Friday, July 07, 2006

A Mom at 25 1/2.

I have recently found a long lost good friend through the very famous friendster. We began to chat in MSN and to my surprise, she actually complaint about not having enough time for herself when she’s not even a mother yet, stays with her in-laws (who does all the house work) and since she’s staying with her in-laws, the expenses shouldn’t be high too.

Registered on the same day, we have both leads a very different life other than being married at 24. To me, she’s still free and should be able to enjoy life more than me since now I’m already a mother of a 3 ½ months old baby boy.

Many people have indirectly asked me whether my pregnancy was an accident since I’m so young and "looked active". Even my sister was suspicious and wondered. And my answer would be, "Come and I tell you how to plan and get pregnant the first time you try" and they’ll buzz off. Why can’t I be a mother at 25? My ex-boss used to say that " Isn’t it too early for you to get pregnant at 25?". And my answer to him that really shut him off: "If I’m ready, why not? Then wait till when? 30? At least when I’m 50, my son is already 25. I can retire if I want to at 50".

Of course, being a mother at 25 means that :

  • No more night outings
  • No more clubbing(not that I really enjoyed it)
  • No more romantic outings alone with my hubby
  • You have to deal with the post natal depression – post natal weight, stretchmarks, bla bla bla
  • No more good sleep
  • No more rest
  • Comments from the older generations on how to raise your kid and the nasty comments about how you’ve not lost your postnatal weight yet (Auntie, what you expect? You think I can put a hose into my body and pump it out straight ka?)

With those reasons, I understand why women nowadays choose to give birth later. But I think its not about the age thinggy. It’s about how ready you are to go to another level. Of course I will have my ups and downs esp with the sleepless nights and no more rest…But when you’re alone with your baby and when he smiles at’ll understand what is satisfaction and happiness.

Me and my Jayden Boy


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