Friday, March 14, 2008

Just too shy to show it.

My son used to call me "Meh Meh". Then she stopped calling me MehMeh. Whenever he need something he will come close to me and asked me to do it or pull my hands and asked me to take for him. Once, her called me "Mami" and I said "Pandai" and he fast fast ran away. I guess he accidently call me.

He refused to kiss me on the lips or cheeks. But he will bring his cheeks and touch mine.

He also refused to hug me when I asked him to. He will run away, with a very shy smile.

Everyday he will wait for his father to come back, and he will be jumping up and down saying "DA DI DI!!!"

That made me think - He doesn't love me? He loves his Dadidi more than me?

And then I was browsing through my pics just now and I realised something.

Lil J is exactly like his father. Doesn't call or greet me. When he need something he will walk near me and tell me.


Of all thing, he has his dad's genes --> shy to show affection towards this woman.

But I know one thing, they love me very much,but just too shy to show it. :)


  1. Wuah lau eh! Like father like son neh! Not only the looks, expressions, the character too. Hahaha.

    Of course they both love u lar, they both don't show only - too shy to show (heehee).

    At least ur lou kung goes near u to ask and tell u, mine ah, will 'ei' from far to ask me to get something for him ... sigh ...

    exactly lar
    wahlau, ahahahaha.... i can't stop laughing at the pic
    cannot run lar, really chan gene...

  3. At least you have two men in your life, who love you to bits ^-^

  4. waliow...the expression is like FOTOKOPI man!!

  5. funny the faces :p

  6. sasha,
    Jayden really look like his father! Haha!

    By the way, almost all guys are like that, no? Liu liu!:P

  7. Poor you, feel so left out. Faster get another one with most of your gen.

  8. Like father like son.

    Funny picture though. :D

  9. Aisay... macam photostat leh. :D Big C doesn't mind u putting up this pic of him?

  10. Plant more red flowers! Sure can get a girl next time. Girls are more affectionate.

  11. MUAHAHAHHAHAHA....see i told you, Lil Jay is like his daddy :D

  12. haha, that's a very cute photo.

    you must be really sweet thinking of them ...

  13. wah...really sama sama!!!!!

  14. awwww... buahahaha... awwww... buahahaha... excuse me ah, i donno what i should do, laff or cry :D

  15. blog it too? Good thing you didn't talk about the other topic... hehehe... So as we can see Jayden is exectly like his dad.

  16. etceteramommy11:42 PM

    Hahaha.. did B C go to you and say 'B.. why la you post that pic of mine?' :P

  17. I LOVE THE PHOTO!!! Hahahha a chip off the old block! Jayden loves you lah....see who he runs to when he is in trouble? They will continue to do that even when they are 50!

  18. i think u should frame the photos together, side by side ;)

  19. wuahaha! you should frame the photo up.

    different people will have different way to express their love. the important thing is you know they love you very much.

  20. now i know where he got his gene from.. if u didnt show us this photo, i wld think that u r just being sensitive..hehe..

  21. wahhh if there's those father n son look alike contest..sure winner!!

  22. tracy: so coming near is good?

    Shannon: dun laugh so loud la!

    Yenjai: yeah..:)

    Nomadicmum: fotokopi right?

    M2QiQi: hehe

    Kok:Nolah..some guy very expressive wan ;)

    MybabyBay: Yeah soon.

    elaine: Yeap. Like father like son.

    slavemum" Nolah he very sporting wan. ;)

    Vien: hahaha mY garden DIED EDI LA!!!

    Mommy to Chumsy : Yeah hehe

    Greenapple: sigh..when bored at work think about them lo..

    mott : YAY! u came back!

    raggedyanne : hahahahahha me too!

    jwblizz: oh the other pic..sensitive,, cannot cannot

    etceteramommy: Oh nola. I asked him to see the pic he never say anything but he came back and gave me a big hug and kiss ;)

    Bryan's Mama : :) thanks

    BabyBooned: hahah maybe i should!

    TheBlueRanger : yeah mine is the silent way hahaha

    wen: hehe

    laundryamah : hehe thanks

  23. can it be so same wan?
    no need any dna test, hahahaha

    but that's really young for him to be that 'shy' hor!! maybe lil J matures !!

    doesn't matter like u say as long as they both love u so much!!

  24. sent this picture for contest, sure win!

  25. Now I know what u mean about your hubby and Jayden's photo. LOL!

  26. Now, tell me, what did you give the big C to get him to pose like the small C. Hahahahaha.

  27. LOL! That photo - priceless....
    You've got 2 shy guys in da house!

  28. mama bok3:44 PM

    Hehehe!! they sure looked alike eh.. :) Of course they love you ..!


    cannot!! cannot let ur son be so "tough"!! must show soft side wan!!! =P hehehe

    but he's still young..he'll learn..and ofcourse he loves mummy!!!!!!!

    can put that photo for father like son! hehehe =D

  30. lol. so so cute. yeah. like father like son.

  31. You train him to be affectionate la..

    got born to be shy to show affection one ah?