Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pre and Post Natal Weight

…. 111, 112, 113, 114. Today marks my 114th day after I gave birth. In my previous post in frenster, I did mentioned that everyone says that you will only start to shed your postnatal weight after your 100th day after delivery. True enough, in these 14 days, I have lost about 2.5 kgs.

I have received a somehow rather nasty message in my frenster… it was from my long lost secondary school mate. Guess what she wrote: You looked like you’ve gained a lot of weight compared to your high school days. Knowing her attitude which is full of jealousy and sarcasticm, I know the message was full with "evilness".

Pissed with her remark..this is how I have replied : Really? I remember that I used to be 62kgs when I was in secondary and now I weight 58kgs after giving birth. Oh ya..you haven’t seen me for about ..errr 8 years? Have a look at my pictures after secondary life here --> (I gave her a link to my skinny old days pictures and specially linked her to my bikini honeymoon picture in Bali).

She never replied. Waited a few days later. Still no reply.

Still pissed and wanted to make her even more pissed…I left her a message in her frenster (by the way, she didn’t even post any picture in her page..i wonder why ..hahaha) My message goes like this : Hey, XXX why never post any picture in your page? Post la..at least if I happens to see you outside..i can recognise you!

She never post any picture and no more messages from her ....ever..

I’m really looking forward to get back to my original weight before being pregnant…that’s about 5.5 more kgs. I CAN DO IT! I want to get back to my original weight because:

  1. I want to shut the auntie’s nasty comments of " why u still so fat?"
  2. I want to shut a cousin of mine who keep asking …"you never go to any slimming saloon meh?"
  3. I want to shut my department’s ICI DULUX WEATHERBOND (if you know what I mean..) secretary’s mouth..who keeps saying .. "Sasha..you gained a lot of weight huh? Dulu u sliiiiiim aje kan? Sekarang..*sengih sengih*…while eating non-stop like there’s no tomorrow…PIG!
  4. I want to bloody shut the biacth that sits near my work place that used to say that "i bluffed " cos i wore a corset?? Look, no corset. Shut up. BTW, ppl wear corset cos they want to have a better posture and some wear it to slim down. But what you care..just shut up-la! hahahaha
  5. I want to wear my super low waist jeans……I miss you Levi's…mummy’s coming!
  6. I want to be the Sexy Yummy Mummylicious for my Jayden Boy.. OK OK not for my Jayden Boy. For myself…awwww…hehehe

I’m so damn frust with my job…my proposal is still a powerpoint with many blank pages…all I do is reading people’s blog and here’s my latest amusement for myself..a graph of my pre and post weight.....


  1. chill honey :) the ppl keep pestering on your weight, you wanna know why? cos deep in their heart, they r JEALOUS dat you can lose weight faster than they possibly can! let them aunty aunty semua cakap cakap saje. you know yourself well, you know what you're doing. so relax and love yourself!

  2. Yes Oli! I know they're jealous..and the worst part is they have to live with it! haha