Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stupid Managers

Miss x : Your son so cute
Sasha : Thanks.
Miss x : I'm going to work in XXX already soon. You know about that company?
Sasha : Yeah. They offered me to be their 1st batch of mkting ppl. Cheryl is the GM. She's the one that
interviewed me last time.
Miss x : What else u know about the company?
Sasha : U never ask her? didn't she interview u?
Miss x : its a multinational company.
Sasha : yup.small multinational company.
Miss x : what position they offer to u last time?
Sasha : Exec. I know they're looking for they offer u manager la? i think the previous manager
lasted for about a year only.
Miss x : Manager.
Sasha : o manager.
Sasha : enjoy...
Miss x : u mean mkting only got 2 ppl?
Sasha : Ya. you dunno meh? u dunno about the history? why u never ask during yr interview?
Miss x : oh. now i remember. last time u told me u got offered to work in beauty company. but never take cos
u dun really like.
Sasha : i didn't take it cos they interviewed me and want to take me in the next day. they want immediate answer.
Miss x : at least they dun owe staff EPF.
Sasha : all company DON'T owe staff EPF. Only fucked up company owe people EPF.
Miss x : maybe...
Sasha : What maybe. IT'S MEMANG THE LAW.

Sometimes i wonder...what is wrong with the ppl that hire these craps. Miss x is my ex-colleague when we worked in a slimming & beauty company. With the title "Marketing Executive" her duty is to cut and file all the adverts about slimming and beauty promotion for reference. Besides that, her duty is to key-in new customer database in the excel sheet and generate birthday cards to the members on thier bday. TAT'S ALL.

I left that crappy place in 1 month time cos it's so damn boring although the pay is good. She then followed my footstep and landed in another company..and another and now another. I always get msn msgs with the questions like:

  • can u give me creative agency contact?
  • which one is cheapest?
  • how to do advertisement?
  • what is colour proof?
  • have to do proposal before advertise?
  • huh? what concept?
  • u have contact for photographer?
  • u have contact for make up artist?
  • where to find models?
  • how to do photoshooting? Have to do photoshoot schedule? how to do?

I really wonder how companies hire ppl like her to do marketing when she know nuts about everything in mkting besides cutting and pasting adverts in a file. All she knows is that the company is MNC and don't owe staff EPF.

Now I know why some companies have stupid managers...cos HR looks at the damn expressive resume (which most of us know...there's many to copy and paste from the internet) and the "years of experience". How about the "real" experience and knowledge about marketing?

hmmmm felt like calling the GM and tell her about Miss x...hmmm probably i'll just leave it.

*wave* good luck small multinational company that don't owe staff've found the right candidate!

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