Thursday, July 20, 2006

Beh tahan…

You know sometimes, you’re out there and suddenly something just pass right in front of you and you can’t stop staring at it. Not admiring the view…but find it yucky and irritating. Yet, you wanna stare at it…I wonder why…

1. Dented padded bra.
Really beh-tahan those ppl who wear padded bra and don’t know how to take good care of it. [Sorry, used to be in lingerie industry, so very sensitive about everything connected to lingerie]. Dented bra looks like u have stuffed tissue paper into your bra just to make it look bigger. Esp those EXTRA THICK padding. Wah lau…look damn fake. It’s not wrong to have small breast and it’s not wrong to wear padding bra. But take care good care of it la…

2. Big breast and nipples showing.
Okay, so you have big breast. So you have no choice to wear the non-padded bra. But don’t go and wear the extra thin one la… until your nipples can show when its cold. I don’t know about the guys..But I find it to be fugly.

3. Wrong Bra Size.
Some too big but wears small bra. You looked like you have 4 breasts.
Some too small but wears big bra. When you lean forward, can see everything. So rahsia terbongkar...Oppsss!

4. Ugly Pregnant clothes
I don’t know why..But I think a woman looks best:

- on her wedding day
- when she’s pregnant
- Looks good while carrying her baby. (that’s my plan!)

I know many women out there thinks that its not worth it to spend money on maternity clothes since you’re gonna wear it like for few months only. But I believe that beautiful preggie mommies will be happier and will produce happier babies. :)

And stay away from fugly hand-me-down maternity clothes. Some of the maternity clothes I saw are really OLD. How do I know its old? Well, the buttons start to come off, the colours’ off, the seams are off, some looks like curtain, some looks like table cloth…ugly ugly ugly

Why not just spend like RM300 and get some decent, nice and affordable maternity wear. That RM300 is not gonna help much when the baby comes anyway…

5. Chunky heels.
Hey, spice girls boh liao la. It’s off-season already. But u can still see those creature wearing the chunky heels. I always see them at pasar malam..and I repeatedly told my hubby… "you know if you’re travelling and you want to straighten your need to iron, just place the heels on the shirt and leave it for ½ hour. "

Too bad I don’t have pictures to show. But I will try my best to snap some and post it up. Hahahaha


  1. worst was those pregnant ladies trying to still wear normal t-shirts, exposing the bellies with inverted buttons.. x.x

  2. another thing: VPLs. i've blogged about them quie a bit b4.

  3. chunky heels - they're called "platform shoes". They're disgusting alright. XD

  4. KY: Errr.. I did that b4.But only for few times la ;P But I don't have inverted belly button. So not so ugly la. Haha

    Oli: What's VPL? *blur*

    Michael: Yes! Platform Shoes! I was trying to think what was the real name for it. Eh, no more pictures of Regine?

  5. No lah, not going to post too much of Regine's photo. I don't want her to come back to me 20 years later and tell me she's unhappy about it.

  6. Michael: Aiyah...But I hope there's still blogs about her growing up. I think she no longer make otak-otak nowadays huh? My son makes "keropok lekor". :)

  7. Oli: Got it. Visible Panty Line....gross..

  8. Hey....I know who is the 1 tat wear padded bra in our company..

  9. Anonymous8:37 AM

    hi Sasha.. great blog! I stumbled on your site by accident... :-) Glad I did that. Over here, G-string with white pants/skirt... can even see the color of the G-string! G-string more expensive than normal undies..geez the smaller and less fabric, more expensive??? :-D