Friday, October 19, 2007

Operation Chut Chut-less:Day2

Last night when I went to pick J up, the first thing I asked the nanny was “did he ask for it today?” Nanny asked back “What? Ohh that “thing” ah …no wor..” *yippee*

At first he was alright. Then he started fussing and asking us to go out. He kept on asking me to put on his shoes for him. His dadi hugged his precious son and begged asked me to give him his pacifier and told me to stop, we need to gradually stop it and not just stop immediately. (Potong stim betul). I just ignored him and told him in another few more hours, he’s off the pacifier for 2 days and soon he will be totally off the pacifier, just like the last time I have insisted that he sleeps on his own bed and I we did it in just 3 days time.

Since dadi wants to pump petrol, we went to a nearby petrol station. Once we reached the petrol kiosk, our lil guy went and sat on the chair and pointed at the cake and squiggles and nodded his head.( It means I want that one, yes yes). Nope, I know he sure will just bite and spit it out. So we bought him vitagen. And he played kejar-kejar in the petrol kiosk….with errr himself!

Drinking his vitagen.

Then I got a call from my colleague and he asked us to go for a minum. So we to nearby mamak stall and ordered some tosai and roti canai and he happily enjoyed himself. But then suddenly I think his craving came. He started to fuss and cry for no reason. Or maybe he is just sleepy and wanted his milk.
Eating his tosai.

So we went home and he happily enjoyed his milk and watched his show. Then I off the tv and the lights. He was giggling and trying to reach out his hands to play kejar kejar with me again and I said (like every might, we must say this before he sleep) Close Your Eyes!

And like always, he slept.

This morning after his milk, he sat in his playpen for a while and he tried to look for it. But I guess he reminded himself “No, no more”. And he went back to sleep.



  1. Wow, congrat!! 2 days in the row he is chut-chut free!!! Soon he will forget about the chut-chut! Well done Sasha!

  2. Woah! so fast he forgot about his "chut-chut" ledi. Jayden bolihhhh!!

  3. Yahoo!Jayden clever boy!Good also use something to make him forget the chut-chut :P

  4. u r doing the right thing.

    cold turkey is the way to go. cannot gip up gradually such thing!

    now..someone...teach me how to chop thumbs out ah?

  5. U made it sound quite ez. Hope CE will be as 'forgetful' as J when the time comes. Good luck with Day 3!

  6. Wah what a good boy, not a single cry. Your babysitter is so cool, can co-op with you.

  7. wah,seemed like so easy to wean off his chut chut, jayden is a good boy

  8. Sasha,
    I'm your Fan-cy reading your interesting blog for almost 6 mths . I always looking fwd for your new posts. I normally dun post any comments but this time I must lar.

    Juz wanted to say 'Congrats' (soon to be) for weaning off Jayden's pacifier.

    So is time to celebrate without any Chut Chut :)

  9. If not wail so bad, dun give is very good already he can go about chut-chutless just with the short 2 almost did it J boy...

  10. Congrats..! jayden so clever lor..!

  11. Yeah Jayden!! Good job!! :)

  12. joanne: Thanks :)

    Ace: Halo Friend long time no see!

    Eva: Yeah but tiring for us!

    Mott: But i felt very evil leh...

    slavemom: ermm cos i insisted if his dadi ...*yawn* no need to stop sucking wan

    michelle: cos she's been nagging me asking me to stop him from taking it..thats why hahaha

    Huisia: too early to say that

    My Lil' Monster : Thanks for your support!

    Lemonjude : yeah he is fine, no wailing ..yet.

    mama bok: I hope i berjaya!

    Anggie's journel Thanks! ;)

    BlurMommy : Thanks! :)

  13. Well done Jayden! I know it's not easy. Luckily my little girl has never fallen in love with a pacifier.

  14. Jayden so good boy! Never fuss for his jut jut. Hmmmm..when is my turn to take off jut jut from my boys ar? They can remember their jut jut most of the time and really hard to distract them off to other things. :(

  15. very cute pictures :)

    i sumbled upon here through the photo hunters team :)

    Gentle And Compassionate

  16. Bravo to Jayden, so fast can be weaned off from chut chut. Good job mummy!

  17. yupeeeeee! faster update. day 3 leh?

    meaning, he very ' forgetful ' wor:P hehaha...hv a gd sat!
    i see him eat tosai i oso wan tim

  18. Hey Jayden and the mummy. Admire your strong will.

  19. my favorite boy here.. JD really matured now... well done sasha. well done :)

  20. Congrats!! very persistent mumy lar......good !!