Monday, June 22, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty...

See what I bought....

Can you see the glitter? Okay I know you cannot see it cos my dslr sucks. But then I am sure you can see the kitty..


A compartment to store the lil brush.

Its's very affordable. How muchie??? Less than Rm25. Yeap, its very cheap.  She also has foundations, lip gloss, lipsticks all from the same brand. And the brand comes with bling bling diamond on it. Very the cutie.

A friend brought it back from somewhere and she's asking if anyone is interested with this. If you're interested, email me and I'll tell you where to get it. 


  1. that is cute and cheap. too bad i'm not a kitty fan. also, so cute that i don't think i will ruin kitty's face on the make up la...

    but i'm sure the kitty fans out there will want the whole set for keepsakes.

    btw, i saw ur msgs on fb on ur maid. i feel for u! hope she's out of ur life already.

  2. wei, so cheap????

  3. wuah..i wan to know...

  4. wah at first i ingat ur maid beli all these LOL...

    RM25 that's cheap!!

  5. Hi, may i know where did you buy it? My cousin really likes Kitty and Mac, thought i could buy some for her! Thanks (^^ )!

  6. wei betul betul MAC product cannot b so cheap wor...if it's betul betul one i want la...if imitasi dunwan la...

  7. So cute! God, I am sure my girl will love it! hahha!

  8. Tell me .. i want i want i want.

  9. So cute, can really put on the face?
    is it a toy, haha

  10. Anonymous10:42 PM

    ooh... so cheap. can u plz tell me where to get it. thanks so much.

  11. Are you a Kitty fan too!!? So kancheng lah ! Kitty power..

  12. hi sasha,

    interested to get the product, so cute...

    care to share where shall i get it ? Thanks