    Poor you, got such a bite. I hope you are feeling better now.

    you got such a big family?? so many ppl going there together??

  3. OMIGOSH...HATED the cannot sleep reason!!!

    It hink I would have created a RUCKUS !!!

    but the day time activities looked really fun!

  4. AND YES....6 hour journey with bus and boat? What were you thinking? Suicide??

    hahahaha.....hats off to you woman!

  5. fr the pic , the place look so serene!

    aiyo..your sexy back kena bite like that....hope u r better now!

  6. despite all that, the island has a very scenic view. beautiful sea but lousy Msian hospitality.
    I like yr Merboy picture, he's soo cute. Thanks for warning us on Pulau Pemanggil.

  7. the sea is beautiful and the pics are great. poor you being bitten so many times. i don't think i can survive such a long journey. next time, must tell the organizer to select a baby-friendly place and no bed bugs...hehehehehe

  8. my goodness..yr back!!! ouch ouch.. yes, i wanna go home too.. only the clear coral looks attractive plus the sunrise pic..
    anyway, thanks for showing the pics.. looking at them seems like i been there already..hahaha....

    btw, how did u make the pics grow "alive".. geng.. yr son is so cute, esp his reaction at the first wave...

  9. wow...sooo big group go for holidays wow...

    aiyo....painful or not your back... look sooo sexy on the mummy

  10. yeee....the bites are disgusting. thank goodness, they din attack your 2 boys!

  11. wah, u so efficient...stories all up with photos also. we went to an island too but i no time (lazy) to update . :)

    never heard of this pulau before but it sure looks nice.

    at least justin loves the beach, can't say the same for my hayeli. and also, at least jayden let you take him out to the sea, can't say the same for my ryeli.

    wanna say u look good in ur swimsuit minus the bites. u still daring eh, i cover everything up on my tummy coz still flabby la.

    we shld take the bus also nxt time coz hubby drove 7-8 hrs this trip and it was tiring with a tot and a baby.

    nic pics!

  12. from the pic..looks like a nice get-away. but now, i also dont want to go dy...

    Justin stomach very big boss only ;p

  13. aiyer, very geli la. some more dont know what is that creature crawling over u. u shd snap the photos. why didnt u go to tioman leh since u hv to spend so much time in bus and boat? i didnt wanna go tioman because of travelling so many hrs in car and boat. so mah fan with children ler..
    hope the bite marks will go away soon

  14. OMG! I look at your "back picture" so geli!! Hope it getting better now.

    Wah! What a big group! Must be havoc ar?? hahhahaha

    Nice scenery!! Very beautiful!!

  15. phew. awesome pictures as usual but at the end of the entry i also got tired just imagining how tired u must've felt!!

    at first i was thinking.. heyy nice location, maybe we can try it too. after reading the no-sleep reason....


    hope the bug bites are healing!

  16. Aiyoooh those bites! You know, I love those animated pictures of yours. They are great! Much better than the picture of the bites. Hahaha.

  17. aiyo.. poor thing la you kena bite like that... the pic of jayden and justin are fun looking :) At least a holiday rite... :) welcome home!

  18. yor... nice holidays with so many ppl! i likey! but the bites... eeewwww yuck! benci!!!!

  19. Was that bed bugs? Still can wear bare back swim wear. :P

  20. etceteramommy11:07 PM

    OMG those bites... omg!!!!

    You look tanned in the pics!

  21. So adventurous! Naik bas n sampan with bb n kiddo to a beautiful island for hol. Awesome pics! Ur back ok edi?

  22. Very nice photo!
    I like the photo you sit with Jayden

    And also that ... sand merboy? :P

  23. from the way you put it sounds so tiring and rushing too... But i like the merboy photo he looks so happy.

  24. I salute you and your husband for being able to go on a long bus and ferry ride with a 3 year old and a baby boy! My husband would have killed me at such a thought of wanting to travel taking my 21 month old on a bus ride back to Penang. =)

    The view from the island looks really tempting but the bites on your back suggest otherwise. I hope your back is recovering from the bites now.

    You are really one tough mommy! *salute* =)

  25. Despite the swollen bug bites, you still look very sexy in the last picture :P Nice curve after 2 kids, not easy ler!

  26. Wah.. Lokks really nice la.. except for the bities... :-(
    You can actually buy some cream for those nasty bites at the pharmacy.

  27. wow...yr family of such big group going for a vacation tgth is really no joke man!! justin despite many 1st time, looked very happy!! ooh...yr back so bad ahh, kesian but i was more attracted by the " S " shape still wor, hahaha

  28. I'm always amazed at how hot you still look for a Mom of 2!

    Ohhh...those nasty bites - you must have 'sweet blood' to attract so many LOL.

    Justin is looking so cute and cuddly...he has such a great smile!!! A real charmer, ya.

  29. psst.. sure not love bites?

  30. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I went to Pemanggil 4 times already. Since I was a avid angler, this place is heaven, but not a good place for families outing. The bed bugs are there, trust me..and the pillows are hard as rock. In the end , I used my towel as my pillow.

    Still Din running the place? Last time, the jetty was not, gotta jump onto the beach... and the boat ride is still 4 hours from Mersing ??

    for family outing, I suggest Tioman or the Sibu island kelong,,,not bad too...