Wednesday, November 07, 2007

One Of Her Fav Dish

Today marks the first anniversary of my grandma's passing. Let me tell you what Ah Poh likes to cook for us.


Mum cooked this last 2 weekends ago. She said no matter how she cook it, it will never taste like how Ah Poh used to make it. I guess we all miss her so much.

I don't know what it's called. But it's Kacang Panjang (long beans) + Daun Kacang Panjang (long beans leaves) + Belacan + coconut milk serve in this old fashion bowl (making it looked more authentic, ahaks!) Mom says that its very hard to find the Kacang Panjang leaves in the market. This daun+kacang panjang was home grown. No, the coconut is not home grown but bought fresh from the market. :) ah.....feel the love

If you have some daun kacang panjang and wants to try this recipe, don't worry. I have asked my mum for the recipe la. But no measurement k? Cos my style and my mum's style is nearly the same -AGAK AGAK style.

  • The leaves, you need to tear it small small and you need to squash the daun like you're washing your clothes.(NO JOKE) Why? Cos my mum says that if you don't do that, the daun will have one kinda smell and when you cook it, it won't be soft. Listen to old people k?
  • The kacang panjang, no need to squash, just pluck it all same length so that all will be cooked at the same time.
How to cook:
  • Then cook your garlic, small onions, belacans and dried shrimps (the more the better!!)
  • Add coconut milk + Kacang Panjang.
  • Daun go in last.

Last Step,


We really enjoy this dish and hope that you guys will like Ah Poh's recipe too. :)



    *i'm the first one to post?*

    hehehehe.....that's my grandma's fav dish too :) seeing this reminds me of her :(

  2. Yea... I would sometimes hear that from my mum too.

  3. looks like perut ikan.

  4. wow, looks very delicious......... espcially when u mention the coconut milk........

  5. Thanks for sharing the recipe.. :) i'm sure your ah poh.. knows that she is loved.. and always remembered.. by her love ones.. :)

  6. At least I beat Nadia on this posting :P

    Aduuuhhh sakit peruttt... gastric nampak makanan sedap..
    Oh my.. better hurry make breakfast like this... fast fast

  7. yummy!!! can you cook and i eat instead?? kekeke

  8. minus the belacan, it looks to me a bit like those hakka "ho poh char" lar....

    good that u have a signature dish to remember someone you love!!

  9. hey .. i tot eat kacang panjang will become taller geh ... tht's wat mom said..

  10. Mommy to Chumsy : Helo! U're First! Muaks Muaks to u

    ilovepearly : can never be the same

    luxen : perut ikan means nice or not. i havent eaten before

    W_W_H : yes.....santan

    mama bok : :D

    PapaJoneh : KAKAKKKAKAKAKA U finally beat Nadia

    Bryan's Mama : Errr my mom can cook la

    Jacss : Yeahka? i never eaten before also

    janicepa : Oi what u talking? means i so pendek izit?

  11. wow! next we have gathering.. u make this ya :-)

  12. This is one of my grandma's fav dishes too!!I love this too. Make me drool and think of my grandma's cooking. I can just take it without rice yummie!

  13. Never tasted this dish before.

  14. etceteramommy5:10 PM

    Sorry to hear abt your grandma. But then you know the chinese say; 'yan mm choi, sum choi'. Though she's no longer around, but she remains in everyone's thoughts. That is the most important... Btw.. Love the dish. Slurps. :P

  15. mom2ashley1:14 AM

    my tummy actually growled when i looked at the photo of the dish!

  16. I can get the long beans but no long beans to cook! Lau how sueh! :(