Thursday, October 11, 2007

ella ella ella eh eh eh

Place: In the Car
Weather: Raining
Venue: Outside Sasha's Mum House

Sasha : Babe, you help me take the umbrella, ella ella ella ella ella eh eh eh eh
Big C: Okay, you wait. I go take Umbrella, ella ella ella ella eh eh eh
Sasha : Okay I carry him, you hold umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh
Big C: Okay, ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh

Sudah gila gila gila gila la la la la

I like this ella ella ella girl..look at her complexion...i wanna touch her face...

and then this video make me wanna cry........So kamtung (emotional song)

Okay, now i wanna go back to my tempurung to hide and cry....

Happy Holiday semua...


  1. Young and pretty girl there...Hope you have a wonderful long holiday with your family..

  2. *peeps under tempurung*

    Chak!! Wanna come out and play? Don't hide leh ....

  3. can i peep under the tempurung too??

    it sounds like a good and comfy place.

    "There, there..." *pat pat on the back* (pujuk-ing / comforting sasha)

  4. ella ella ella eh eh eh..dont cry dont round the corner lo..have a good holiday with ur family!

  5. nice to see you in facebook :)

  6. hahah!
    that song is quite catchy...

  7. Wah.. nowadays this song quite hit le.. My housy also sing this songs always.. The fitness center also on this song during the workout.

  8. Wow..!! so beautiful and talented..!! i like..!! what's her name..??

  9. i think a lot of ppl out there can play the guitar and sing like her. but she is going to be a big star... simply becos she is... hot!

  10. I can't help but imagine her in bed moaning...."ella ella ella eh eh ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"


  11. Sounds cheerful to me. Why wanna go hide n cry leh?

  12. Ello sasha, I kam here check on you, why u wanna hide in tempurung? ((pat, pat)) dun be sad ya weekend kambing soon.

  13. Oh dear, why u wanna hide & cry leh?? *hugs* Come out & enjoy ur holiday mah.. :)

  14. yup, her complexion is really nice.

  15. oh shit, that was such a funny conversation. Now I have to download that song.

    I just heard it at a party earlier and reading what you wrote after that cracked me up.

    That chick playing the guitar looks like Lindsay Lohan. I hope whoever she is... she doesn't end up like her.