Friday, November 02, 2007

The woman and her husband and her lovers.

Like I've said in my previous post. I really lausai post today. This is my 2nd post of the day.

Anyway, while waiting to see doctor yesterday, I came across this article in one of the magazines.

The woman(X) wrote that her husband had not touched her for more than a year. She argued with the husband about it saying that the husband is definitely seeing someone else for sx and he had a mistress. But the husband denied it saying that he love her too much and it's just because he doesn't feel like having sx. Yes, for 1 1/2 freaking year.

And because of that, she thought of divorce. But, she still love her husband too much. So she stayed on and they went on like that for many many months. She wrote that they will cuddle, kiss, get naked but never "do it".

Then she got lonely and she searched in the internet that there's this community especially for these kinda lonely woman who's in this kinda relationship. There, she met with a guy who's also looking for the same thing. SX. They chatted and they agreed to meet at a hotel just to satisfy each other and that's it. Pure SX. So she packed her bag with her sexiest lingerie that she had not used it for many many moons and went to the hotel room. As she waited, her hubby called "dear, I just found a nice restaurant. I will bring u here this weekend k?" in the sweetest voice. She felt bad and guilty, she packed her stuff and went home.

That weekend after the dinner, she thought that things will change. No, it didn't. He didn't touch her that day and many many days after that.

Again, she looked for a lover and this time she managed to find an expatriate who's in Malaysia for business. She went and waited in the hotel and as soon as the lover came, he "explored" every inch of her body. She said she felt "So APPRECIATED". And she liked the feeling being "WANTED" and not rejected like what her husband had done to her for such a long time.

And she had an affair with the same guy for many months. It was pure SX and no feelings attached. She would go home and still kiss and hug her hubby which she still love very much. And then the expat went back to his country and she went on to look for another lover. It went on for such a long time. She no longer asked for sx from her hubby anymore because someone else is satisfying her for him.

And then one fine day, her husband started asking for SX. Maybe he felt funny that the wife is no longer angry with him even if he had not touch her after so long. And she stopped seeing the lover and they have a normal SX life again. And the hubby never find out about her history and her lovers. And they lived happily ever after.

The end.

So the conclusion is:
Some men can go on without sx for many many months and its not because that they have someone outside. It can be due to "just don't feel like it".

And woman, no matter what they said e.g. " I'm so tired la, no time la, Better no need to entertain him and all". But if the husband don't wanna touch them anymore, they will feel that they're "not attracttive, unwanted, unappreciated".

True or not?


  1. I just wanna say this.. the husband did not cheat her wife.. they wife did.
    Divorce the only answer coming from me!


  2. What the? Like that oso can? Tsk!

  3. Oscar's Mommy1:17 PM

    aikes! lidat also can ah? the husband ngong ngong lor...

  4. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Which magazines your are reading?


    I tell you....magazines in Dr's clinics either damn old..or damn 9 interesting!

  6. interesting!! :> how come the hub will want SX again ?!!? hem.... yet he has been blindfolded by the wife

  7. This woman need to go through what the olden days people do... She deserved the "Chum Chi Long" treatment

  8. Ah..Libido changes is like the waves that comes and goes with the tide. Sometimes ebb, sometimes strong (for either party). Patience and communication is the key, not affairs, no matter how unloved, unattractive and frustrated you may feel and that applies to both the husband and wife rite anot?

  9. Forgot to mention. I also lausai post today la. Five adi! (Paid ones ler, spread out over blogs so you don't see them.) Hehehe.

  10. also can meh like that? what magazine is that?

  11. i can't help but think that the wife somehow also kena conned by the husband. man wor...can stay celibate for so long meh? women maybe la, but then also not that long, LOL! you know, when i was reading that part of her first 'curi makan' attempt, i thought the other guy would turn out to be her husband!
    -pek imm

  12. mom2ashley5:59 PM

    hope she didn't bring home any diseases!

  13. True! I agree! ;)

  14. Ha? like that also can? unbelievable!!

  15. That's a true story. A close client of mine once told me that he went around meeting up and having sex with married women, he "arranged" thru the net.

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  17. so means the man will appreciate only they they didn't get it.
    btw, interesting story.

  18. one word, GELI!! The woman real teruk! Btw, what magazine you read huh? Got such interesting magazine in doc clinic huh! Everytime i go clinic, only see those pregnancy or diseases brochures, so boring!

  19. Wah.. u can rmbr the story so well to narrate for us here? *keng!*

  20. I thought usually it's the other way round.

  21. err....
    Happily ever after?
    Confused X 10

  22. My story is quite similar .. but the ending wasn't a happy one.. :(

  23. PPJ: We are outsiders, the needle did not poke yr skin, you wont feel the pain. That's what i can say.

    Nadia: this world, anything can happen

    Angie: yeah the hub ngong for not touching the wife.

    Rachel: Her World 2005.

    Mott: Yeah yeah

    Blur Angel : interesting leh.....later u will know more when u're married

    L'abeille : cannot say likedat....we're not her. we duno

    mumsgather : correct...correct

    chanelwong : can..why cannot it's herworld 2005

    Mommy : Can ..i personally know one man that dislike sex but he is married

    mom2ashley : errr that i dunno la

    moby : :)

    huisia : can...

    adrian : pssst, got the contact ah? i know some ppl that wants the contact leh

    chooi peng : ThankU..

    Joanne : the woman is teruk, the man nore teru-ker.

    slavemom : i can remember this story very well wan

    JO-N : yeah the world has changed : yeap hapiley ever after

    mama bok : yr story?

  24. etceteramommy3:37 PM

    Sounds like nowadays a woman's needs far exceeds a man's.....Heehee..

  25. Firehorse11:33 PM

    When women do that, people are so fast to kutuk her actions, when men do that people say "Men will be men" chey!!!

  26. Firehorse12:12 AM

    i boh kam buan kam bek komen again...if the story had been about a man whose wife denies him of sex ah, the wife will be blamed for not performing her "wifely" duties. Society wud probably say "Of coz lar understood liao he go find someone else, her fault for not being a good wife mah!!"

  27. cheh how u all know the husband didn't cheat wor? anyway, em tim ngor choong hoe la..hann fann...

  28. hi dear :
    I think well cool thing hahah . can't get it find someone els .... who know her hubby is DON'T FEEL LIKE ??? or eat too full .....from some where els ! if a men can curi makan! why women can't ler ? just becos we are the wife we should be gud all time ? well I think must look at both way la I guess ! thank for sharing xxxx

  29. Nowadays, anything can happen...I know women also can curi makan, as well as to last time

  30. etceteramommy : Yeap yeap

    Firehorse : CORRECT!

    Firehorse : *hugs firehorse* Thank u....thank u !

    laundryamah : Then...i hope apah reads this and understand what you want

    PEARLY : Yeap. why not right. But i can say, different ppl has different approach and some might choose that and some won't. We being outsiders will never understand how ppl feel and they they do such thing.

    MamaJo : Yeap. Anything can happen

  31. i actually have one guy friend who is like that and he does not care what anyone thinks as he is busy having affairs out there

  32. *speechless*

    So who's guilty? The wife or the husband?